Fuck yeah, it's Team Fuckin' America. Consisting of only the best American characters. They first appeared in the Mysterious Seven Project in their own self-entitled chapter "Team Fuckin' America, Fuck Yeah" where they shot the goddamn shit out of Kim Jung Un.


  • Starninger - The leader of this fuckin' group of liberty and freedom, eat yo' fries! He's a Power Ranger based off a fuckin' cowboy and transforms into a goddamn burger. He sounds like the perfect candidate to lead this great country, but unfortunately Obama is in office right now.
  • Girl - The token girl of the team. She doesn't really do anything. I think she just poses for the calendar or something. But I guess she's part of the group! In the Mysterious Seven Project, she is actually a fairly decent character, apparently knowing boxing and how to shoot a rifle. Right to bear arms, son! But I guess she's more comfortable being... this.
  • Kaneda - Kaneda Washington Sawyer Finn Bush Cheney Pamela Anderson Lee was born ready to fight for freedom and liberty. That, and the prom's tomorrow. Shit son, you better get going!
  • Abraham Lincoln - The King of Mars, but also the former president of the United Goddamn states. He uses his lucky pennies to fight.
  • MDCCLXXVI - Liberty herself has come to dish out judgement. The 1776th model of the Liberty Protection Android fights with her torch, her tablet, and corrosion. Although I suppose having the token girl is moot now... hmm.


Gallery (which Wikia will get rid of for Venus)

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