The Battle for Tomorrowland is a fighting game that was meant to be a challenge for Exotoro, who gave herself a single week (5/24/15 - 5/31/15) to make it, with the expectation that the roster should at least be on par with the first Fighters of Lapis.

It is currently unknown what universe this game takes place, as it references Fighters of Lapis and Tangerine Warriors.


Tomorrowland Fighting

This mode can be played with up to 4 people.

The main gameplay mode in the game is a dramatic departure from many fighting games (although not a dramatic departure from Exotoro fighting games). Instead of winning by depleting an opponent's life bar, players of The Battle for Tomorrowland seek to knock opponents off the stage. Characters have a damage total, represented by a percentage value, which rises as they take damage and can exceed 100%. As a character's percentage rises, the character can be knocked progressively farther by an opponent's attacks. To KO an opponent, the player must send that character flying off the edge of the stage, which is not an enclosed arena but rather an area with open boundaries, usually a set of suspended platforms. When a character is knocked off the stage, the character may use jumping moves to attempt to return; as some characters' jumps are longer-ranged, they may have an easier time "recovering" than others. Additionally, some characters are heavier than others, making it harder for an opponent to knock them off the edge but likewise harder to recover.


Tommorowland pin.

The Battle for Tomorrowland's play controls are greatly simplified in comparison to other fighting games. While traditional fighting games such as Street Fighter or Soul Calibur require the player to memorize button-input combinations (sometimes lengthy and complicated, and often specific to a character), The Battle for Tomorrowland uses the same one-attack-button, one-control-stick-direction combinations to access all moves for all characters. Characters are not limited to constantly facing their opponent, but may run around freely. The Battle for Tomorrowland also implements blocking and dodging mechanics, which can be used both on the ground and in the air. Grabbing and throwing other characters are also possible, allowing for a large variety of ways to attack.

A new feature that is present in this game but not any other Lapis or previous Exotoro fighting game is the addition of Tomorrowland. This is an alternate dimension that can be accessed almost anytime, even during fights (in which the stage you're battling on will change). In Tomorrowland, this alternate dimension has to be accessed through a Tomorrowland pin, and gives you three minutes to access the technology and such available in Tomorrowland. Although Tomorrowland has it's own set of collisions, it is also impacted by the collisions in the stage you were in. A thin outline of the previous stage can be seen when in Tomorrowland, showing you where collisions are. Items aren't bound by the collisions but characters are.

Some but not all characters have alternate outfits.

Tomorrowland Garden

Only playable with 1 person.

Over the course of battles, you will collect several kinds of seeds in normal stages, which appear. Collecting these seeds allow them to be used for the Tomorrowland Garden, which allows for unlocking of alternate costumes and leveling up your characters through the selling of several kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Story Mode: The Battle for Tomorrowland


The story begins at a party hosted by Princess Bubblegum (implied to be because she has once again tried bringing back the dead). As we see the various ongoings, we see a spin the bottle game between Finn, Black Rock Shooter, Muscleman, Alisa, Raquana Sheldon, and Teresa. Finn spins the bottle and it lands on Alisa, where the two are led into a closet. As the two prepare to kiss, Finn bonks his head on something that reveals a hidden staircase that leads below the Candy Kingdom. The two head down, finding a boat and a handful of pins. As they touch them, they find themselves in a field, which freaks them out. The group attempts to figure out what they're doing in there without opening up the door, with Raquana getting visibly upset. The two return but the stair case closes behind them, leaving only the pins as evidence they ever went anywhere.

At the party, Mario is talking with Kamui, with Homura looking in the background. As the two talk, there is a pounding on the door. It busts open to reveal John Cena and James Pond, who attempt to shut down the party. Mario goes to attack him but is thrown off by his strength and comes out of a window. Finn & Jake and Alisa face off John Cena and James Pond, beating them to reveal that they were robots as their heads decapitate. Homura grabs everyone out of the party just before they explode.

Everyone is asking what the hell is going on, with nobody having any answers.

The scene cuts to a space station where we see Wii Fit Trainer looking for potential threats to Earth so that she can use the Fighters of Lapis to stop it. Homura comes in with news of a universe that looks to be bubbling in with the Lapisverse. As Wii Fit Trainer attempts to find more information, the screen cuts black.

The party group begins to head home, uncertain of what's going on but not letting it rest too much on them. Finn and Alisa look at their pins and find themselves in a field again, where they see a city in a distance. Heading towards the city, they find themselves submerged in water as they walk forward. As they explore the city, they find that it's name is Tomorrowland. They also notice that the pins are timed, with having three minutes to see what else is there. As they follow a Muslim astronaut onto a ship, they are instantly bolted out of Tommorowland as their pins expire.

Wanting to know the deal behind the pins, Finn and Alisa enlist the help of Mario, Kamui, Black Rock Shooter, and Raquana. As they begin to drive, Homura runs from out of the shadows as John Cena and Jame Pond chase her again, apparently either being rebuilt or copies of them.

Wii Fit Trainer awakens on a strange red platform that is floating in space. As she gets up, she sees the head of Grob Gob Glob Grod floating past. She then realizes Ultron and Nazo are on the platform with her as well. She prepares for battle, but the two have stated that they have changed. Wii Fit Trainer reluctantly accepts to have them accompany her as she jumps across the floating platforms to find Butt Witch, who attempts to attack her. After defeating Butt Witch, she tells them she has no idea why she's here either, and that something must be wrong. Butt Witch joins the group as they jump across the floating platforms, seeing a city of lights in the distance.

