Tangerine Avengers 2: Age of Stars is a sequel to Tangerine Avengers. It follows a month after the first game storywise.


Gameplay in the game is a dramatic departure from many fighting games. Instead of winning by depleting an opponent's life bar, players of Tangerine Avengers seek to knock opponents off the stage. Characters have a damage total, represented by a percentage value, which rises as they take damage and can exceed 100%. As a character's percentage rises, the character can be knocked progressively farther by an opponent's attacks. To KO an opponent, the player must send that character flying off the edge of the stage, which is not an enclosed arena but rather an area with open boundaries, usually a set of suspended platforms. When a character is knocked off the stage, the character may use jumping moves to attempt to return; as some characters' jumps are longer-ranged, they may have an easier time "recovering" than others. Additionally, some characters are heavier than others, making it harder for an opponent to knock them off the edge but likewise harder to recover.

Tangerine Avengers' play controls are greatly simplified in comparison to other fighting games. While traditional fighting games such as Street Fighter or Soul Calibur require the player to memorize button-input combinations (sometimes lengthy and complicated, and often specific to a character), Tangerine Avengers uses the same one-attack-button, one-control-stick-direction combinations to access all moves for all characters. Characters are not limited to constantly facing their opponent, but may run around freely. Tangerine Avengers also implements blocking and dodging mechanics, which can be used both on the ground and in the air. Grabbing and throwing other characters are also possible, allowing for a large variety of ways to attack.

Gameplay Modes


  • Classic- Pits you off on random fighters much like Adventure, but with no minigames. You fight the Lich at the end.
  • Adventure - A mode that has you pick a character to go through many different stages up against other characters, who each have random effects and dialog towards certain characters. You fight the Lich at the end.
  • All-Star - Go against every fighter in chronological order.


  • Brawl - The normal gameplay option. The bulk of the game is going to be played here, probably. You select characters and a stage. Items and stage hazards can be adjusted.

Story: You're Dead!

Chapter 1: Theme

Finn & Jake, and BMO are are watching a movie called "Blood Drive" when Marceline comes over to play video games. An excited BMO brings out an old game called "Super Guts Punch 3" and since Marceline is there, BMO decides to allow them to go into his Main Brain Game Frame.

After they enter the game they land in a throne room with the prince locked in a cage. Finn remembers an article about the game in an old magazine and figures out they have to press a secret floor tile and they are then shrunken down and swallowed by the prince. After escaping the prince's stomach acid, they find out all the game's bosses and enemies are much easier to defeat than they should be. After defeating the final boss with one hit, the game begins to dissolve and the words "CRACKED AND HACKED BY EWLBO" "GREETS 2 THE OTHER" "==SoFTWARE WiZARDZ==" appear and then our heroes are released from the game wondering who "Ewlbo" is.

Once they are back in the real world, they find that BMO's personality is far more aggressive than before after he attacks them. Marceline deduces that "Ewblo" has hacked BMO and infected it with a computer virus. They head to Princess Bubblegum's castle and go to her to look at BMO. As Princess Bubblegum attempts to figure it out, she finds that Ewlbo has hacked her computer too.

Suddenly thousands of robots pour in. Raquana Sheldon attempts to block them all off, but there's too many that they pass the shield by crawling over it. Things go black.

Chapter 2: Tesla

Chapter 3: Cold Dead

Chapter 4: FKN Dead

Chapter 5: Never Catch Me

Chapter 6: Dead Man's Tetris

Chapter 7: Turkey Dog Coma

Chapter 8: Stirring

Chapter 9: Chronus, the Terminator

Chapter 10: Siren Song

Chapter 11: Turtles

Chapter 12: Ready Err Not

Chapter 13: Eyes Above

Chapter 14: Moment Of Hesitation

Chapter 15: Descent Into Madness

Chapter 16: The Boys Who Died In Their Sleep

Chapter 17: Obligatory Cadence

Chapter 18: Your Potential

Chapter 19: The Protest

The game has a total of 52 characters, a twelve character jump from the first Tangerine Avengers. All previous characters return.

Starting Characters

Image Info


SSB Mario Series

Mario is a plumber who often has to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. The gaming world's perhaps most iconic character, behind Pacman. He uses fireballs, dice (from Mario Party), and a kart to attack.

