Syi-Fi is the collective name of the stories and games featuring Syi, even when not applying to fictions. The series' director and primary writer is snicks, and is the only series of snicks' heavily featured in the Fantendoverse.

Main Characters

  • Syi: The main character of the fictions.  Perhaps the saddest woman to roam the surface of the Fantendoverse.  Dangerous to mess with emotionally, but it happens all the time.
  • Hene: The wife of Syi and her best friend since Frozen Up.  Originally a woman imposing the goddess of life who terrorized Syi's temporarily, the two became big travel buddies.
  • May: A good friend of Syi who has a habit of going missing as a result of someone attempting to use her as bait for Syi.  Friendwise the two are on almost perfect terms.



  • Lurking in the Dark: The story that started it all.  Some pretty deep stuff...emotionally and logically.  Considered Syi's turning point in life.
  • Frozen Up: A small Christmas story that goes all glum when some kid of Syi's properties goes throughout the town - and kidnaps May.

Spin offs

If you have a Syi project you should probably put it here.


  • Syi-Fi is a pretty bad pun on a certain term.  You'll never guess.

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