Finn and Alisa's group takes a break to eat lunch at Seconds, sitting next to a man named Louis attempting to come up with material for his next stand-up shows. As Katie takes their orders, two girls walk in, introducing themselves as Fuuko and Unchou Kan-u. The two scan the area, apparently looking for something. Louis C.K likens to them robots, revealing that, yes, they are robots as they attack the group. Louis C.K manages to defend himself and the group escapes, with Katie chasing after them to pay for property damage, heading in her own car.

Wii Fit Trainer, Ultron, Nazo, Butt Witch enter the city, finding a sort of strange version of Paris, where everything is white and made of glowing marble. The group finds Ryuko, who has never met any of them before which they find odd. They also come across Unten, who similarly has no idea where he is or who any of them are. As the group heads forward into the city, Homura's shadow can be seen inside a clock tower as it rings.

Gokicha is picking up flowers when suddenly mud from two speeding cars pours on her, making her upset. Suddenly she notices a glistening pin in the grass and picks it up, finding herself in the same field Finn and Alisa had seen earlier. She heads toward the city.

Finn's group lands at a destination where they believe they can get more information about the pins. As they enter inside of a comic book shop, they find Comic Book Guy who appears to be interested in the pin. As they show him the pin and learn that there have been several instances of this happening, they wonder who could be doing this, which makes Comic Book Guy inquire about a girl. As he gets more upset about them not knowing what the fuck he's talking about, Princess Bubblegum enters the shop and blasts his fucking head off, revealing that he is also a robot.

Princess Bubblegum states that when she had the zombies figured out again, she learned that Alisa and Finn had grabbed some pins and did some research on them, linking her to a sketchy site where she found out about a place called Tomorrowland, which seems similar to what they've described. She has learned that there is a possible way to get there, but it is in Paris. The group decides to go there as Katie enters the comic book shop. The group tells her to follow them as they head to Tomorrowland. Hoping that she can get her money from them, she agrees.

As Wii Fit Trainer, Ultron, Nazo, Butt Witch, Ryuko and Unten head further into the city, the come across Hydrocleria who attacks them. After defeating Hydrocleria, they come across further into the city to find Aya Brea and Lightning, who have also found themselves here. Teaming up with them, they head to what appears to be the Eiffel Tower.

Finn's group eats lunch at Nando's. Mario goes to was up where he is suddenly attack by Unchou Kan-u and John Cena, who take some of his hair and create a clone of him, creating Cheeky Nando's Mario. The two robots attempt to make Cheeky Nando's Mario, but it fails as Cheeky Nando's Mario isn't a fighter. Mario takes out the robots and the group escapes with Cheeky Nando's Mario joining the team. Princess Bubblegum heads up the Eiffel Tower where she comes across a secret room that leads into a secret command central for a rocket. Suddenly, Porky climbs up the tower and battles the group before they can get into the rocket. When he is defeated the rocket becomes ready to launch. As the group gets into the rocket, robots begin to climb the Eiffel Tower. The rocket takes off and they head back into space and teleport into Tomorrowland.

Wii Fit Trainer's group heads to the Eiffel Tower, where they find Homura dangling in between the four supports. Wii Fit Trainer attempts to free her but is knocked back as Homura laughs, jumping down from the supports. A portal opens to reveal thousands of John Cenas, James Ponds, Fuukos, Unchou Kan-us and Homuras, which are all robots. Wii Fit Trainer's group is overwhelmed and the screen goes black.

In Tomorrowland, Finn's group gets out of the rocket to be greeted by Michelle K. Davis and Litchi Faye Ling. They head towards a Tomorrowland lab, where Michelle learns how they found out about the place. Suddenly, Finn's group is detained by a bunch of robots, which Michelle and Litchi seem to be shocked by their sudden appearance. Homura suddenly appears, saying that they are all "problematic" and must be detained until it decided what to do with them.

Gokicha is resting in a village when suddenly a raid led by Rukan and Morrigan happens. As Gochika prepares to fight, she sees that Noire and Miku Hatsune are also preparing to battle with them. After battling them, Rukan calls in Shura and Cervantes who battle with the three rather well. Despite this, all four foes are taken out. As Gokicha celebrates with Noire and Miku, Luka says that a large ship is coming into view and it doesn't look friendly.

As Gokicha, Noire, Miku, and Luka check out the ship, it opens to reveal X-Force Wolverine, Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll, Team Flare Serena, and Ocotling, who all attack the group. After defeating them, Dr. Shoals appears and sends out hundreds of John Cenas and Unchou Kan-us who spill out of the ship. Although the four attempt to fight them off, they seem to be loosing until Pit and Palutena come into the scene.

Finn's alarm goes off, which confuses him as he usually doesn't have an alarm. Jake tells him he has to go to school, and Finn puts on his backpack with a shrug. As Finn heads to the school, he feels something is off, but isn't sure what. He comes across Sakura, who he asks if everything seems off. Sakura doesn't know what he's even talking about as Rosalina walks past unnoticed. Finn notices Alisa and Raquana, but despite them remembering him, they don't have a clue what he's talking about.

Litchi and Michelle talk with Homura as Lynne quickly pops in the door while they are speaking, saying that the efforts to grab the others have failed. Homura says to double their efforts, as it's imperative to the plan. Michelle and Litchi ask what she's even talking about and ask where Nix is, but Homura shrugs those questions off and asks Lynne to detain Michelle and Litchi.

Finn heads home after school but is suddenly threatened by Seifer and his gang. As Finn attempts to fight the four (Seifer, Rai, Vivi, and Fuu), Samus appears, knocking Seifer onto his feet and telling him to knock it off. As Finn gets up, he thanks Samus and heads home, coming across Wii Fit Trainer taking a jog and Rosalina with her backpack's contents a mess. As he goes to helps her, Rosalina tells him that the Lumas are already taking care of that, but thanks him anyway.