Rosalina Model SSB4


SSB Mario Series

A cosmic Princess who Mario met back in Mario Galaxy. She has become an unexpectedly popular character since. She uses starbits to attack, a spin jump, and her Lumas, although not in the way seen in Super Smash Bros. 4.


Finn & Jake


Finn and Jake are a duo that work together to stop threats to the land of Ooo. Finn works primarily with a sword, while Jake works mainly with his hands. Jake mostly sits in Finn's backpack unless switched out, in which case Finn will appear in Jake's "backpack".


Dipper & Mabel

Gravity Falls Icon

Known as the mystery twins, Dipper and Mabel work together to solve mysteries in the town of Gravity Falls. Dipper can use the book as a melee weapon as well as a way to summon creatures, while Mabel is more of a ranged character, using a grappling hook and bedazzler. You can switch between each the two in the match, and the other one will defend the other character but will not directly attack other characters.




Pit is a member of Palutena's royal bodyguard and is a valiant warrior. He can use a variety of weapons, such as a blade or a bow or even a club to attack. He can also take off into the air and still fire away from up there.




Palutena is the benevolent Goddess of Light, the very beautiful ruler of the kingdom of Angel Land and guardian of Three Sacred Treasures. She uses light based attacks and can preform melee attacks with her staff. She can also create a grind rail to recover.




Motoko is an augmented-cybernetic human employed as the squad leader of Public Security Section 9. She can fire her dual pistols as well as use hacking skills to change the properties of opponent's weapons.



SSB YumeNikki

Madotsuki is a rather odd girl, who stays in her room all day either sleeping or playing NASU. Madotsuki attacks using "effects" she found in the dream world, with her primary weapon being a knife.

Raquna Sheldon

Raquna Sheldon

SSB etrianodyssey

She is a noble from Toronto who works for the Midgard Library. Raquna is an easygoing person with a drinking habit. She likes to fight tough enemies. She attacks using a sword and shield. She can shield just about every attack in the game, although when defending her self she is vulnerable from the back.



SSB Murumusa

The princess of Narukami who has been possessed by a demon. She uses a katana to attack and she is rather fluid character. She can also use flame and shadow based attacks.


Mordecai & Rigby


Another tag-team duo, this time with a blue jay and raccoon. Mordecai is a stronger character but he moves slightly slower, and Rigby is a fast character with some weak attacks. Unlike the other two tag-teams, these two work together as opposed to being transforming characters. They can preform coffee and dodge-ball based attacks as well as use the cart to attack.


Panty & Stocking


Two angels that were cast out of heaven. They switch out, with one character sitting on the couch watching the fight. Stocking uses katanas to fight and this is the basis of her moveset; Panty uses guns and is more of an ranged character.


Echo Chamber

SSB TangerineAvengers

Some kind of robot or cyborg. He is a very heavy character, with a gigantic blaster and a claw that causes tons of damage. He has a special move called "Echo" in which he can copy other character's abilities, similar to Kirby.


Mikasa Ackerman

SSB AttackOnTitan

Mikasa Ackerman is the 'adopted' sister of Eren Yeager. Though she desires only to live a peaceful life with Eren, Mikasa chooses to follow Eren into the military, where she would become the best soldier among the 104th Trainees Squad, and later join the Survey Corps. She can use grappling hooks to get across the stage with a fast speed and make quick use of her enemies by using blades.

Samus garridk



Zero Suit Samus

SSB Metroid Series

Samus Aran is an ex-Galactic Federation soldier who turned into an intergalactic bounty hunter, usually fitted with a powered armor suit with weapons that include directed energy weapons and missiles. In her Power Suit she is a rather bulky but powerful fighter, with chargeable shots and an ice beam that can freeze enemies.

SSB Metroid Series

While in this suit, Samus takes much more damage but is more agile. She is capable of grabbing and hanging from ledges and performing Wall Jumps due to her already-present superhuman acrobatic skills from her Chozo DNA and training. Samus resorts to crawling on her hands and knees to clear small paths, in the absence of the Morph Ball. She also uses a whip gun that can act as a grappling beam and paralyzer.



