Synchronized Souls is a semi-reboot of the Super Mario Silver Spurs Saga. It follows the lead of Tangerine Avengers, answering the question about what would happen if SMSS had been created in 2015.

Differences from SMSS

  • Unlike Super Mario Silver Spurs, which is mainly in motion picture format, Synchronized Souls is a video game. It is a platformer with some other game types that can be unlocked.
  • Major characters from SMSS, like Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Gumball Watterson, do not appear in Synchronized Souls.



The story takes place in a new universe, the Synchroniverse.

Mandark, irritated after losing to Dexter again, researches dream psychology and comes to a conclusion that dreams connect you to your alternate universe selves. He steals the blueprint to Dexter's Dream Machine and designs his own variation of it. This new device is built specifically to allow Mandark to take control of his other selves.

Dexter, quick to realize this as usual, upgrades his own Dream Machine, and must teleport between dimensions to gather up heroes to help him stop Mandark.



Image & Name Series Description Moveset



Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter takes the lead in this game's roster, because too many people use Mario or Sonic as the first character.

Anyway, he is a young boy with a laboratory where he works on experiments to improve life. But his sister Dee Dee always gets in the way... hmm...

Neutral: Blaster

Side: Get Them, Dog!

Up: Dodge, Ball!

Down: Metallic Slam!

Synchronization: Robo Dexo 6000!

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