Tales Zone is a large-scale universe that rivals the Zaxinian Lifts for their luxurious offerings, featuring many elements and ideas that never hit public feed until now. It features mainly AU characters, such as alternate-universe Koopalings and Axem Rangers, although it also features "original" characters and groups like a group of dark Chao and a giant, obese Swampert.

It's real purpose is unknown in question, although the universe just seems to be random and really cringey from what we know.


Tales Zone has an incredible amount of characters, separated into the smaller stories that make up the Tales Zone.  Here they are.

Marble Warriors

Marble Warriors is the only original series represented in Tales Zone that didn't originate in some way, some form of the creator's childhood, featuring Marble Stone.

  • Marble Stone: A warrior who stands coated in an armor of crystals, and one of the very few who wish to escape the Tales Zone and live a normal life.  She's often silent, not really aware of her surroundings, and left in the dark with a lot, but has a strong voice and tries to do what she thinks is right.  She can grow crystals from her body and use them to her advantage, offensively or defensively.

Exaggerated Reality

Exaggerated Reality holds some of the most important antagonists and features characters that are easy to highlight.  Members in Exaggerated Reality appear to some extent in all of the other stories.

  • Sionbolt Withoutaspace: A mad scientist who is insane, always giving high-pitched woops of laughter, and planning evil schemes to take over the world and steal it from the God, hiding out in a large, half mechanical volcano.  He is the "owner" of Mud the Swampert, his undeniably most dangerous creation to date.
  • Ethan: The God of the universe, and always seen as a greedy fool who has his life circle around being "awesome", "witty", and "fabulous", three words he came up with himself.  Really though, he's rude, rather disrespectful, and doesn't like doing any work, and loves making money and hanging out in his dungeon where he resides with his fourteen or so girlfriends, which are really just girls from other universes that he kidnapped.
  • Dark Ethan: An anti Ethan who is the Satan of the universe, and is far from greedy and is rather self depreciative.  He's kind of nice and respectful towards others and likes working to solve problems.  He thinks love is pointless however, and tries to distance himself from anyone who may be interested in him.  He is one of the few demonspawn that still live that were born from the Dark Star.
  • Mud: An obese Swampert who has the abilities to do almost anything he wants, including becoming extremely obese and running over is creator, using "illegal" moves, and killing Gods. Mud is considered a bad luck charm and means literally no good to those who are around him. Despite this, he always acts right and is very protective of Mudkips, although doesn't care about Marshtomps or other Swamperts.

Devil Team

The Devil Team is a group of five dark Chao who mean bad intentions, but end up doing rather good things anyway.  In contrast, the Rainbow Team is full of more evil Chao who antagonize the Devil Team and attempt to try and get the popularity and love of Shadow the Hedgehog, who is the DT's cult leader and role model.

  • Devil: The leader of the Devil Team and completely bent on taking over the Hero Garden and extending the land of the Dark Garden.  While he's rather cruel and tries to lead his crew under harsh commands, he's got a heart and considers everyone in his team friends, and will put his friendship values over his goal values if it's a "this-or-that" scenario.
  • Chaos: A chaos Chao who is Devil's second in command, and a brilliant member of the team who can sniff things out, make machinery for the team to use, and can come off as insane when put into a bad temper.  It's common for the team to leave him out of important adventures and leave him behind to protect the base when the rest of the team is gone.
  • Junior "J": A dark Chao that looks very similar to Devil and always tries to follow his commands, but is angered when he can't, often going into fits of rage.  Actually, he goes into fits of rage rather randomly, and can come off with insane or threatening ideas to the Devil Team, and speaks with a tone of passive aggressiveness.
  • Smilaxy: A dark green Chao who isn't really a dark Chao, but really loves their comfort and tries to do what he can for the team.  Basically, he acts like a mime and can do some really confusing stuff to his enemies, although it's not exactly known the extent to which he uses those abilities.  He's a strong fighter and likes smashing things with his fists.
  • Dark: An often forgotten dark Chao who is the strongest of the team, yet always left behind because he looked puny and rather insignificant in comparison to the other Chao.  This always puts him into furious fits of self-attention and tries to get into the spotlight often, but is usually pushed out of it quickly, often it's Devil who takes the lead.
  • Rainbow: The leader of the three-man Rainbow Team and Devil's main adversary, this particular Devil Chao boasting high power attacks and strong leadership that is somewhat better than Devil's.  Due to his small team and the fact that he can't reside in his original home, having to use the Neutral Garden to hide, he often is defeated.
  • Flash: Flash is a strong, strong Chao who is the strongest of all that exist, boasting near God-like powers, but isn't leader as he is literally just power itself, therefore he can't really control anyone but himself.  He's silent, deadly, and attacks on command of Rainbow, but can be defeated easily as he has a hard time not falling off of ledges.
  • Wacky: An insane Chao who tries to thrash the Devil Team and bring them down, often going to extremely high points of ridiculousness to do such.  He's capable of flying, doing quick punches and kicks, and moving at high speeds.  Because he's so gullible as well, he can easily turn on the Rainbow Team and beat them to a bloody pulp, although over the years he's improved at such.
  • Angel: The romantic love interest of Devil who doesn't particularly know he's evil, thinking that not all Dark Chao are necessarily evil.  Not much about her is really known.

