Syivyania is a minor game project by .snickedge (Talk) focusing on Syi, made in the style and gameplay of a Metroid game, with enough differences to hold it on its own.  It is expected to be released on the Nintendo Wii U and later the V².  Because "U" and "2" rhyme.

Some of the differences from Metroid include the fact that there is supported multiplayer gameplay, a battle mode, and various other multiplayer options, although in the single player campaign, there is more of an emphasis on survival than ever before and the player plays rather stealthily, in a manner similar to Zero Suit Samus in Metroid: Zero Mission.


Single Player

It's really just Metroid.

...Let's get further into that. Syivyania is heavily inspired and plays much like Metroid; you roam her homeworld, Hynau, and the underworld below it. You go around and - rather than shooting aliens like you would do with Samus Aran - use vines to hold on to ledges, strangle enemies and toss them around, or even collect upgrades to use new abilities with the vines. Like with the original series, you collect weapons, although rather than missiles, you get legit guns, flamethrowers, etc.

Your mission is to explore this vast region and locate the Scarecrow Kid, who has stolen away Syi's babe Hene, and shoot him down. As you reach new corners of the world, the villain will hide into new ones, forcing you to track the furthest depths of this world. You'll also be facing multiple enemies from normal humans to demons touching the bottom of this place.

Multi Player

In multiplayer, players can choose between playing as Syi, May, Hene, or the Scarecrow Kid in a non-canon storyline, where your objective is to defeat the other players in combat or locate a dark copy of the Scarecrow Kid before the others do, depending on if Battle or Track mode is chosen.  Players have all of their abilities handy, unless they are playing "Search", which requires them to find items before being able to find the Dark Kid.


Name Description Equivalent

A scarecrow that actually used to be a human until a villager killed her on the spot in a rage that happened to be part of their massacre.  However in this weird spin off of Syi-Fi, Scarecrow Kid survived that blizzard and stole Hene just as Syi and Hene were going to have an actually proper date, and now she must find Hene before the kid kills her.

May May is one of Syi's best friends, and like her, she used to be a human until Syi cursed her to be one.  Knowing of Hene's kidnapping, she wanted to help Syi find her, but was held back because she has her own record of being kidnapped.  So instead, she operates the game's save posts, recharge rooms, etc. NPC
Hene Hene is Syi's girlfriend and personal love interest, but was stolen right out of the blue by the Scarecrow Kid!  It means everything for Syi to have Hene back, for if she loses her, she has no one but Hene...two friends is better than one, right?  It also allows for fun nights.  ...Wait, ain't this a kids' game? (it's not) NPC
Scarecrow Kid The Scarecrow Kid was an abomination created by the Acebreaker to track down Syi and gather information on them, but was slayed by Syi herself until he came back to life thanks to the full moon's arrival.  Now having kidnapped Hene, Syi notices that he's gone way too far and must now track him down and kill him once in for all, in a place with no sun. Villain


Ground Zero (Hynau)
Pretty much the beginning of the game, where Syi sets off to find Hene. Ground Zero features a dry atmosphere with fast-falling rain, as a callback to Crateria from Super Metroid and Zero Mission. Not many enemies are up here, as many enemies are weak to the rain and will perish under its presence.
Hynau Underground
Traveling a bit underground reveals the Underground, where all of Hynau's normal inhabitants - like corrupted humans and the like - reside. A lot of structures holding up the buildings above can be seen here, too.  The Guardian here is a bipedal spirit known as the Phanife.
The Ironworks are the industrial section of Hynau, and just like most of the major parts of the city, it's underground. They've malfunctioned from overuse and have many broken parts that will damage anyone that walks atop them. Hidden deep within the Ironworks is the Scarecrow Kid's hideout chamber.
Forestinn is the leafy and foresty area of Hynau, hidden right under the middle of Hynau. It is considered the hub area, connecting to almost every other map. It's very foresty and maze like, although the perimeter of it is easy to navigate. May often appears here to talk to Syi when her place is visited.
Magmist is the superheated area of Hynau...think of Norfair, only somewhat industrial. It's hidden deep underground and is where many demons reside alongside monsters that live in the superheated pools of lava or really hot water. Many paths here are kinda linear, but you kind of have to find your way out of certain puzzles.  The Guardian here is a flying dragon known as the Flarygine.
Aquiss is the submerged area of Hynau and is a reservoir where all the town's water resides. It's not explored much but when you do explore it, it is huge and VERY maze like, and will confuse many new players. There is a temple full of statues hidden in the center of Aquiss.  The Guardian here is a great white lookalike known as the Shartank.
Tundrave is a really cold cave hidden to the upper right of Hynau's underground, and is very linear although requires much skill to get through. Things here are so cold that spending too much time here can start slowing your movement. Closer to the end of the cave is an industrial section that loops back to the Ironworks.  The Guardian here is a spider-bat mutant known as the Arackat.
Noctine is a mostly unlit cave hidden under Forestinn. At first, you can't access most of it until you defeat the Guardians of Hynau, then you can enter this long area. Is it Tourian? No, it is not - rather, it's a long maze like area that makes any wrong turn lead you directly into another area of the Hynau underground.  The Guardian here is a machine going by the name of the Chopper.
If you passed Noctine, you'll drop down into Magmist where you're now in a hidden area leading to this new area, Helisin. It's a short area that's meant for nothing more than story purposes, and features demons, evil Gods, and many more, but the place falls apart as Scarecrow Kid attacks and fires a bomb in this place, leading you to need to escape.
The final area. Once you escape Helisin, you'll arrive back in Noctine, where the gates to Metropoline have been forced open as means of escape. This final area is very much like Tourian, with Metroid rip offs even attacking you and attempting to suck out your health. At the very end, you fight "Father Brain", which is just revealed to be Scarecrow Kid operating a huge mech. Once you destroy it, your objective will be to escape Metropoline while it explodes, while confronting Scarecrow Kid once more along the way.



