The Clockmakers is a team of heroes, formed and led by Lucina, that deals with villains who try to tamper with the timelines.

Founding Members


Lucina SSB4

The founder and unofficial leader of the team, Lucina was chasing the villainous Metal Sonic through various timelines, thus leading her to the other heroes. She doesn't have many special powers other then time travel, but is fluent with a sword.



An experienced fighter, Pyrrha is the weapons expert on the team. She is level-headed, but also willing to help out when needed. She is armed with a staff that transforms into a rifle, as well as magnetic powers.


Pit Uprising

A sarcastic yet friendly angel, Pit is usually always there to help his allies, and is especially good friends with Pyrrha. He has the ability of flight, and wields a bow and arrow that splits into two swords.



A shy yet heroic warrior, Alpha has a diverse pool of abilities, such as creating a shield that doubles as a projectile, or shooting lightning bolts. Because of this, he is usually a major offensive fighter in battle, alongside Knuckles.

Knuckles the Echidna

Sonic z knux

The muscle of the team, Knuckles is a very loyal member of the team, despite being hot headed and somewhat gullible. His usual method of attack is simply punching, and doesn't like to rely on attack methods that are less straightforward then that. Despite this, he is always there for when his team needs him.

Death the Kid

Death the Kid

A sarcastic death weapon meister, and son of Lord Death, Death the Kid, (often called Kid by his friends,) is very precise about the way he fights. Anything short of absolute precision won't work for him, making him quite a pain to deal with. He uses two guns to attack, which he for some reason holds upside down. He also rides a hoverboard.

Erza Scarlet

Erza Anime S2

A strong warrior feared by almost everyone, even her teammates. She can be quite violent at times, but the press exaggerates her image to scare people from her. She wields a sword which transforms into other weapons as well.


Homura Akemi


Homura means well, but she is afraid that Lucina and her team shouldn't get involved in the timelines, or else a catastrophe could happen that would destroy them all. So she plays the role of the villain, an obstacle between the team in their goal, when all she is trying to do is protect them. She uses magic and guns in battle.

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