AU Koopalings Universe

AU Koopalings Universe is one of the main stories of the Tales Zone, and features some very important plotlines that spread into the other lands and affect them directly, including the Devil Team and AU Gangreen Gang.  These feature Bowser, the Koopalings, and more.

  • King Bowser: The King of the Koopas, and the sarcastic and cruel ruler of his kind, and the father of eleven, including the Koopalings, Bowser Jr., and three really terrible "fake" Koopalings experiments. He seems to have this undeniable fascination with Princess Peach, wanting to kidnap her for the fun times, although Mario usually takes her away.
  • Koopalings
    • Larry: Larry is pretty chill and random, and is among the most mischievous members of the gang, and loves picking on his Dad, not particularly fond of him or most of his other siblings. He aspires to be the best of the team and has a rivalry/anti-friendship with sibling Ludwig.
    • Morton: Obese, reality warping and extremely stupid, and a chatterbox at large, Morton is one of the most useless members of Bowser's Koopalings crew. He's pretty generous and usually comes off as nice but is often destructive and he doesn't appear to be liked much by the other Koopalings, which hurts his feelings.
    • Wendy: Wendy is greedy and selfish, and is arguably the least pleasant of the Koopalings, often picking fights with the others, especially Larry and Roy, whom she considers more of nemesises than Mario himself. There is never a point where Wendy isn't awful towards at least one Koopaling, and it's usually Roy.
    • Iggy: Insane and demented, and a really brilliant inventor that only rivals Ludwig, Iggy is considered one of the more valuable members of the cast. While he's often self absorbed and hard to talk with because he can't really listen to others really well, he tries to help out whenever he can and is, in the end, one of the few Koopalings to have a success in defeating Mario.
    • Roy: Roy often comes off as a bully and terrorizes the other Koopalings, except for Larry, who is his best bud. Often, he's seen picking on Iggy and Lemmy and messing around with them, ranging from physical violence to cruel, two-thumbs-down type of insults. Roy is the best chef of the castle in honesty and makes good food.
    • Lemmy: Lemmy is a playful Koopaling, and despite his very small size, is the second eldest of the originally Koopalings, only being outclassed by Ludwig. He can be mistakenly as very stupid and worthless, but has a very clever mind and has pretty spot on aim with his wand, some of the best aim. When he's not helpful, he's being real annoying.
    • Ludwig: The oldest Koopaling of the originals and definitely the most dangerous and most intimidating, most of what he says filled with cynicism and destructive thoughts, and is heavily obsessed with playing the piano and formulating plans to help the Koopa Troop. When he's not seen doing any of these things, he's often self absorbed and threatens to kill anyone who dares not obey what he says, except for his father, whom he respects well.  In a relationship with Rosalina.
    • Bowser Jr.: Often seen as a joke by everyone by his father who loves him dearly, Bowser Jr. is often teased and taunted by the other Koopalings, and Jr. has literally ruined every chance of getting the princess for every plot he's been involved in. As such, he's often a target for Roy's bullying.
    • Ozzy: A tall and strong "fake Koopaling" with large six packs, being strong and "undeniably sexy". He likes playing heavy metal music and always tries to make a good impression on the other Koopalings, but his "rockstar appearance" hasn't really helped him get far at all.
    • Sheisi: May be a feminine sounding name, but it's another male "fake Koopaling" who runs at supersonic speeds and rolls into a ball and uses the homing attack. Often regarded as the Hedgehog Koopaling, he's the only fake Koopaling who poses a real threat to Mario, although he is very dimwitted and gullible and can turn against the other Koopalings.
    • Little Heidi: An innocent schoolgirl Koopaling who is the last of the fake Koopalings. She means literally no harm and usually resides outside the Koopa Kastle, doing as she wishes, including talking to strangers and advertising the coolness of the Koopa Kingdom.
  • Kamek: An old Magikoopa who often restores Bowser's health and tries to help him manage the Koopa Army, also acting as the "grandfather" of the Koopalings, believing them to have potential and often tries to help them out when Bowser puts them down. He is a master of brewing potions and using magic.
  • Princess Daisy: Kidnapped from Sarasaland, Daisy fell in love with Bowser on sight and is now his lovely wife.  Kind of annoying for one, but Bowser is willing to put that aside and it's how he got all his gosh darn Koopalings.  While she has a good heart, she can sometimes come across as demanding to her family, but can definitely lose the attitude quickly and return to her normal self.
  • Princess Peach: A captive that Bowser and his family really, really struggle to keep, although Mario steals her pretty often, forcing them to try and get her back every single time.  She's kind and fair and actually is in love with Bowser, but has a broken heart because Princess Daisy married him instead.  As such, she can be rather vain around Daisy.
  • Mario: After Bowser killed off his brother Luigi, Mario got pretty mad and killed off Bowser's army, leaving him to go into a rage and start the rivalry that came to be between the two.  Mario is confident, wise cracking, and clever, and is capable of using most power ups to his advantage when he comes to fight Bowser and his Koopalings.  After Luigi's death, Mario became quite psychotic.
  • Fawful: A bean?...or something, something, I don't really know, Fawful is one of the main antagonists of the Koopalings AU and heavily antagonizes Bowser and Larry Koopa in particular, finding them to be pretty stupid and meaningless and always in his ways for world domination (and on occasions, world destruction).  He speaks with imperfect grammar and likes to insult the family of Koopas whenever he can squeeze in harmful words.
  • The Dark Star: A sinister blob of dark energy with two red eyes that is in control of the Dark Forces, and along with Fawful and Mario it is one of the recurring antagonists of the AU Koopaling Universe.  It has no personality and wishes to build power to put everything in total chaos.  It has many links with Morton Koopa because plot.

