TRANS/FORM is a 2015 2D Fighter and Umbrella game developed by Inora. The game takes place in a universe known as the Spareverse where characters are born with the power of transforming. The plot has a war between umbrella characters, but more is going on than it seems.


TRANS/FORM is a combination of various fighting games. The game is a platform fighter featuring lifebars, where the goal is simple: defeat your opponent by depleting their health. It has simple controls and a party-esque style with items(Super Smash Bros.), health bars(Street Fighter), and players can interact with the enviorment(Mortal Kombat X). Each match is also fully customizable, with players being able to adjust lifebars, rounds, time, items(if you're a sissy), and stage hazards. The game also features Massive Attack, a super move that can be used when players build up a super meter through combos. In addition, if players fall off the stage, the other player gains an automatic Massive Attack.

The main feature of the game is transforming, which every character can do. This adjusts their moveset and properties.


  • Brawl: The main mode, it's pretty self explanatory. You can play online, local, or with a CPU.
  • Story Mode: War of the Transformers: The story mode of the game. It's in a 2D beat em' up/Metroidvania style.
  • Tournament: Select three characters, fight through various opponents, and make it to the end to defeat the boss: Bonetail.
  • Tennismash: Two players/teams play a game of tennis, but instead of rackets, you attack the tennis ball.
  • Conquer: Play as a character of your choice and move them across a grid to battle enemies and beat them up to reach the end and conquer lands to gain prizes.
  • Destroy the Targets: Go through an obstacle course and destroy targets. Destroy them all in time to win. Each character has their own course.
  • Board the Platforms: Go through an obstacle course and board every platform. Board them all to win, and as in Destroy the Targets, each character has their own. To unlock this, players have to complete ever Destroy the Targets course.
  • Rising Tension: Players sit on top of a platform that will rise every time enemies drop onto it and slowly go up. If they stay for too long, the platform will crash. The goal is to last as long as possible by defeating enemies.
  • Smash Smash Revolution: Players are placed inside a Dance Dance Revolution game and must smash the arrows with rhythym to complete a song.
  • Boss Rush: Beat Story Mode to unlock Boss Rush, where you have to brawl against every boss without dying, with a new boss at the end:
  • Hot Bombtato: This multiplayer mode has players attacking bombs to knock them to the other players. Whoever has the bomb when it goes off loses. Play 50 Tennismash matches to unlock this.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Players have to last as long as possible while defeating waves of Zombies. Play 50 Brawl matches to unlock this.
  • Dungeon Rush: Four players must team up to battle enemies and complete a dungeon, with puzzles, treasure, and a boss encounter at the end.
  • Shadow of the Unlockables: Completing Story Mode unlocks this follow up, where players create a time of mercenaries to hunt down the 10 characters who don't appear in the Story Mode. It plays similarly to Story Mode, but only has 10 stages, one for each character, which players can play in any order. Beating every stage unlocks a boss battle with Dr. Wily.
  • The Vault: Buy more things, alter settings, listen to music, and view snapshots.

Story Mode: War of the Transformers



There are 40 characters. Their movesets can be found here.


Character Description Massive Attack

440px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


Mario is an italia-I'll stop the exposition dump here. You all know Mario, and he's in full force here. He's the balanced character of the game, with a moveset utilizing classic power ups such as the Fire Flower, Cape, Propeller Mushroom, and Drill.

Mario on a well deserved vacation. That doesn't mean he's slacking though. He's balanced still, but his moveset is completely different, using FLUDD's various nozzles.

Invincibility Star

Mario hits an Item Box, releasing an Invincibility Star. This doubles his attack power, speed, and jump, and makes him invincible.

Water Rocket

Mario jumps onto a roller coaster, which he shoot giant water rockets from with massive attack power and knockback. This is controlled like the Gunship Final Smash.



A mean green lean fighting machine. He's also a bit of a coward as well. Luigi has a high jump, but is a bit slippery control wise. Luigi's moveset has him using the Poltergust, Lightning, and a super powerful jump.

Mr. L is the Green Thunder, a mysterious minion of Count Bleck. Mr. L has a high jump, but is a bit slippery control wise. His moveset has him using high jumps, Shroom Shakes, and various machines.

Negative Zone

Staying in his brother's shadow has given Luigi an unexpected power: control over the shadows. Luigi will summon a large circle, and if players are trapped inside they will suffer from random status effects, such as poison, reversed control, half the attack power, and more.

Brobot L-Type

Mr. L summons Brobot L-Type and jumps inside. This Massive Attack works similar to the Landmaster Final Smash. He can inhale the player, blast missiles, punch, and ground pound, as well as fly.


Classic sonic from sonic generations by angelicagarcia-d54gai7

The Sonic of the present. This version may be a bit controversial, but he still brings speed to the table, at the cost of slippery controls. He can use the Wisps, Homing Attacks, and Boosting.

The much beloved silent speedster. He's a little slower but has better controls. Classic Sonic can use Shields and Spin-Dashing to take out his opponents.

