The Beginning is a event responsible for the creation of the Exoverse. The story is about Spira, a girl with a drill. It is a secret file in World War X.

The Legend

As told in World War X's Secret Files, The Beginning began in a place called the Dome, the unknowable place where death dwells, and Night. All else was empty, silent, endless, darkness... Inside the Dome, was a machine that spun, creating the universe and time outside of it.

Thousands of Celestials inhabited the dome, turning the machine to create the universe. Entrh, the Celestial in charge, was a mean and cruel Celestial, hiding the ones he felt were inferior into the darkness.

This went on for many cycles, until one day a Celestial named Spira was chosen as undesirable. Her hand had rotted away from turning the machine so many times that she was considered inefficient and cast into the darkness with the other undesirables.

It was dark and oh so endless. But the machine cranked out energy and time and the universe, and Spira created a hand with the ebbs of the universe and time. Instead of fingers, just a giant drill.

She followed the Universe back to the Dome, and used her hand to smash into the dome. The Celestials were mad, for she was destroying the dome and their hard work. She slammed her drill hand into the machine, creating cracks in it. As the machine continued to spin, it began to become distorted and segmented. While the Celestials were initially mad over this, they discovered they were different universes of their own; instead of one universe, there were now infinite universes...

Spira was outcast into the Darkness, but the Darkness is now the infinite unknown, so there is no telling where she could be now...

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