AU Axem Rangers

AU Axem Rangers focus on the Super Mario RPG boss characters, the five Axem Rangers.  Yes, I guarantee that I have no life. :/

  • Axem Red: The leader of the Axem Rangers and the heart of its evil.  He's a balanced fighter who can use rage to heighten his power and defense.  He always appears to be vain and rather bossy and cruel to the other Rangers, although tries to keep them all in shape to aid their master Smithy, and he often rivals Bowser in trying to destroy Mario.
  • Axem Black: Axem Red's second in command and a "cool kid", thinking he's the best of the best and no one could really say otherwise.  Originally not meant to be in the team, he was added as a counter for Geno.  He's quick and uses bombs, and comes off as a stealthy ninja, not just against Mario, but against his own team, if he wanted to steal something.
  • Axem Green: A magic user who doesn't particularly like fighting very much, but will do whatever it takes to please Axem Red and Smithy; his role models.  He's in pretty bad shape, he's in love with all three mainstream princesses of the Mario universe but can't get with any of them, and it gives him a lot of distraction.  He's often picked on by the others.
  • Axem Yellow: The incredibly bulky and powerful Axem Ranger who actually happens to be one of those "stupid stereotypes", taking examples from Patrick Star and others of that level of stupidity.  While he likes all of the gang and tries to help out, he proves to almost be more trouble than he's worth and gets in the way a lot.  He eats a lot of food.
  • Axem Pink: The only female Axem Ranger and an often lonely one, and often criticized by the team for her weak combat talents, even though she can transform others into mushrooms and heal the entire team.  She doesn't really take the criticism seriously and she acts very flirty to anyone who isn't any of them, besides Green, but he ain't into her.
  • Mack: A red guy on a giant bouncing knife who is a major member of Smithy's Gang, and is an ally with the Axem Rangers.  Occasionally he boards their ship and warns them of Mario, although he can cause havoc with his bouncy body, especially if he brought his shysters along.  He's often invited when the Axem Rangers need help.
  • Smithy: A mechanical creature from an alternative universe who brought his gang to the Tales Zone, and a cruel leader who wishes to fill the world with weapons.  A ridiculous wish, but it works well enough for his crew to go like "oh ok let's do that" and go under his leadership.  Not much is known about him because he doesn't show up a lot.

