Teams are a new mechanic introduced in Fighters of Lapis 7/克隆數字體系. They were first known to the public through a feature in the Famitsu magazine, along with the first four revealed characters.


The team mechanic replaces every other gimmick introduced in the Fighters of Lapis series as well as how characters are unlocked. As opposed to unlocking characters individually, you now will unlock them through as a whole team. Although characters are sorted into teams, the player can still select individual characters to make their own team, teams will only matter in the solo game modes.

The first team to be revealed was the Hero Team, consisting of Wii Fit Trainer, Homura, K', and Spiderman.


Team Order, and by proxy Team Formation, plays an important role in Fighters of Lapis 7.

The first, or 'point character' will start the round with zero Super Meter. Certain characters can benefit from the opponent having less options due to less meter at the beginning of a game (for instance, projectile characters), while likewise not all options are going to be open to your point character from the start. By creating a strong offense and dominating early, the more successful player can have meter available while all of the opposing player's meter options aren't available.

The second character could have from little meter to excess meter depending on usage from the previous character. This is the least demanding spot to fill since there is less to worry about than with an anchor or point. A player can fill this spot with a battery character to save resources for the anchor, or just fill it with a strong character knowing that meter should be more available. It can also be a good idea to place a strong defensive character in this position, as if you are dominated by a strong aggressive opponent in the first round, your second character can help bring you back with limited meter options.

Finally we come to the anchor, the last line of defense of the team. These are usually powerhouse characters with hard-hitting Super Moves, or those with great utility usage out of their meter. Almost every character has a strong Super Move, so experiment and see who works best for you.

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