Not to be confused with the original, The Exoskeleton
The Exoskeleton II
2014-08-23 18.40.43
Exterior (as of August 23, 2014)
Greater Location Exorthica Islands
Current Ruler Exotoro
Current Inhabitant(s) Various mobs
Location Type tower
Included Environment(s) various
Tower of Ungodliness, The Exoskeleton
Exotoro, PabloDePablo, SuperSonicDarkness, YoshiEgg, TimeSoul, mobs

The Exoskeleton MK. II, also known as Exo's Second Tower, Lapis Wiki Tower or The New Tower, is a community project found on the Fantendo Minecraft server. The tower, which will reach from the bedrock to the top building level, is made up primarily of wood and cobblestone, with many other resources added in for walls; such examples being leaves, netherrack, quartz blocks and fences. Integrated into the tower is the Pig Staircase, a spiral of hanging pigs that reaches from sea level to the top of the tower, and is used to carry players up quickly. Some notable structures surrounding it include The Cosmic Terror, a spaceship home made by PablodePablo, a Luigi pixel art made by SuperSonicDarkness, a Curly Brace pixel art by Exotoro, an underground home/shop, inhabited by SuperSonicDarkness and his late roommate, Old Villie the Villager and Jake's bookstore. 

It is the second attempt after the original was ruined and then destroyed. Due to it's far away location, The Exoskeleton MK II was completed as intended as the tower was built in the middle of nowhere, away from tampering eyes.

It currently touches the block limit from sea level, while construction on the connection to bedrock has not yet been started.

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