Sonic Heroes

Sonic can summon his good friends Tails and Knuckles to help him out. Tails will stun enemies with his Thunder Shot and Knuckles will throw fireballs at opponents while Sonic can use the Light Speed Attack to hit chains of enemies and get around fast.

Super Sonic

Classic Sonic brings in the seven Chaos Emeralds and becomes Super Sonic! He can fly, goes twice as fast, is invincible, and does double damage.

493px-SSB4 - Link Artwork

YLink mask MM3D

The Hero of Time. Link is a powerful fighter, but he's not very fast and has little air game. Link utilizes various tools from his games, including a bow, bombs, and boomerangs in addition to various sword techniques.

A young boy roped into a legendary adventures. Young Link isn't as powerful, but his speed and air game has increased. Young Link can use various Masks to give him new powers.

Master Slash

Link pulls out the Master Sword and delivers a powerful slash that doesn't have much range but has immense attack power.

Fierce Deity's Mask

Young Link puts on the Fierce Deity's Mask and becomes a powerful warrior. He has doubled aerial game, double the speed, and double the attack.


Megaman x

Before X, Legends, and Battle Network, there was one Mega Man. This classic video game icon has tons of ranged game but isn't great at fighting up-close. Mega Man uses various Special Weapons in addition to his Mega Buster.

Dr. Light's greatest creation, X is a Maverick Hunter who fights for world peace. Mega Man X plays similarly to his precursor, but has a larger hitbox. To make up for this, Mega Man X's attacks do more damage. He utilizes various Special Weapons and the Z-Saber.

Mega Army

Mega Man Volnutt and MegaMan.EXE appear alongside Mega Man and they all fire their Mega Busters into one stream, creating a gigantic blast.

Giga Crash

Mega Man X jumps into the air and summons the Giga Crash, which causes a screen-wide explosion.

200px-Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


The famous Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. For someone who gets kidnapped so often, she's actually pretty strong, at the cost of being fragile. The Princess can heal herself, put enemies to sleep, use vegetables, servants, and even her trusty frying pan.

When Mario is kidnapped, it's up to Princess Peach to save the day, alongside her parasol Perry. Peach plays the same, but her moveset is completely different, involving emotions and Perry.

Peach Beam

Using the power of wishes, Princess Peach summons the Star Spirits who blast the enemy with a bright pink beam. This will cause them to be half the speed, half the attack power, and half the jump temporarily, as well as resetting their gauge.

Vibe Scepter

Peach uses the Vibe Scepter to blast out the power of Emotions, blasting out one of four random emotions. If it's Rage, the enemy will be set on fire, if it's Gloom, enemies will be half as fast and won't be able to attack, if it's Calm, they'll fall asleep, and if it's Joy, it'll cause them to run around uncontrollably.

Rosalina, Mario Kart 7

Rosalina ws

The mysterious princess of the Cosmos. Rosalina can use various Super Mario Galaxy power-ups, spin, and summon her useful motorcycle. Rosalina is a heavy character with not that much speed but a lot of power.

Mother of the Lumas and one of her bright children. Rosalina & Luma are a duo, and can summon various Lumas who have various abilities, as well as fire Star Bits. Rosalina is slow and powerful, Luma is weak and fast.

Cosmet Observatory

Rosalina summons her spaceship, which powered by Power Stars, flies in and rips through the stage horizontally, destroying everything in it's path.

Hungry Luma

Rosalina & Luma call 10 Hungry Lumas spread across the screen and the game gives players control of a cursor. Firing Star Bits at them will cause them to explode. The move ends after every Hungry Luma explodes.

Samus ssbu keyshot render by arrow 4 u-d8mchyc

Zero Suit Samus

A mysterious bounty hunter who finds herself in the employment of the Galactic Federation a lot. Samus is a slow and heavy character with a lot of power. She can utilize her Varia Suit and it's various weapons and upgrades.

Wait, Samus is a GIRL?! Zero Suit Samus loses some of the suit's power in exchange for better agility. Zero Suit Samus can use athletics and her Paralyzer and it's various powers, alongside the Jet Boots.

Zero Laser

Samus jumps into the air and lets out a giant charged beam in a circular arc, destroying everything in the circle.


The Gunship flies on screen as Samus jumps in. From here, players can take control of the Gunship. Samus can blast enemies with a laser cannon, fire the two turrets, and do a crash landing.

Iron Man


Innovative playboy billionaire Tony Stark fights supervillains within his Iron Man suit. Iron Man has a lot of air game and range, but isn't great at close range. Iron Man uses his repulsors and armor to fight enemies.

After being kidnapped by the Ten Rings, Tony Stark builds his first Iron Man suit to escape. Iron Man has a lot less air game and is much slower, but is much more powerful and is better close up. The Mark I suit uses physical attacks and a flamethrower.

Iron Legion

Iron Man summons his Iron Legion to attack all on-screen enemies. The move is finished by War Machine and Rescue flying by and blasting multiple laser blasts at the enemies.

Ultimate Monobeam

The Mark I suit charges all of his energy into a single beam that blasts to the right, encompassing one half of the screen.











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