AU Metroid

AU Metroid, you would think, would feature Samus Aran, but of course not!  Tales Zone is about being real ridiculous!  As such, AU Metroid focuses around the bosses of Super Metroid, originally as a try-hard series of stories by the creator.  Are they funny?  I don't know anymore.

  • Samus Aran: A bounty hunter who left Zebes after it exploded.  After it exploded though...well, it turns out, people didn't really die, and it was just a fake explosion that was meant to be a "goodbye" fireworks display, because Super Metroid was totally featuring cool and supportive monsters who wanted Samus to have a very safe trip.
  • Kraid: A tall beast who looks intimidating with his...belly button lint?? but he's actually real dim-witted and gets along especially well with Crocomire.  A common gag is that when he jumps out of excitement, he falls through the ground and screws something up, and it often annoys Ridley.  It's said that Kraid loves eating chicken, and often tries to eat local species on the planet.
  • Crocomire: In a contrast to Kraid's intimidating appearance, Crocomire looks like a cute alien-monster thing, and has eight eyes and likes shoving people into lava pits or spike walls.  Crocomire and Kraid are great friends and often spend time with each other via a giant hole that connected Kraid's room with Crocomire's.  Crocomire is proud of himself and his "cute body" and thinks he has a lot of importance to Mother Brain, although it's not true.
  • Phantoon: A cynical and sarcastic ghost who thinks Kraid and Crocomire are absolutely useless and regards himself as better and more organized than everyone else, but is often ignored by Mother Brain because Kraid is "more top-class" and "more threatening", which angers him and his army of Fire-Eyes.  He acts depressed and often falls into melancholy when Zebes is in major trouble.
  • Ridley: A snarky and intimidating space dragon who tries to keep everyone in order, although obviously can't do that with some of the bigger guys like Kraid and Phantoon, who try and resist his command.  He's often picked on for being "too big" when he tries to star in a Smash Game, a popular tournament held across the Tales Zone.

AU Sonic the Hedgehog

AU Sonic the Hedgehog isn't quite as large as the others, but still holds important content in the Tales Zone, especially when it comes to Team Sonic.

  • Sonic: A drunkard hedgehog who keeps his traits from the modern times.  He's pretty surly and overconfident in his speed, and hates Dr. Eggman with a burning passion.  When he can't save the world, he sits indoors and watches television, mainly Sonic Boom because he seriously doesn't have a life.  He gets along well with Knuckles by this point in time.
  • Knuckles: Sonic's best friend because Tails died from something Eggman did to him.  Knuckles is stone cold, still gullible, and acts real stupid to everyone and isn't very fond of anything that comes his way except Sonic, who he happens to like now.  Rouge stole the Master Emerald so he just sits back and watches television with Sonic when he can't save the world.
  • Shadow: When Tails died, Shadow filled in for Team Sonic, especially after Omega blew up and after Rouge fell in love with the stupid God entitled Ethan.  Shadow is edgy, kind of insane, and uses guns a bunch, and smokes a lot of cigarettes.  He can be seen as careless, but he still tries to ponder things.  Like, who is he?  No one knows, and neither does his television.
  • Amy Rose: Amy Rose became sixteen from unknown reasons and still tries to get in with Sonic, but still gets thrown off by him, and ends up going maniacally insane in efforts to get him, to points where she kidnaps Eggman to try and get Sonic to him so she could get in love with him forever and ever.  She is obsessed with shopping.
  • Dr. Eggman: The only person who could even remotely keep close to his original counterpart, Dr. Eggman still has a side of humor that becomes rage when Sonic insults him, and often sends enemies upon Team Sonic to try and destroy them.  After twenty five years and counting, the doctor still wants to take over the world, and doesn't know when to stop.
  • Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad: Otherwise known as Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts, these three are often sent by Dr. Eggman to try and destroy Team Sonic, but often fail because of their stupidity and the fact that they're usually unable to outsmart Sonic, who's still good at shredding bots despite his fallen times.

