Not to be confused with it's successor, The Exoskeleton MK. II
The Exoskeleton
Exterior (as of August 17, 2014)
Greater Location Spawn Village
Current Ruler Exotoro, TimeSoul (co-creators)
Current Inhabitant(s) Grey horse, sheep
Location Type tower
Included Environment(s) various
Tower of Ungodliness
Exotoro, TimeSoul, PabloDePablo, purple-wooled sheep, pink-wooled sheep, grey horse, bats, various enemy mobs

The Exoskeleton, also known as Exo's Tower, Lapis Tower or The Tower, is a community project found on the Fantendo Minecraft server. The tower, which will reach from the bedrock to the top building level, is made up primarily of wood and cobblestone, with many other resources added in for walls; such examples being leaves, netherrack, quartz blocks and fences. The tower is currently covered in vines, and has a long pillar that reaches from the roof high into the clouds. A grey horse currently resides within the lobby of the Exoskeleton. Construction began on August 16, 2014, and is currently on-going, done primarily by Exotoro, GamingDylan, PabloDePablo and TimeSoul.

It is considered to be the ending of the current village that exists around it, being surrounded by a community wheat farm, a hotel made by GamingDylan, the Ice Cream Protection HQ made by SuperSonicDarkness, a beach house owned by Uil Team, and a house with flowers decorating the exterior suspected to be owned by Atomic1upchickia.

On August 18, 2014, an event dubbed "The Ruining" occurred, when a user, suspected to be Toukolise, replaced 95% of the exterior walls with Lapis Lazuli blocks, ruining the project plan. As of August 22, 2014, the Exoskeleton has been taken down and was replaced with a beacon. A memorial fountain has been created to comemorate the tower.

The Exoskeleton appears, in its original form, as a stage in The Mysterious Seven Project.



  • The idea for the tower was partially based off the Adventure Time episode "The Tower".
    • In addition, the tower's name was originally to be "Tower of Ungodliness". The tentative name, which was to keep its real name a secret, was later deemed as its final name.
  • The tower has been given mixed reception from users. Some praise it's originality and randomness while others dislike it. To combat this, Toukolise and Marinasaka donated over 200 Lapis Lazuli blocks to construction.
  • The tower's lobby is home to one of the two zombie heads found on the server. It was placed there after TimeSoul was given permission to create a memorial for the town's Mooshroom, Soupy I, after he passed away on August 17, 2014.
  • The user Team-Eva (Talk) created a memorial fountain next to where The Exoskeleton once stood.

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