THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 is a film idea based off a bunch of dumb idiotic shit ideas from Sony leaks and rumors. It is the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The idea was to make the dumbest fucking outline for a film ever conceived. Ideas that are not original to this treatment of the film are cited.


The movie begins with a 15 minute sequence of a black symbiotic meteor flying through space, in which it lands in the middle of New York City. As it lands, we briefly see it turn into the face of Venom before it disperses and looks for a host.

We then cut to Spider-Man who is taking on the Sinister Six (Kraven, Mysterio, Vulture, Dr. Octopus, Black Cat, and Sandman) on a construction site, who is constantly tweeting about the fight he currently is in because it's "NBD" to him as he cranks up his dubstep music to 10 [1].

Suddenly a portal opens from the future, sending out another Spider-Man from 2099 [2], baffling both parties. As Spider-Man and 2099!Spider-Man learn what happened in the past, Spider-Man steps in black goo which "stains" his outfit. He gets Aunt May to wash it, which turns the entire thing black. Spider-Man starts work on a new costume much to his frustration but he finds out that Mysterio is robbing a bank or something so he puts on the suit.

During the battle with Mysterio, he finds that the black suit is way better at fighting, to the point where he seriously injuries Mysterio and vows to never use it again. The symbiote comes off the suit as Peter Parker isn't looking, leaving the suit white and decides to make it's new victim Eddy Brock, becoming Venom. Venom begins a rampage but is stopped by the other Spider-Man from 2099.

the rest will be written later i guess. let's just get something out there.

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