AU Gangreen Gang

The Gangreen Gang were just a group of mischief makers from the Powerpuff Girls. I'm not sure how I feel that I literally tried to put these guys in any story.

  • Ace: Mean and disrespectful leader of the gang who leads the other four around to cause various forms of mischief.  He is mostly responsible for the misdeeds the gang does and often sweettalks others into letting them get away.  He's said to be in a relationship with someone from outer space.
  • Snake: The sniveling yes-man to Ace, and supposedly the second in command.  He acts a lot like a snake, moving around sort of like one, having snake-like noises for every time he says a word ending in "s".  He's kind of an alcoholic and sometimes fails to follow commands correctly.
  • Grubber: The mute and raspberry-blowing member of the gang who looks incredibly grotesque, and while he doesn't look much, he is a man of many talents, from violin playing to impersonating others so perfectly that you just have to wonder how it's done.
  • Big Billy: An obese cyclops who is the muscle of the gang, and is...unfortunately, very kid-like and doesn't serve much use to the gang if they can't get him to use his muscle properly.  He tries to be nice and kind but often ends up just following Ace's orders.
  • Lil' Artuno: The youngest of the gang and the one who takes the most pleasure from the gang's activities, and is very hyperactive and speedy.  While he may be small, he can be quite the menace and can be hard to spot.  He is a young consumer of alcohol.

AU WarioWario / Wario Land

WarioWare and Wario Land mean a lot to me.  Oh okay, usually just Wario Land.  Okay?  WarioWare just genuinely gets on my nerves now, but not then.

  • Wario: Wario is incrediblly strong and is bash and rude, and just real greedy.  He and Waluigi don't always get along but are often described as the best two in combination, and do a lot of real work together.  While Wario can be seen as mostly interested in what he and his brother do, he can sometimes take other things into account, like wanting to destroy Ethan.
  • Waluigi: The taller brother of Wario and an incredibly odd creature, not just in personality but also shape and form.  He doesn't get along well with Wario, but works with him often to accomplish their goals, and they often succeed, but have a good share of failures too.  He's rather rude and always wants to be number one, but finds great strain in trying to become number one.
  • 9-Volt: An incredibly annoying nine year old who loves video games, and always pesters other people about the retro days and how the old stuff is the best.  He doesn't really like Wario or Waluigi and tries to build an empire of employees to fight his own, considering himeslf the better and more important "minigame master" even though Wario quit his microgame job long ago.

Spider Dad

Spider Dad.  Just Spider Dad.  Roll with me kids, it's freaking Spider Dad.

  • Spider Dad: The father of the rather odd and random Spider Kid, Spider Dad is very, very important to the Tales Zone, being a giant black cartoony spider and has a role in attempting to overthrow Ethan's throne.  But most of the time, he screws around and likes to pick on his son.  Every time joke violence happens, you can hear Athena and her sibling argue in the foreground about how they're supposed to be friends.
  • Spider Kid: The son of the rather odd and random Spider Dad, Spider Kid is not as important but tries to attack his father on occasion and pick on him.  He's a small brown cartoony spider.  Every time joke violence happens between these two, you can hear Athena and her sibling argue in the foreground about how Spider Kid and Spider Dad are supposed to be friends.
  • Spider God: The godfather of Spider Kid and an ancient spider that's been around for generations.  He's not immortal or anything and is about as easily smashed up as any other spider (which allows Spider Kid to kill him anyway).  Whenever he descends, God-like music plays, and he often comes when Spider Dad is harmed in some way, although those chances are rare.

These all can revive in two hours.



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