Homura goes to a robot building chamber, where she talks to Dural about building more robots. Dural states that Homura is using all of Tomorrowland's resources, but Homura seems not to care as she pushes it towards maximum.

Finn continues going to school for a week but slowly realizes that a lot of the concepts he's learning are just gibberish. Finn also gets into another fight with Seifer and his gang, but during the fight he is knocked into a huge airvent where he finds the sleeping bodies of seemingly everyone in the school in chambers. Fuu heads down to find him as of request of Seifer and discovers the bodies as well, wondering what the hell this all means.

As Gochika and the other finish off the robot battle, Dr. Shoals returns to battle them. After defeating her, Sonic the Hedgehog appears and attacks them, with his defeat also revealing that he is a robot. Suddenly hundreds of Sonics appear and the groups can't take on hundreds of fast moving targets, with the screen going black.

Finn discovers his sleeping body resting in a chamber, which apparently has a crack in it. As he heads to break it, the camera glitches out and Fuu finds her body in her own chamber. She thinks about opening it, but is afraid. Suddenly, a bunch of John Cenas start running into the room and notice that Finn's chamber has been shattered open. Fuu breaks her chamber and disappears.

Fuu awakens out of a pool of ice cold water and finds that they are both only wearing towels. The two find their clothes in a containment chamber, but as they go to get them they are suddenly ambushed by a bunch of James Ponds. Finn manages to fight them off in his underwear as Fuu finishes getting changed, and the two find that they were in some kind of virtual reality simulation. They attempt to break out the others that are sleeping, but find it is no use.

As the high school reality continues, Raquana finds that she feels that something is off, as if someone was missing entirely. The absence of Finn and Fuu seem like it never happened, but the interactions with them do not feel real anymore. She notices that a vent is still open, which Finn seemed to disappear into for a while. As she watches R.O.B and Samus enter a closet together, she gets the idea to look into the vent with Alisa. She and Alisa head into the airvent and find their bodies in chambers while Fuu's and Finn's are shattered open. The two escape and tell the school of their findings, with only Kynthsesis seeming to believe them. Not wanting to open up the chambers they leave them be for now.

Homura notices Finn and Fuu have escaped the virtual reality. She then is suddenly met with Litchi, Michelle, and Lynne who attempt to attack her but she simply shoves them out of the way, stating that they were meant to be killed in the trophy obliteration room. Since she can't seem to kill them, she opens up a dimensional portal to an alternate dimension called Rantaloupe. Homura then gets reports that two girls are in The Light Paris that Wii Fit Trainer was visiting earlier. She sends out Birthday Cake to take care of them.

Birthday Cake hops through a portal and battle Ingrid and Lucina. As he is destroyed, the two take the portal he jumped out of into Tomorrowland.

Finn and Fuu find that they are not in Tomorrowland, but instead in the "Fighters of Lapis headquarters" in space. Wondering what the hell a Fighter of Lapis is, they find a computer that explains the history of the Fighters of Lapis. Seeing as nothing matches up with what Finn remembers, Finn assumes that time travel must be involved.

Homura heads into a room where a doomsday predicting device is, with only 58 days until the Lapisverse will once again be destroyed. She then is suddenly greeted by Ingrid and Lucina, who begin to attack her. A battle with Homura ensues, with Homura being defeated. It is revealed by Ingrid that Homura and Lucina were brought into Tomorrowland by Ingrid, but after she created the doomsday prediction device and learned about the alternate dimensions, she had to be cast out as she wanted to take another dimension's Mario to replace the Lapisverse's Mario because she believed it could prevent the Lapisverse from being destroyed. During this explanation, Homura manages to escape. Lucina and Ingrid open up the portal for the Lapisverse.

In Rantaloupe, Litchi, Lynne, and Michelle find themselves floating on wreckage. Suddenly, they see a figure in the distance, which turns out to be Dame Samus, with Linkaris with her. The five head towards the binary coin to see if they can open the portal for Tomorrowland. With assistance from Tony Stark and Dexter in the Mysteriousverse, they open the portal.

Finn and Fuu meet Ingrid and Lucina, who learn about the virtual reality. Using the computer, Ingrid finds that Homura is planning to merge the Lapisverse with another universe called the Tangerineverse, which is where Finn is. Planning to merge the two would end badly, with copies of other characters likely being erased. In fusing the two, Homura is likely to take out several lives in the process.

Finn and Fuu attempt to wake the bodies in the cyro chambers but Lucina advises against it, saying that if they break them while they are still in sleep they are likely to have brain damage. Lucina, Ingrid, Finn, and Fuu leave for Tomorrowland as they cannot enter the virtual reality.

Exhausting all of Tomorrowland's resources, Homura has run out of things left to occupy her enemies. Dural uprises against her in a battle, but finds that it was a trap as Homura turns into Goddess Homura. Suddenly, Lucina, Ingrid, Finn, Fuu, Litchi, Dame Samus, Linkaris, Lynne, and Michelle appear as part of the battle.

In the High School AU, Raquana goes crazy during a math class and begins to shatter open the cyrofreeze chambers, ending with her own. All of the characters in the chambers wake up as Inkling Satsuki and Grand Dad show them the room to get their clothes.

All of the people fighting Goddess Homura are knocked out as Goddess Homura prepares to make the final adjustments to merging the two universes, taking everyone to the Lapisverse, where she finds the virtual reality prisoners out and ready to attack. The battle is tough, but they manage to defeat her, turning her into a trophy. The group is mostly together now, but they can't seem to stop the merging. The only person who can seem to reverse this is Homura...

