Team Mechanoid is a group of heroes who formed together because of "The Ghost", a being which connects all universes together by force. The members all operate under "The Ghost" and try to stop the group known as the DeathlyCorps, which is against all "The Ghost" stands for.

Primary Members

Name And Image Description

250px-MegamindPromo04 555pxBLOG-2--1-


Megamind was once a supervillain, and the last surviving member of his kind. However, he eventually became a superhero after battling another villain named Titan, and saved Metro City. He's the leader of the group, the one who named it, and is actually kind of smart, as he learned to dehydrate and hydrate animate objects using a special gun, and his abundance of once-evil weapons were made by him.


Stanley the Bugman

Stanley is a bugman who runs a gardenhouse. He once defended it from the gigantic ape known as Donkey Kong, along with bugs who tried to attack his flowers. However, Stanley is forgotten by the public years afterwords. But when he's accepted into Team Mechanoid, Stanley is ready to save the world in the name of flowers and "The Ghost"!

IMG 3688

Vanellope Von Schweetz

Vanellope Von Schweetz was the princess of her game, Sugar Rush, until a villain named Turbo, under the disguise of King Candy, made her a glitch and the other races bully her. Now she's the ruler again, but has kept her glitching power intact. She also drives a candy coated kart made by her new friend, Wreck-It Ralph, who helped stop Turbo.


Dwight Tharp

Dwight Tharp is McQuarrie Middle School's resident weird kid. He was pretty much credited as weird until he made Origami Yoda, who gave the other students extremly helpful advice. Because of Origami Yoda, it seems Dwight is one with the Force. Dwight was accepted into Team Mechanoid after fighting an army of Stormtroopers. (As he said it.)

1000px-Randall ''Randy'' Boggs

Randy Boggs

Unlike his future counterpart, Randy Boggs is actually nice. He's actually from another part in time. He goes to Monsters University, and was about to join Roar Omega Roar when an army of Primids attacked. He was dragged into the future thanks to Megamind. Now, he has to scare like he's never scared before in order to save the universe!

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