Tainted Shadows

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The Tainted Shadows are a group of villains led by the supergenius King Famardy. While the members hate each other, they band together due to them knowing that they will be unable to achieve their goals when working alone. Each has a counterpart in the Virtue Senary, who act as their main nemesis.



King Famardy

There are six members of the Tainted Shadows. As they attempt to think logically to obtain their goals, they may hire mercenaries to aid them in battle, meaning these six members are not always the only ones involved in their schemes.



King Famardy of the Monsters is a supergenius, and acts as the bossy leader of the Tainted Shadows. His counterpart is L, and acts quite similar, using his superior intellect in order to come up with complex situations, and rarely fights anyone himself. His tongue, which has a face itself (and is speculated to actually be Famardy, with the slug-like creature being a puppet of sorts), has the ability to spit fire, though with little range. King Famardy hates everyone, including those he works with, and often belittles others.


Oiram Repus

While originally cleansed of the dark magic that possessed her, Cia is a major member of the Tainted Shadows, and is listened to more faithfully than even Famardy. While she is a good person at heart, the remnants of the Multiverse corrupt her mind, making her mentally unstable and possessed by a new evil. She acts as the second in command for Famardy, though often disobeys him. She also plans to overthrow the King of the Monsters once their goals are achieved, and her magical abilities may allow her to achieve her goals. Her counterpart in the Virtue Senary is Bunnie Rabbot.

Cinder Fall

Cinder Fall

The most powerful Sky Pirate, Oiram Repus was sent to jail (twice) by the Balloon Fighter prior to the forming of the Multiverse. He has the ability to manipulate his favoured element of water. He is very sarcastic, and has a cracked voice, though is quite naive in that he follows most people blindly, but when alone, he is dangerous and manipulative. His counterpart is Takamaru, in that they are both willing to stand for what they believe, though can be swayed due to their naivety.

A Huntress who specializes in fire-based magic, Cinder Fall is a collected and calm manipulator who reveals little to those she deems as "worthless". Her counterpart is Dark Pit, in that they are independent and care little for their comrades; only doing what they do for selfish reasons. As such, Cinder wishes to control the world in her own image with her as the dictator. She does not trust any of the Tainted Shadows members, and only does so to further her own goals.


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