Wii Fit Trainer notices that Homura's soul gem is heavily corrupted. She then wonders if...

The headquarters land in Beach City as Wii Fit Trainer meets with Steven Universe, asking if he can somehow cleanse the corruption in Homura's soul gem. Steven uses his saliva to uncorrupt the soul gem and Finn frees the Homura statue. Homura then realizes that the two universes are about collide and heads to undo it.

The group later returns to Tomorrowland to find the people that Homura was making the robots out of. John Cena, James Pond, Unchou Kan-u, Fuuko, and Sonic the Hedgehog are freed, as well as Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll, Serena, Wolverine, and Octoling.

The characters say their goodbyes as they head to their correct universes by Ingrid, and they wonder if they'll ever meet again...



The game will have somewhere around 64 characters (Fighters of Lapis' original number of characters). There is a total of 62 characters (35 starters, 27 unlockable.) as of writing.


Image Info

Super mario by mintenndo-d62lh70

Super Saying Mario


SSB Mario Series

Almost everyone knows his name. A baby waffle staple for the most part, being in so many of them. Is that a bad thing? Mario's moves are familar; a fireball to hit foes from afar, a jump that can hit foes as well as let him recover, a cape that reflects projectiles, and a spin move that is good for close combat. Mario is consistently a everyman in fighting games, but that is perhaps what makes him unique.


WiiFitTrainer alt999

Wii Fit Trainer

SSB WiiFit

The instructor for the game Wii Fit. As expected from her origin game, Wii Fit Trainer is a fast and agile character, boasting a good dash speed and jump height, along with one of the more reliable recoveries. Her physical attacks all involve her posing in various Yoga poses that appear in Wii Fit-- Due to this, Wii Fit Trainer's moveset is a confusing one if a player does not use her frequently as they have unusual hitboxes, though this makes her a very versatile character who can easily surprise opponents with her many different finishing options.


Inkling Satsuki
Art by Unknown

SSB SplatoonSSB KillLaKill

A mix between the Satsuki character of Kill la Kill fame and the Inkling character that debuted in Splatoon. It's an odd combo, but it somehow works. She uses a paint gun and half of a scissor blade to battle, with each of the weapons having their own ranges and different ways of dealing damage. She can also become a squid to hide in her own ink.



Butt Witch

SSB TwelveForever

From the Tweleve Forever pilot. Yeah, that's her name. Whatever. She can grow multiple limbs and turn into a more feral form with six arms and a elongated spine. She can also call in her flying toadie and use potions to attack.

Kamui Female

Avatar FE14 Male



Kamui was born to the Hoshido royal family but was raised by the royal family of the neighboring kingdom of Nohr. Mysteriously, they have the miraculous ability to shift into a Dragon. Kamui is a quick, strong character that has good zoning going for them but bad knockback. Using their swords and their ability to transform into a Dragon, Kamui has a lot going for them.




SSB Prodigy

Hero and destroyer of Zeon, Unten is the mascot of Fantendo. He works with his friend Fanti as a sort of electric whip that can grapple enemies far afar and shock them, as well as get to the edge of a stage quickly by using Fanti as a rope. But Unten has his own abilities, which include running incredibly fast and far-reaching lightning attacks. He can use smoke bombs to confuse scouting attacks and to hide himself.



Grand Dad

SSB KnockoffMario

Grand Dad is Fred Flintstone as played by Mario. He wears a knock-off Fred Flintstone costume and carries around a club that he can whack enemies with from a close range, as well as send out Fortan, who has random effects depending where the wheel spins. Are you ready to press start to rich?


Ultron Fourh Form


SSB Avengers

One of the Lapisverse's greatest foes, who took over the world with the help of Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Homura. Although he self-destructed after he realized he was humanity's greatest threat, he's seemingly back to help save Tomorrowland. He uses strong grabs that are enhanced by his vibranium body and can send out weak drones to help him in battle, which are good for getting opponents all over the map.

Litchi Faye-Ling (Calamity Trigger, Character Select Artwork)


Litchi Faye Ling

SSB Blazblue

Litchi Faye-Ling is a renowned doctor living in Orient Town, located in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. Litchi has the ability to mentally control her staff from a distance. Her staff is usually seen floating behind her and it will thrust forward as she punches and kicks before returning to its neutral position. She can also throw it so it lands, erect and upright, far away from her, and she can later make it fly back to her, twirling rapidly like a wheel so that it hurts anyone in its way. The staff seems to be able to do some small amount of shape-shifting. Her staff can split into three parts or briefly double itself to attack from two angles or even become a strange "stick man" that marches forward as it wildly flails at an opponent.




SSB SoulCaliber

The woman was simply a killer, one who had never tasted satisfaction. She eventually began to destroy evil spirits to keep things challenging. She slayed many demons, until one day she became possessed by one. But even then, she did not stop killing. She continued her aggressive way of life, until the world was calling her "Shura", meaning "Bloodshed". Shura is a mid to close range rushdown character who relies on moves that knock down and launch the opponent for heavy damage output with the 2 swords. Her attacks are linear and easily avoided, but once Shura connects with something she becomes extremely dangerous. Her alternate costume is Cervantes, who plays exactly the same but is considered a different character in story.



SSB Gochika

It's a roach girl! Isn't she cute?


Hey now, let's not do that! She is a pretty speedy and small character that isn't really into combat, but she'll use a flower to recover onto platforms, use a cracker to recover health, and use her shell to block attacks. She doesn't really have a lot of moves for damaging opponents, but it's hard to hit her.