SSB AdvancedWars

Sami is a Commanding Officer from one of the four countries that comprises the Allied Nations, Orange Star. She uses a machine gun, grenades, and a bazooka to attack.



SSB LapisEarthbound

Ness is a thirteen-year-old boy residing in the fictional town of Onett in Eagleland who has psychic abilities referred to as PSI. In EarthBound, Ness teams up with several other characters to battle Giygas. He uses PSI to attack in addition to a baseball bat.



SSB LiloandStitch

Stitch aka Experiment 626 is a creature created by Jumba to be destructive. He has a limited ability to change his physical appearance, as he can retract a second set of arms, his claws, his antennae and the three spikes on his back into his body. These change how much damage he dishes out as well as how fast he can move.


Janne D'Arc

SSB WorldHeroes

She is a 15th-century feminist, who protects the circus who raised her and has proven to be one of the toughest fencers of her time. She uses a sword that can transform itself into a whip to attack.


Commander Shepard

TangerineAvengers2 Newcomer

SSB MassEffect
Shepard is the first human to join the Spectres, an elite special task force for the Citadel Council. This Shepard is of the Vanguard Class, and attacks using pistols, warping, barriers, and using Nova, a shockwave attack.

Lucina SSB4


TangerineAvengers2 Newcomer

Chrom's daughter and the future Princess of Ylisse. When she arrives from a doomed future seeking to prevent it from ever happening, she goes by the name Marth before her identity is revealed. She fights much like her adopted namesake (with a blade), but more than just the tip of her sword is powerful.

Unlockable Characters

Image Info


TangerineAvengers2 Newcomer

SSB SoulCaliber
The woman was simply a killer, one who had never tasted satisfaction. She eventually began to destroy evil spirits to keep things challenging. She slayed many demons, until one day she became possessed by one. But even then, she did not stop killing. She continued her aggressive way of life, until the world was calling her "Shura", meaning "Bloodshed". Shura is a mid to close range rushdown character who relies on moves that knock down and launch the opponent for heavy damage output with the 2 swords. Her attacks are linear and easily avoided, but once Shura connects with something she becomes extremely dangerous

Complete 10 matches.

Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


SSB Mario Series

Luigi is Mario's brother who often lives in his shadow. He uses a Poltergust to suck in characters, shoot green fireballs that have a poisonous effect, and uses Polterpup to attack.

Unlocked after 50 Matches with any Mario Character.




A half-demon/half-Vampire who is over a millennium old. Her father is the ruler of the Nightosphere. She can light things on fire, use telekenisis, and jam out with her axe bass.

Unlocked after completing Adventure with Finn and Jake.


Princess Bubblegum


Princess Bubblegum is a scientist, inventor, and ruler over the Candy Kingdom. She can use some of her gadgets to attack characters, as well as sending some candy citizens to attack for her.

Unlocked after completing Classic with Finn and Jake.




Aquaman is the king of a little city called Atlantis. He can summon the sea to help him attack, in addition to using a three-pronged trident. He can also summon sea creatures.

Unlocked after completing Classic with three characters.



SSB YumeNikki

Another odd girl. She seems to be a mostly normal character with nothing really special about her. In fact she seems almost kind of generic. She has a move that turns lights on and off, giving her either darkness or light based attacks. Randomly though, she'll turn into Uboa, who scream and anyone caught in the radius will be harmed.

Unlocked after completing Adventure with Madotsuki.



SSB etrianodyssey

A very versatile character with no history or past. Defined by her class, she is solely dedicated to her abilities. They can create shadow clones and use a smoke screen along with a katana to attack.

Play as Raquna Sheldon 66 times.




Leonidas's name meant "lion-like" and he was one of three sons of King Anaxandridas II. He became one of two Spartan kings, occupying the throne at the same time in a tense but civil arrangement. He is the leader of the Spartans and uses a spear and shield.

Complete classic as three characters.


Muscleman & Hi-5 Ghost


Muscleman and Hi-5 Ghost are park employees that work alongside Mordecai and Rigby. They work together in their attacks, an example is Hi-5 ghost forming a shield over Muscleman or turning into ghosts for a brief minute.

Complete Adventure as Mordecai & Rigby.




