First appearance: Fighters of Lapis 5

The Challenger (or Ark) is the mascot of the Super Smash Bros. oriented tumblr, "Challenger Approaching". His original appearance consisted of a black-suited individual wearing grey gloves, a red dress shirt and a black tie, with his head obscured by the Super Smash Bros. symbol, but he was redesigned on October 31, 2014. His new appearance is a black-skinned human with white facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth, a red dress shirt, a black vest and matching tie and shoes.

The Challenger makes an appearance in Fighters of Lapis 5 and its sequel, using his original appearance. He also appears as a playable character in Zodiac Champions, using his redesign.


Zodiac Series

  • Neutral: Analysis - The Challenger analyses his opponent, dodging an attack before countering it with a quick punch.
  • Side: Weapon Change - The Challenger spawns a single item, which he holds. Items that can spawn other items, like the Sponsorship or Wolf Mutt Pod, can not be spawned by this.
  • Down: Sound Test - The Challenger creates a shockwave of music around him, pushing away opponents and dealing small amounts of damage over a ten second period.
  • Up: Challenger Approaching - The Challenger flashes a grin, before flying upwards quickly and punching as he stops moving.
  • Ultimate: This Just In! - The Challenger Approaching logo for "This Just In!" is thrown forward by the Challenger. If an opponent is hit by the logo, they are beaten up quickly by the other members of Challenging Approaching's staff: Wander (A Wandring Minstrel, I), Face (GuyWithAFace) and Ryu (Ryu—Chan).


Palette Swaps

Fighters of Lapis

Zodiac Series

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