Michelle K. Davis 1

Michelle K. Davis 2

Michelle K. Davis

SSB Unavaliable

Part of the Tomorrowland Initiative and one of the subjects of the Bug Procedure. It gives her formidable strength and durability allowing her to sustain hits. She also gained the powers of the Blast Ant, that give her the ability of exploding her enemies after a couple seconds like a bomb. She also uses her personal battle weapons: six jet propellants (one for each elbow, one for each foot, and two in her back) that makes her incredibly fast and greatly enhances the impact of her blows.




A girl with a gauntlet that transforms into kind of a skimpy outfit. She can duplicate the gauntlets for double punching power (at the cost of more skin), and can use gems to enhance her attacks with effects. Flaming punch puts foes on fire, ice punch punch puts foes on ice, and ground punch creates shockwaves.



Alisa Illinichina Amiella

SSB GodEater

Alisa, part of the Tomorrowland Initiative, is one of the New-Type God Eaters who were transferred from the Fenrir Russian branch to the Far East Branch. She uses a long blade called Avenger to attack which a far-reaching melee attack and a machine gun called Raging Lore that shoots quick, weak ranged bullets.




SSB KillLaKill

Ryuko transferred to Honnōji Academy searching for the twin of her red Scissor Blade and the person who used it to murder her father. Ryuko is armed with one half of a giant scissor and has a living suit on her body that can transform into a powerful suit that enhances her speed and strength. She uses a scissor blade for melee attacks and life fibers to attack.


Ayabrea Knight Armor

Aya Brea

SSB Unavaliable

Aya was born in Boston, Massachusetts on November 20, 1972. She is biracial; her father whose name is unrevealed is a journalist, is Caucasian while her mother, Mariko, was Japanese. Aya was also born with an eye defect in her right eye. She uses a gun to attack and use Parasite Energy to blast enemies and heal herself.




SSB Madoka

Homura sure has been showing up a lot, huh? She's number 2 in the Lapisverse but otherwise she just seems to have a lingering presence. A magical girl who has control of time. Homura's shield is able to store a countless amount of weapons, as demonstrated by the many pistols, light machineguns, shotguns, rocket launchers, and boxes of ammunition packed inside it. Her shield is relatively small and she is able to wear it around her wrist, much like a watch. She is able to stop time within a circle, freezing opponents.





Noire is the CPU who presides over Lastation. While she can use a rapier (which are good for close range fighting), she is more adept at revolvers (which are good for farther attacks that may require spacing) and can evade attacks well with good timing. She has good attack power and good defenses.



Miku Hatsune

SSB Vocaloid

Miku is a Vocaloid and that's all you need to know. She attacks using her singing and leeks, which are good for close combat that is quick to pull off and easier to move out from once the attack is finished. She can also use Sakura leafs to float back on stage if knocked off.


Character and art from twisted-wind.

SBB Shantae

Rukan is daughter of a evil genie and from him she has inherited a greater aptitude for combat. She fights with a fighting style that can be called a sword dance, where she uses both of her breakers in a unpredictable and wild fashion. She can also transform into a fast and floaty vampire and a hulking minotaur that dishes out tons of damage every hit.


Raquna Sheldon

SSB etrianodyssey

She is a noble from Toronto who works for the Midgard Library. Raquna is an easygoing person with a drinking habit. She likes to fight tough enemies. She attacks using a sword and shield. She can shield just about every attack in the game, although when defending herself she is vulnerable from the back.



John Cena


Really, now. Who ever saw John Cena coming? When he debuted on SmackDown in June 2002, he was just a beefy guy in purple trunks. Within a year of his introduction, he transformed into the battle-rapping, chain-wielding “Doctor of Thuganomics.” Now, he’s the biggest star in WWE — but he’s also the most polarizing. He utilizes various wrestling moves in his moveset, requiring him to get close to his opponent. One of his moves "You Can't See Me", turns him briefly invisible, making this a non-issue. Now that we got all of that out of the way, it's time to beat up some of this weaboo anime shit.



James Pond

SSB JamesPond

A suave fish that let's be honest, is a rip off of James Bond and RoboCop. Does this make him more endearing as a character or is he just a lazy gag that shouldn't be getting any attention? Whatever the case may be, James Pond attacks with a bubble gun, stretching his midsection a near-impossible length to give him good grabs and spacing, but the downside is that he's a bit slow.



Sonic the Hedgehog


Maybe he's past his prime. Somehow he's endearing... known as the blue blur, Sonic is a fast hedgehog who generally speeds around and finding himself in different situations. He is a fast character, able to spin into a ball or use the Shields from the early Sonic games. He can also make use of the Wisps.




SSB Final Fantasy Series

NeoGAF's most hated character. A former sergeant in the Guardian Corps living on the artificial world of Cocoon. She can cast magic (decent ranged attacks) as well as using a sword (good for quick close range attacks). She can use elemental strike attacks (which have a radius in which it can harm characters).


Fionna and Cake

Finn & Jake


Finn and Jake are a duo that work together to stop threats to the land of Ooo. Finn works primarily with a sword which is good for close range combat that requires no set up, while Jake works mainly with his hands which require a lot of set up but can reach far ranges. Jake mostly sits in Finn's backpack unless switched out, in which case Finn will appear in Jake's "backpack".



High School AU Rosalina

SSB Mario Series

From an alternate universe where everyone is in High School, Rosalina is that quiet but smart girl who doesn't really attract a lot of attention. Her Lumas help her lug around her bag and books, which drop from above and are heavily damaging. She also makes use of star magic and can use her lunch to boost up her Lumas to explode!



SSB Unavaliable

The owner of a restaurant known as Seconds, although she wishes to open a new one soon. She discovered a bunch of red mushrooms that allow her to undo her mistakes, this creates sort of a interesting game-play mechanic where she has a total of five chances to undo attacks. Failing in one of those chances negates further use of it for the entirety of her stock. In case of falling, this negates her stock entirely. Use it to redo attacks and avoid them after encountering them, and the more times you do it will basically create a house demon that attacks other characters.