A beautiful and powerful electricity-based warrior in the Forces of Nature. She can turn into a bolt of lightning, move at incredible speeds, and teleport. Phosphora can also use her electrokinesis to create storms. However, if she expends energy too fast, she tires easily and must recharge.

Complete Adventure as Palutena.

Scanty & Kneesocks

Scanty and Kneesocks


The demon sisters. Seen as the opposite of Panty and Stocking in just about every way; however they play somewhat similar. Scanty mainly uses dual revolvers, while Kneesocks uses scythes to attack.

Complete Adventure as Panty and Stocking.



SSB Mario Series

The almighty Bowser, the ruler of Bowserland. His power exceeds that of Princess Peach and he is a strong but perhaps slow brute. He can breathe fire, throw hammers, and even get some of his minions into the battle.

Complete Adventure as Mario and Luigi.



SSB Metroid Series

Ridley is a high-ranking Space Pirate and the archenemy of Samus Aran. Despite his appearance, he is actually highly intelligent and seems impossible to kill. He can fly at quick speeds and attack pretty hard. He can breathe plasma and heal himself using other character's cells. His big weakness though, is his chest. Being the only character that really has a weakpoint, if his chest is directly hit he gets 4X as much damage as usual.

Complete Adventure as Samus.



SSB AdvancedWars

Lin is a Commanding Officer of the 12th Battalion. Lin appears in most of the tactical sessions in the campaign, simply because she is a naturally talented tactician who gives good advice. She has a sarcastic sense of humor. She attacks using a machine gun like Sami, but can also create fog to shield and hide herself in and use a tank to attack.

Complete Adventure as Sami.



Gravity Falls Icon

Wendy Corduroy is a tall high school girl with a part-time job at the Mystery Shack, with a very laid-back attitude. She attacks using lumberjacking skills and summoning her other teenage friends.

Complete Classic as Dipper and Mabel.



SSB Murumusa

A rouge ninja who is the hero of Ninja Scroll of the Demon Blade. Having no memory of his past, Kisuke inexplicably finds himself a fugitive being chased for a crime he no longer remembers with only the memory to obtain a certain "katana". He attacks using moon-based attacks with his sword and absorbing other character's health with some attacks.

Complete 66 matches as Momohime.



Earthbound Symbol

A tomboyish and somewhat rude princess, she can use many powerful PSI spells as her primary weapon. She can also attack using gloves, making her more physical than Ness.

Complete 333 matches as Ness.



SSB LiloandStitch

Experiment 221 was the 221st genetic experiment created by Jumba with Hämsterviel's funding. He was designed to use his electrical abilities to create crippling electric power surges. Sparky can turn his body into an electrical current, allowing him to fly or travel through electric-powered generators, appliances, devices, outlets, power lines, machines and other similar things.

Complete 221 matches.


John Silver

TangerineAvengers2 Newcomer

Based on Long John Silver from the original novel, he is a cyborg: part machine, part organic. His alien form resembles a cross between some sort of bear and man (and robot), identified as the alien species Ursid, though they never mention this in the movie itself. His cyborg arm serves many purposes, such as cooking implements, a sword, a pistol and welding tool, and his cyborg eye has zoom functions and improves his aim, while his mechanical leg appears to contain an addition that he can put on his arm's mechanics to create a low-grade plasma cannon.

Complete 500 matches.



SSB LiloandStitch

He is the first experiment created before Dr. Jumba started assigning numbers to the other experiments. Jumba created this ultimate killer monster, but the result was over succeeded. He was locked away on a icy planet and used robot parts to improve himself. He attacks rather violently and uses missles, his missle like arm, and super speed.

Complete 1000 matches.


Johnny Maximum

SSB WorldHeroes

An American football player who describes himself as a "killer machine". Maximum uses a fighting style based on football, using dash attacks and throws.

Complete 1500 matches.




Hades, the mastermind of all the Underworld invasions appears. He can take souls to repair himself, although this makes him more vulnerable. He can also attack using energy blasts and powerful melee attacks.

Complete 2000 matches.


The Lich


A powerful undead being. He attacks using the dead he rises up from the ground, green blasts of fire, and he can even body surf into another character, albeit briefly. He is a very powerful character but he cannot pick up healing items as it will harm him even more; he must recover health using another character's body.

Complete Adventure with every character.

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