(ring ring ring! ring ring ring!)

Luigi's alarm clock, unlike his brother's, was broken. No matter how many times he looked inside of it, there was always a problem.

But that didn't matter today.

Mario was already in the bathroom, going in with a tuxedo. That mattered. That red tuxedo and those pink flowers were one of the many things that mattered today.

"Mario, the alarm clock is broken again!," Luigi yelled.

"Luigi, did you just wake up?," Mario chuckled, but not in a mean way.

"Yeah. Where's my tuxedo?"

"I think it's in the closet with the basket of peaches, apples, and pears."

Luigi opened the closet, went inside, and closed it. A few minutes later, Luigi came out wearing a green tuxedo and holding a basket of assorted fruit. Mario then came out of the bathroom with his red tuxedo on, along with Luigi's cap.

"I got this while you were sleeping."

"I got yours too, bro.," Luigi replied, handing Mario his famous red cap.

A knock at the door.

"Mario! Luigi! It's time for the wedding!", a Toad yelled from behind the door.

"We know! We're just getting ready!," Mario replied back.

"Ok! See ya there!"


It's pretty obvious right now, but Peach's Castle is huge. It was extremly tall, it was wide as all heck, and there were enough rooms for everyone- specifically, a whole city's worth of Toads, Peach, Mario, and Luigi, and wedding decorations.

So the ballroom was the obvious choice for the wedding to be held.

Peach was standing in the middle of the ballroom, wearing a nice pink wedding gown along with bright red lipstick. A Toad was standing behind her, holding an open book.

Mario walked up the isle while Luigi handed out the fruit to the people who came. Mario stepped on a wooden box, to get just as tall as Peach.

As the Toad Priest started talking, Peach whispered in Mario's ear.

"You can't just be Super Mario. You have to be a super father in the future. And a super husband. You have to be loving, caring, and compassionate.",Peach whispered.

"I know. Violet does need a good father, and you need a good husband. Don't worry, I'll do it for you. If I don't, who will?"

Peach giggled. Mario knew her better than anyone in the castle. Well, besides her father.

"Mario Mario, do you take Peach Toadstool to be your lawfully wedded wife?," the priest asked.

"I do."

"Princess Peach Toadstool, do you take Mario Mario to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"You may now kiss the-"


The lights in the ballroom went out, causing a giant shadow to appear down the aisle. A group of Koopas, Goombas, Hammer Bros, Magikoopas, and even the Koopalings entered the room. The lights came back on, revealing a bright red light, with a familiar logo in the middle.

And it wasn't Mario or Luigi's.

"Ugh. I should have known.," Luigi sighed. No matter how many times he said it, thought, the intruder always had that imtimidating effect on him.

Mario and Luigi ran behind the priest and into the castle dressing room. Seconds later, they came out in their regular attire, ready to fight. Althought Luigi did gulp.

The minions moved out of the way, making a path for the intruder to walk down. The thunderous footsteps of their leader echoed, and his shadow casted fear upon the crowd.

"Lights, Ludwig."

The dark blue-haired Koopaling named Ludwig turned on the lights, revealing the giant, evil, and overall cruel...

"Bowser.," Mario snarled.

The green-shelled, red-hair, fire breathing Koopa was the nasty, giant, ugly, disgusting pimple stuck on the Mushroom Kingdom. Birthdays? Kidnappings. Celebrations? Kidnappings. Festivals? Aliens. And kidnapping.

"Should've known, after more than 10 years, the Apple and the Peach ALMOST TIED THE KNOT. Well, I saw their lips...NOT touch eachother! Which means, the princess isn't hitched!"

Ludwig handed Bowser a bow tie, which he proudly put on.

"I can still get my bride!"

Bowser ran past Mario, grabbing Peach and throwing her over his shoulder. His Koopa Clown landed and Bowser hopped in, his seven kids following him.

"Now, Mario, Daddy's soon-to-be bride is coming to his castle! Try to enter! Oh, wait! Does lava kill you?," Wendy, one of Koopalings, joked.

"And spikes?," Larry, one of the oldest Koopalings, added.

"And bombs? And hammers? And fire?," Morton, another Koopaling, added.

"Okay, kids, stop it.," Bowser said. "Now, Mario and Luigi! Unlike you, I have GREAT defenses at my wedding! So unless you have a ticket, no entering!"

Luigi had enough. He jumped in front of Mario, and raised his fists! His eyes were narrowed, and he pratically had steam flowing out of his ears!

"You want a piece of Mario? Well, you gotta get through me, first! And I ain't no pushover! I'm..."

Bowser breathed a stream of fire on Luigi, covering Luigi in soot.

"...a dirty plumber.," Luigi finished.

Bowser only laughed, and the Clown Car took off, Peach with it. The armies of Bowser's troops ran out of the castle, leaving the Toads in the dust.

"SMELL YOU LATER, MARIO BROS!!!," Bowser yelled, flying away.

The Toads began panicking. Toadsworth, who was in aisle, had fainted. The only ones not panicking were Mario and Luigi, although Luigi was covered in soot.

"Listen, Toad Town!"

The Toads immediantly looked at Mario, who yelled out to get their attention.

"We've saved Peach a million times! What makes this so different? We'll tackle Bowser, and get back the kingdom's princess! Bowser won't get away with this!"

Mario looked at Luigi, who was thinking the same thing. They pulled out a pair of Cape Feathers, and were ready to fly after Bowser and his kids!

"LET'S-A GO!!"



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