Teresa is the main character of Strong Hand. She is the one who finds Strong Hand and despite the skimpy as shit outfit, uses it to attack and fight with.


Teresa likes doing gross stuff, and will pretty much do anything for a dollar (not anything sexual though). She gets sort of a sick glee from finding frogs and keeps a ton of them in a cramped fish tank in her basement. She is also incredibly tough on her own, with very few people wanting to mess with her.



Her best friend is Gohn, a meek and easily frightened man. They are merely friends at the start of the story, but Teresa begins to develop feelings for Gohn, but learns later that he is actually gay.

Strong Hand

Strong Hand takes a dislike for Teresa at beginning due to his past with dealing with powerful men, which is why he magically transforms any wear into a incredibly skimpy outift. However, over time he begins to like Teresa and allows her to take control of his other features.

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