Azurvaldi Title

Tale of Azurvaldi is a Role-Playing game that centers on the island of Azurvaldi which floats in the sky and the main character, an Azurvaldian named Rosu. It features many playable characters and 14 main worlds, along with 16 smaller worlds to explore.


The game employs a turn-based battle system for battles and a large map for travel between areas. Enemies appear on battle and once come into contact with, a battle begins.


The story begins in the floating island of Azurvaldi, a land separated from Earth 1000 years into the past by the Goddess, Blenevid to save the innocent people caught between the Great War of the Gods, between Blenevid and the Chaotic Demon, Dackoli. Over time, the land maintained its culture while the people of Earth continued to develop. As the land was originally Earth's, the people on the island are spiritually connected to Earth, and thus are born incomplete; half-blind with a grayed iris on their left eye, and have missing wings. The folk must venture to Earth upon their 19th year of aging to find their "other half" and become complete, where they will take their partner back to Azurvaldi to maintain a happy life in the sky, free of war or suffering.

The game starts on Rosu, who, along with many other Azurvaldians, are preparing to descend to Earth to embark on their journey to find their other half in the annual farewell rides which go down to Earth in an airship. Rosu's mother appears on the morning of the day, and wakes Rosu up to prepare. At the farewell ride, Rosu bids her family and her friends goodbye as they descend to Earth in a grand airship. The ship's captain gives everyone a small talisman, and says that if they hold it close to a statue of Blenevid, which are scattered all throughout Earth, they will reappear once again in Azurvaldi should they decide to return to gather supplies or visit family & friends, as well as being able to return to Earth instantly once they are finished to continue on their journey. Little does Rosu know, her generation will be the one to witness the very fall of their homeland as well as the return of Dackoli on Earth.


World Description


The main island and Rosu's home. It is the largest of all the worlds and is split into fours sections, being North, South, East & West. It is a prosperous land with no enemies spawning in it where Rosu can talk to the locals, buy items & upgrades, take in quest and many more. When it was back on land, it connected the continents of Jaunig & Linstella.
Reflecting Sea The Reflecting Sea is the destination for Rosu once she goes to Earth. It is a vast, clear ocean between continents of Linstella and Jaunig which was created once Azurvaldi rose to the sky. It is named so because on calm days, the sea perfectly reflects the sky. Here, Rosu travels in her own boat with two other Azurvaldians to travel to new places. It is the first "Mini" world as there are only several small islands to land on while the rest is vast sea.


Party Members


Other Characters








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