Pit Uprising




Pit is a member of Palutena's royal bodyguard and is a valiant warrior. He can use a variety of weapons, such as a blade or a bow or even a club to attack. He can also take off into the air and still fire away from up there.





Palutena is the benevolent Goddess of Light, the very beautiful ruler of the kingdom of Angel Land and guardian of Three Sacred Treasures. She uses light based attacks and can preform melee attacks with her staff. She can also create a grind rail to recover.





R.O.B. debuted in Japan as Robot in 1985 as an add-on for the Famicom. He could be combined with a "gyro set," etc. for two types of play. R.O.B has great recovery, decent hitting, and some good moves like robotic arms and gyros. He appears to be Samus' friend in the High School universe.



Art by Unsomnus. Other art by Unknown.

SSB Metroid Series

Samus is a couple things, but weak isn't one of them in any of the alternate universes. The weapon she carries is a self-protection device known as a Paralyzer that stops enemies cold. Samus is a fast and strong, but lightweight and tall character. She starts the match with a huge advantage over most characters in that she has readily throw-able projectiles that are extremely powerful and combo well with her glide toss. She can dash quickly, crawl, wall jump, combined with one of the highest initial jump and second jump, allowing her to reach characters that are higher. Many of her attacks have the advantage of coming out fast, and can combo most heavy weights with her aerials very easily.



Princess Bubblegum


While not always on the right side of things, she still is the disputed princess of the Candy Kingdom. She uses things like formulas that she tosses over long distance, summoning zombies to cover multiple areas at a time, and Lady Raincorn as a recovery attack to help her fight.

MuscleManandFives RegularShowIcon

Muscleman and Hi-5 Ghost are park employees that work alongside Mordecai and Rigby. They work together in their attacks, an example is Hi-5 ghost forming a shield over Muscleman or turning into ghosts for a brief minute to dodge attack. Muscleman can also swing his sirt as a weak ranged weapon.


Steven Universe


The fourth Crystal Gem and the only male one. He isn't really a fighter character, more or less depending on his Watermelon Stevens to attack for him. He can project a shield as a weapon and use Cookie Cat ice cream bars to regenerate his health. He can also summon help from Lion, who may sometimes attack. Sometimes he doesn't.


Image Info


DoA5 Alpha-152 render


SSB VirtuaFighter

Dural was previously a human woman. Her name was Tsukikage and she was both Kage-Maru's mother and a Kunoichi. When the mysterious corporation J6 (Judgement 6) noticed her exemplary fighting ability and resilient body, they captured her and used her as their prototype for their terrifying Dural project. Arming her body with various cybernetic enhancements and brainwashing, she became a cyborg, immune to feeling. Dural's fighting style is an amalgamation of various moves taken from several fighters in each game. Consequently, she may string together unique combinations that cause incredible damage and defeat players very quickly. Her style also augments some of the original fighters' moves to make them even more damaging.



Winter Solider

SSB CaptainAmerica

Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes, better known as Bucky Barnes, was a soldier of the 107th Infantry and the childhood friend of Steve Rogers. During World War II, he became a member of the Howling Commandos. They attacked many HYDRA bases together. During a battle on a HYDRA train, Bucky was attacked and fell off the train. He was then assumed to be deceased, but he actually survived, though he lost his left arm. Brainwashed and armed with a new cybernetic limb, he eventually became a HYDRA operative known as the Winter Soldier. He can use this cybernetic limb to pull of nasty hard hits with it or even throw it. He also has good reach and can use weapons such as gun to hit opponents from far away very fast.



Team Flare Serena
Arts by はとけあ & starpatches.

SSB Pokémon Series

A Serena that has lost her way and joined Team Flare. Being one of the world's best trainers, she uses Team Flare's grunt pokemon to fight alongside her, with her wielding a bat. Scrafty can attack with a low head-butt, a fast traveling thunder wave from Manecrite, and Swalot putting enemies to sleep. With a good enough swing, Team Flare Serena can knock a character from the stage with no hope for recovery in just a few hits and a good charge.


Pyrrha Ω

SSB SoulCaliber

Arrested for the murder of her master Jurgis, Pyrrha sat quietly in the cold stone prison. She assumed the approaching footsteps belonged to her executioner, but instead a girl named Tira appeared before her. With skillful words, Tira wormed her way into Pyrrha's heart; when the young woman handed her a sword and shield, Pyrrha never thought to refuse her poisoned gift. Then Tira pulled out a red metal fragment, and as soon as Pyrrha saw it, she felt something deep within begin to throb in unison with the fragment's pulsating glow. The two fragments of Soul Edge were resonating as one. Being mostly a counter fighter, she doesn't have a lot of good damaging moves, but she attacks wildly and violently. She is awful at long range, but makes up for it in attack throws, close quarters, strength, and speed.


Berserk Ryuko
Art by Akaiisboss

SSB KillLaKill

Ryuko's berserk form that comes from anger causing Senketsu to become a bloodthirsty monster. It also caused his armor form to change into a chaotic, blood leaking version of itself, mutating its wearer into a green-skinned, jagged toothed creature. Ryuko becomes super violent and super tough, becoming hard to hit, requiring a direct hit to the face to damage heavily.


Art by 村上 ヒサシ

SSB Splatoon

Octolings are elite Octarian fighters that are the octopus equivalent to an Inkling. Like Inklings' ability to become squids, Octolings can switch between octopus and humanoid form at will. They make up an elite corps of the Octarian forces, and are heavily armed with bombs and Ink guns. Using these bombs and guns, they can make heavily ranged attacks that have lots of splatter damage, covering a large area that depending how close you are to the blast damages you more or less.



