If only I can tell you how many times I had to lie to get out of something I didn't want to do. Sounds lame and dumb but I'm just being honest. Ironic how life goes, ain't it?
Current Age 17
Date of Birth November 4th
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Zaxinian Lifts
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Height 6'01"
Weight 198 lbs
Sexuality Bisexual
First Appearance Unknown

Tahoru is an accidental misplace of the creator of the Zaxinianverse into the universe itself, replacing the villain known as Lord Garchomp, who was shifted to being the new writer of the stories. It's very fortunate that dragons can't write. Tahoru pretty much acts like his original self, having no special abilities or anything, but his strongest weapon is a voice of reason and command. Tahoru's real name is Snick, but he goes under the name "Tahoru" - an anagram of author - to hide his embarrassing name and give him a sense of mystery.


He'll appear in the last game of the timeline as a major character.

Physical Appearance

Tahoru is a rather tall human being with black eyes (and red pupils), long brown hair extending into a ponytail, and a frown of nearly no emotion. He wears a black hoodie with many tears and rips in it, revealing a red shirt underneath. He wears dark grey shorts and wears black flip flops. Always in his right hand is a long, sharp scythe.


Tahoru's history is pretty unclear, but at the age of fourteen, he began writing his own universe on paper, and eventually began typing it out on a computer. This universe became so developed that it started having its own events when Tahoru turned his back. Eventually he caught up to this and started adding things to the story to give negative effects to his characters, openly dissing them aloud so they could hear it.

However an accident on real-life Earth happened and forced Tahoru into the computer, swapping out Lord Garchomp. He quickly wore simplistic clothes and a black hoodie and referred to himself as Tahoru to prevent his own characters from guessing his real identity. Right now he's helping out Crimson and Frozerade try and break out of their universe to get to the Zaxinian Lifts.


Tahoru doesn't really have any abilities other than apparently "really good storytelling" and a huge voice of reason and command. This is enough to pull Tahoru through situations. He also has a great memory, remembering a lot of the things he created in the Zaxinianverse.


Tahoru is often silent and kept mysterious, never really saying much about himself in fear of slipping his true identity as the creator of the Zaxinianverse. Tahoru always tries to make things right - no matter what must be done - and will always try and do the necessary things. He's got a small ego yet high depression, and great anxiety. He gets intense and serious about every little thing, making it look like everything is life or death.

Tahoru loves and seeks power within his own universe, wanting to return to boring old Earth. However, he is held back by a lot of his own thoughts, having a sense of 'me against the world'. He's happy to display his dark side and his emotions and it's actually easy to get to know him, although he will still not reveal anything about his "Snick identity".

To others, Tahoru is really loyal, yet insecure, and only trusts people who are fully honest and happy-going, not really wanting to talk to depressed people much or talk to liars, as they remind him of himself, and it makes him cringe heavily. He's very private and doesn't really like to talk to anyone, but if one opens up to him, he'll try to open up to them as well. One can tell Tahoru really likes someone when he looks at them when they're not looking.




  • Tahoru is a self insert character. It's also an experiment to see if a good one can be made.
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