The Fans is a direct-to-DVD side project animated movie developed by Unversed Entertainment in 2015. Featuring a number of elements from Fantendo culture, projects, as well as many animated failed projects by the creator. It consists of three parts, each with a self contained story. These all share a world, and some characters, but are different.


The Remnant

Sarcastic veteran Brandon Riowa lives in an apartment full of relics of his old life and adventures. After wrapping up a phone call from a close friend, he sits down to work on a script for the first episode of his upcoming political drama based off of a true story. Briefly remembering a speech from the past, he shrugs it off. Although invested in the project, he finds himself at a loss on how to properly represent the painful events that took place so long ago. Deciding to get some sleep, he turns off the light and goes to bed. That night he remembers the celebrations after a war in the city hall. Although Brandon smiles, he takes note of the scarred Jeremy Volten, who the war affected deeply. Brandon can't help but feel sorry for the poor man as he wakes up.


The Five


The Others




  • Brandon Riowa: A recurring character that plays a role in all three stories. Although he has changed across his long life, he has always been sarcastic and stubborn. The Others casts him as a firey young rebel, the Remnant as a strong willed veteran, and The Five as a quiet old man. He is one of the Jammers.
  • Jake Dronaf: TBA
  • Todd Drake: TBA
  • Draco Artenian: TBA
  • Samuel Nutten: TBA
  • Jeremy Volten: TBA
  • Leah Oxe: TBA


  • Ludwig Shi: TBA
  • Antoine Andre: TBA


  • Great Offscreen War: The Remnant takes place a good time after one, referencing it. The Others averts this trope with showing some of it, but it's a small part.
  • Mythology Gag: Tons, to The Jam, Fantendo Drop Distance, Fantendo the Animated Series, and more.



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