Johnny Maximum

SSB WorldHeroes

Johnny Maximum is a brutal "killing machine". He plays football because of its violence, and his attacks are in general aggressive and heavy. He also has a family of a wife and a child, with a son that wants to take after him. Maximum uses a fighting style based on football, using dash attacks and throws. He is a heavy but punishing character that really pays off once you know him.



Dr. Shoals

SSB DiveKick

Shoals is the youngest and brightest Podiatrist in her field. She works mostly in the sports medicine field, and spends time researching Ped Urino, a very rare infection seen only in the feet of professional Divekickers. Shoals wakes up one morning to find that she has somehow contracted Ped Urino, commonly called Foot Dive, on her face! She dons a mask and builds powerful iron boots to allow her to compete in Divekicking competitions, in an effort to get closer to the people she’d need to study to find the cure. Shoals can not move right or left, and she literally has only two buttons: Dive and Kick. Dive sends you upwards while kick preforms well, a kick. Doing both in the air does a powerful move but it requires a lot of precision with the two buttons.

Cheeky nandos mario

Cheeky Nandos Mario

SSB Nandos

This is what, the third fucking Mario? What's up with all the Marios? He's a joke character. He's like the worst one. Dr. Shoals at least harms people; Cheeky Nandos is too cheeky with the lads to actually fight for his life here, instead feeding them fast food that only heals them (although the quick consumption and digestion of fast food over several years would suggest that they would at least die from obesity) and he's worse than useless as he goes against the very meaning of a fighting game character.

Metal knuckles and tails doll render by nibrocrock-d7gar46

Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll


Robot versions of Knuckles and Tails. Metal Knuckles is a heavy robot that has insane drop speeds but hurts like a train and can preform a glide that really stings. Tails Doll is a floaty character that is hard to hit and uses dark magic to attack.



Black Rock Shooter

SSB BlackRockShooter

This versions seems to be a boy...? Okay, I guess it's not that different from the female Rin Okumura we saw in Tower of Ungodliness... a boy who possesses a burning blue eye and a powerful cannon that can shoot rocks at high speed. He uses the cannon to fight and unlike other heavy gun users, he can be nimble and fast while carrying it. He is heavy though, so his drop speed is a bit faster than other characters. He can also attack with a crooked katana, which is a good melee weapon. He can also use a motorcycle to speed down opponents.


Wolverine (X-Force)

SSB Xmen

A militant version of Wolverine, likely forced into this attitude by the Tomorrowland Initiative. He uses stronger versions of his claws that while are slower make for bulkier attacks, and he get up from battle as soon as he hits the ground due to his healing ability.

Nazo render by nibrocrock-d7i40bz

Art by nibroc-rock


Nazo has been the bane of the Fighters of Lapis for a long time. Sure, Hitler named his men after him (hilariously misspelling it as Nazis) but now he seems to be one of their closest frenemies. He uses telepathic abilities to stun characters and move them out of his way or create Chaos Spears to fling far away. Most of his strength is in his mind, and what strength that is!

Seifer KHII



KH Logo

Seifer is cocky, sarcastic, and a self-proclaimed protector of order (or at least, his idea of order), which is just bullying people into following what he says. Seifer is always seen with his posse Fuu, Rai, and Vivi. Seifer has a very defensive fighting style as he is always in a guard stance. He parries attacks quite easily and it's best to focus on countering. He also has a wealth of fire attacks available.



Alternate art by ssceles

KH Logo

One of Seifer's followers. She never says a word more than she has to, leading to some very unusual "one-worders. She utilizes a chakram-type weapon and uses wind para-magic. As such, she's sort of a ranged character that uses curved shot to deliver hits, which isn't all that reliable.



Louis C.K

SSB Louie

Louis C.K is a Mexican and American comedian, editor, writer, producer, director, and actor. To say the least, his comedy isn't very clean. He uses a "Bat Man" (basically a person that takes care of bats) to release a bat that floats diagonally up and lands several hits, a Boogeyman that pops out from pure blackness that severely harms those who fall into that trap, and other attacks influenced by his stand-up and tv show.





A Japanese schoolgirl who has an intense fascination with Ryu. She has managed to copy and learn some of Ryu's techniques, but really wants him to train her personally. Sakura's moveset contains many "unorthodox" variants of existing 'Shotokan' moves, including a 'running' Shoryuken, a jumping Tatsumaki, and a less-powerful Hadoken that she can charge, though at the cost of distance. Her moves and combos have high potential to stun opponents and also provide many an opportunity for mix-ups. However, her somewhat low stamina and her lack of other available approaches (particularly her weak projectile) require a certain amount of finesse, leaving little room for error; this ultimately makes Sakura a high-risk, high-reward character.

Lynne artwork - Ghost Trick


SSB GhostTrick

A girl that dies a lot, although comes out unscathed due to her ghost buddy Sissel. Using Sissel's ability to possess objects, she can basically command him to use various objects as projectile weapons, which can be flung at various distances for various amounts of damage. She is very weak though and dies in three hits although this can be reversed with a move that allows to briefly block what hit her but she will still retain the damage. If it not successfully blocked, she looses a stock.




SSB Darkstalkers

Morrigan is a somewhat straight forward and simplistic character, her playstyle is often compared to that of a shoto character (Ryu and Ken, parallel Demitri and Morrigan) from Capcom's Street Fighter series, possessing fireball and DP type moves. Morrigan is widely considered one of the weaker characters in the game. In order to play Morrigan effectively you must be willing to go with the flow of the character and take large risks. Morrigan's weaknesses come from having slow anti-airs and poor control over the top half of the screen, as well as limited options for gaining big damage outside of DI combos. However, if you are able to compensate for her weaknesses then she becomes quite solid and well rounded as a character.