Name Description Equivalent
Thick Provides Syi with the ability to overcome extreme temperature conditions.  Reduces damage by 25%. Varia
Anchor Allows Syi to go underwater.  Prevents lava from damaging her.  Reduces damage by 50%. Gravity
Thin Has the same effects as thick armor, but allows Syi to jump twice as high as before.  Increases damage from enemy attacks by 50%. None


Name Description Equivalent
Paralyzer Pistol This weapon does not deal much damage, but can paralyze enemies and prevent their movement momentarily. Paralyzer
Charger Using the Charger, Syi can now charge up her bullets to fire larger, more destructive ones as she desires. Charge Beam
Flamethrower Upon using the flamethrower, Syi pulls actual fire out from her gun.  Cannot work in water. None
Triple Fire Upon firing this weapon, three bullets shoot out from the gun simulatenously.  Makes shooting enemies way easier. Wide Beam
Freezer Smash Upon firing this weapon, blue bullets come out of the gun.  They freeze enemies on contact. Ice Beam
Drop Launcher The Heavy Launcher makes Syi's bullets heavier when fully charged.  Allows Syi to break through certain ground areas. None
Penetrator Fires quick bullets that can pass through walls.  Allows Syi to open one way gates from the other side. Wave Beam
Hydro Blast Allows Syi to fire powerful bullets made of hydro energy.  They pass through enemies and are able to hit others. Plasma Beam


Name Description Equivalent
Roller Vine Syi rolls along the ground in a vine, able to smash into tighter spaces. Morph Ball
Grabber Vine Allows Syi to grab light enemies and smash them back and forth or even up and down. None
Explosive Vine Damages enemies slightly, provides alternative to bullet shots.  Hits bulletproof enemies. Missile
Locker Vine Enables Syi to grab ledges from a long distance.  Can also open weak hatches. Grapple Hook
Super Vine Damages enemies heavily, provides alternative to bullet shots.  Hits bulletproof enemies for heavy damage. Super Missile
Smasher Vine Enables Syi to pick up heavy enemies and smash them back and forth or up and down.  Can annihilate light enemies. None


Name Description Equivalent
Wall Boots Enables Syi to jump from wall to wall in a rhythmical manner.  Able to reach large heights. None
Spring Boots Enables high jump for Syi.  Allows her to reach otherwise impossible boundaries. High Jump
Hover Boots Enables Syi to hover with her shoes, allowing her to "glide" over long distances. None
Accel Boots Enables Syi to run really quickly, being able to break certain blocks.  Activates the shinespark function as well. Speed Booster


Name Description Equivalent
Rubber Butt Upon equipping this rare equipment, when Syi is falling down, she can bounce back up after hitting the ground.  Prevents landing lag. None
Mirror Bottom Upon equipping this rare equipment, enemies cannot attack Syi from behind at ground level, and shots will be reflected back. None
Back Extension An extension of the Mirror Bottom equipment.  Now covers entire back. None


Name Description Equivalent
Bounce Bracelet This item allows Syi to jump whilst shaped into a ball, allowing her to jump in narrow spots where she normally couldn't pass through. Spring Ball
Explosive Arc By equipping this item, Syi can fire bullets in eight different directions whilst jumping.  Allows her to attack from all around. None
Scissor Spin Syi's jumps become very destructive and she cuts through enemies.  One of Syi's strongest moves. Screw Attack


  • Syivyania has Samus Aran and R.O.B playable as DLC.
  • Syivyania is the only project of snicks' related to Syi rated E 10+.
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