TakeOver is a RPG developed by Pyro Enterprizes for the "After The Final Boss" Lapis Challenge. Not much is currently known about it.


TakeOver's gameplay is based off of several different RPG series, primarily Mario & Luigi and Final Fantasy with light Pokemon elements. Players fight opponents by contacting them on a top-down overworld, initiating battle.

In battle, players have access to up to four characters at a time, each of which plays a different role in combat, be it spellcasting or physical attacks. However, as characters are villainous, they are not bound to abide by the rules of the game, able to perform feats only bosses would typically be able to perform.

All characters and enemies in combat will constantly auto-attack on their own. However, once the SP bar below character HP and MP fills, the player may select a more powerful skill or maneuver for the character to perform. These "special techniques" require a special button-based activation in order to perform correctly, much like the special attacks of the Mario & Luigi series. Performing a technique will reset the SP bar. The bar will continue to fill even at maximum, enabling characters to use special techniques in reserve.

Players also have the ability to capture enemies with less than 5% HP. When an enemy is captured, they will be forced out of battle and may appear as an ally when summoned in a later battle. Most bosses and normal enemies may be captured in this manner- however, they still remain at 5% HP when summoned, and are lost forever if defeated, unlike normal characters.


Little is known about the story so far, but a basic summary has been provided by game director Pyrostar.

The game follows a man named Nathaniel in your normal, average fantasy world (with a few twists). However, Nathaniel is a special case; and by that, I mean he is most definitely not the chosen one. He is- or more accurately, was- a henchman of the dark lord, Sinistar. When Sinistar falls at the hands of the Heroes of Light, 4 chosen warriors prophesied to cleanse the land of his reign, inadvertently bringing about more strife and disorder than the demon lord ever did, Nathaniel winds up inadvertently becoming his successor.

Nathaniel's goal becomes to dominate the land for himself, bringing order to a newly chaotic nation through deception, sheer power, and dark magicks. Along the way, he'll team up with a variety of other villains eager for a slice of the pie, each based off of a famous villain archetype.


Name Description In Battle Unlocked In?
Dark Understudy
Previously just a generic henchman to the dark lord Sinistar, Nathaniel wound up obtaining his powers after his defeat by the Heroes of Light. Nathaniel now attempts to reinstate dominion over the land, both to bring it under his rule and end the chaos and anarchy that plagues the land after Sinistar's defeat. As the game's "protagonist", Nathaniel is rather average in terms of stats. He does not possess any real strengths or weaknesses, but his stats are unimportant in this case. His true strength lies in his classic final boss-style attacks, which are all incredibly varied, but can all turn the tide of battle. Prologue
Lightning Knight
A dark knight who once served Sinistar, now reduced to slaving under a barbarian warlord bent on plunder and destruction. Once Nathaniel discovers him, Caryn quickly joins up with his master's successor- but is unsure if he can become the dominant force that Sinistar was. Caryn's weapon skill and lightning powers give him an edge in combat in terms of attack stats, and his defensive stats are not too shappy either. The only issues are his speed and stamina; he won't autoattack often, and he he has a really hard time using special techniques. Luckily, the massive force behind them really helps in making those few precious moments count. Chapter 1
Crown Princess
The princess of Farukand, one of the largest nations in the world. Originally, she was kidnapped by Nathaniel and Caryn for use in a hostage plot, but the duo quickly discovered she had been planning to overthrow her incompetent father in order to restore order to the kingdom. Soren possesses amazing skill in magic, both black and white. As such, she is incredibly varied in terms of what she is capable of doing in combat, from healing to status effect application. However, her auto-attacks are incredibly weak, and she relies on her special techniques to be useful. Chapter 1
Skilled Assassin
Uncouth Noble

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