Luka Megurine

SSB Vocaloid

Luka is a bilingual vocaloid and can thus change her language to another characters to harm them more. (Ex: Panty and Stocking are Japanese, so Luka would change her language to Japanese to harm them better.) She uses large guns resembling a trombone and tuba, which can be fired to create large soundwaves. However, using them slows her to a crawl.


Yukata lucina by makoto blue-d7yiomv



Lucina is Chrom's future daughter. She loves her father dearly and is always worrying over him. Her sword, the Parallel Falchion, was originally thought to be a separate weapon from Chrom's Falchion, but was later revealed to be a version of the same weapon brought back from the future. While she doesn't fight all that different from Marth, she uses Aether as one of her attacks.





Ingrid is an extremely powerful being who detests the evil nature of the Satsui no Hado. She is very wise and intelligent in spite of her apparent physical age, and also has a playful side to her, as she enjoys tickling defeated opponents. Ingrid fights using an unknown power that infuses all her attacks with a mystical energy. Telekinesis, energy blasts, and strange magical sigils are all parts of her fighting style. Ingrid almost seems to toy with her opponents, and with such powerful abilities at her disposal, she certainly gives the impression of being from a higher plane than the average fighter.

Kan u unchou raster vector render by elpida wood-d6d84sc

Unchou Kan-u

SSB Unavaliable

Unchou Kan-u is a skilled warrior who's skill was known, and feared, through out all of Kanto. Her skill is so great the other fighters had give her the name of God of Martial arts. At least, that was her backstory. She now seems to be a robot, battling anyone who tries to get into Tomorrowland in at least one reality. She uses a long reaching staff to fight and her godly martial skills to get the upperhand in a battle.

Fuuko by xoriu-d6i3cm2


SSB Unavaliable

Fuuko is a pink-haired teenager with a chipper personality that is part of a monster hunting school. At least, that was her backstory. She now seems to be a robot, battling anyone who tries to get into Tomorrowland in at least one reality. She uses twin acid pistols that can have little sabers at the end, perfectly for cutting up whatever gets in her way.



SSB Prodigy

Kynthesis is a boy with a virus that effects his skin and grows tentacles on his back. Although his punches land harder due to his crystal hard skin and he can attack from multiple angles with his back tentacles, he seems unhappy with himself, likely because it's a curse and not a gift. His hands can be straight-up lobbed off if he takes too much damage and the tentacles spew a noxious liquid that really stinks (but it has no real gameplay mechanic).

Dame Samus

First Knight of the Chozo Order, Dame Samus Aran
Art by Art by Robaato

SSB Metroid Series

A version of Samus from a alternate universe. She attacks using a sword that has various forms, such as a blast form and ice form to attack in different but various ways. The blast form makes almost all hits explosive but makes her very slow, while ice makes her slippery but creates an ice trail behind her sword that can act as a trap.




A female version of Link that lives in Rantaloupe. She is basically a Lucina version of Link in terms of gameplay, except there's no Link to base that assumption on. She has a sweetspot tip for her sword, meaning it does more damage if connected with the tip of the blade, and she can throw bombs higher than Link would.


Noel Vermillion (Story Mode Artwork, Normal, School Uniform)

Noel Vermillion

SSB Blazblue

Noel Vermillion is a former lieutenant of the Novus Orbis Librarium. She fights with the Drive "Chain Revolver", which allow her to use large-barrel handguns, though it can take on other forms. Her style of fighting is a direct reference to the fictional fighting style known as 'gunkata', in which the practitioner uses stylized moves using firearms with the conclusion of the battle involving clashing the hammers together. Unfortunately, the Bolverk is Noel's only mean of offense, becoming utterly helpless when stripped of it.

Tsubaki Yayoi (Story Mode Artwork, Normal)

Tsubaki Yayoi (Story Mode Artwork, Normal, School Uniform)

Tsubaki Yayoi

SSB Blazblue

Tsubaki Yayoi is Jin Kisaragi's childhood friend, Noel Vermillion's former roommate from the Military Academy, and a major of the non-official Novus Orbis Librarium's Zero Squadron. Tsubaki's fighting style is an interesting interpretation of the standard "sword and shield" style of traditional Western swordplay, where her oddly shaped, floating book acts as a small buckler shield. Tsubaki's short sword is capable of adopting a variety of shapes, sometimes as appearing as a fencing foil, a whip sword, a floating claymore or even a staff. Her book, similarly, can change its form.

ADW (After Development Week)

These characters are technically DLC and were added after the game ended development.


This section includes only special boss characters that appear in Story Mode.

Image Info


SSB Unavaliable

A lost experiment? She's just as mysterious as the others but she uses a acid blade and a gun that shoots acid-laced bullets. She also attaches herself to the walls and can swing gracefully. Believe it or not, you can only get her when she's swinging, so that's when you attack.

3d porky render by machriderz-d5h8arv


SSB Mother3New

Porky is one of the people who were cast out of Tomorrowland, likely trying to build his Porky Empire into it. He attacks in a giant mecha bed with robotic clones of himself that explode after a certain amount of time. He can fire a giant laser once he's in the air. When he does that, hit him from below. Otherwise, just try to get him whenever you can.


Birthday Cake

SSB Unavaliable

A giant birthday cake probably to serve as the giant cake for Tomorrowland's birthday. Infused with nanomachines, the cake has become hostile and is basically a damage sponge, running from one side of the screen to the other, harming those in his path.

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