I do not understand those who wish to destroy feelings or personal attributes of others. It's not right...



Syi by neon

Current Age 18
Date of Birth October 13th
Gender Female
Species Humanoid Scarecrow
Location Previously Hynau
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Height 5'10"
Weight 68 lbs
Sexuality Homosexual
First Appearance Lurking in the Dark

Syinara "Syi" Wyne is the main protagonist of the Syi-Fi series.  She is a humanoid scarecrow, cursed to grow the crops of the town known as Hynau before escaping that role and living a life as a runaway.


Lurking in the Dark

Syi appears as an intelligent scarecrow who was meant to feed the citizens of her hometown, Hynau, before being abducted by a fake goddess of life.  She escaped her however, and descended back to Hynau, and left the area with both a person and a fake goddess being turned into walking scarecrows.

Frozen Up

Syi returns in Frozen Up as the main protagonist once more, this time traveling with formal enemy Hene and new friend May towards a new place to stay.  Things get kind of chilly when a beast known as the Scarecrow Kid starts following Syi sneakily around...

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Mother Earth: The Noxious Present

In this more kid friendly thing, Syi is one of the four protagonists, seeking to remove the garbage and waste from Earth.  She works alongside Crymsia, Crimson, and Verlo to do so.

Physical Appearance

Syi appears as a somewhat tall woman with arms and legs that are those of sticks, while having a feminine body and head. She has short blue hair that is tightened into a ponytail, and has blue eyes and blue clothing as well, her sticks being a dark red color. Her skin is of a brown color.


Syi was born as a normal human, raised for seventeen years on a farm, using blue sugar to feed plants to make them grow. However, she was brutally murdered on the spot by a maddened villager, loss of thirst having driven him insane. Her spirit poured into the ground and took up the scarecrow's body nearby, eventually taking parts of her dead body and covering her wooden core with them. Her "ugly body" as the bystanders would say would pick on her and her body, throwing rocks and such.

In the events of Lurking in the Dark, she escaped her post and got out of her town, Hynau, but was forced to go back after the wildness proved to difficult to live in.  After an attempt to suicide, she was stopped by a false Goddess of Love; Hene. She took Syi up to the heavens, where she was somewhat comfortable in until nightmares began to occur and she noticed where souls were going from below, and she confronted Hene directly, which led her to revealing her true form and attacking Syi.  After running away and retreating into the sewers, she comes across a friend named May and befriends her, then Hene attacks them.  Eventually the Goddess tires out from chasing them and leads them into a red dimension.  However, she and the transformed May help persuade Hene to take them out, and Syi slays Hene and transforms her into a scarecrow.

In the events of Frozen Up, the three, now traveling as a group, abandon the city of Hynau and locate a new place to stay.  However, things mess up when a lookalike of Syi, known only as the Scarecrow Kid, comes across her and tries to reveal himself as her son, only to fail as Syi does not have children.  The more times she dodged him, the more he became dangerous, and eventually he kidnapped May, leading Syi and Hene to search her, only to find her being killed right in the neck of time they got there.  Eventually Syi and Hene prepared for a snowstorm and found a new home, also occupied by Scarecrow Kid, and the midst of the powerful storm, Syi shoots the kid down, and is buried in the snow alongside Hene.  Syi and Hene eventually got out and stole someone else's home and had Christmas there.

More TBA

Mother Earth version

In Mother Earth, Syi was turned into a scarecrow the same way, barring the fact that the murder scene was replaced with a falling accident.  She joined Crimson after wandering around aimlessly for a little while.


Syi has quite a few abilities, her most basic being to scare away birds and to provide nourishment for the village she used to live in.  But otherwise, she can rip her roots straight from the ground, then walk around, and strangle those who attempt attacking her.  A simple glare from Syi can lie the most resistant person to rest on the ground.


Syi is usually rather cranky and shows much resent towards those in her village, although is shy and somewhat friendly towards new people, as long as they don't get on her nerves quickly enough.  If one of her most important friends is being attacked, she will simply fight against their kidnapper, although won't care if said friend is alive or not in the end.

After May's death, the only person remaining that Syi cares about would be Hene.  When conversing with Syi, her shyness is non existent and her voice is calmer and less cruel in tone.  If someon attacks Hene, she fights back with incredible force.

Syi has massive difficulty holding some of her emotions within her, and sometimes she can take them out on people physically.  These are usually emotions of anger and sorrow, especially regarding her past, although these can also be emotions of sexual desire, which gets stronger as her friendship with Hene grows.

Mother Earth version

In Mother Earth, Syi's normal emotions are more positive, but are still quite negative.  However, she is less aggressive and cares for many people, and has no sexual desires whatsoever.

Phoenix Mode

Syi is one of the blessed people who can enter Phoenix Mode.  Upon reaching extreme sorrow or great depression, Syi goes into a crystal, shaped like a butt, before breaking out of it, showing herself in her phoenix mode.  Syi looks slightly taller and her hair has split into several ponytails, each long enough and able to be controlled by Syi like extra hands.  Syi's shirt is removed and replaced by a rather skimpy armor made purely out her own vines, covering up her parts.  Eight vines spread from her back, the ends of each being sharp blades.  Syi's arms and legs become green and gain many thorns, making her more resemble a being of nature.

Syi's abilities are heavily expanded on.  Syi's vines are much more dangerous and can lash at high speeds, burning on contact thanks to its blinding speeds.  She also is able to float around freely in the air, no longer needing to move slowly on the ground.  Syi can also generate aloe vera within her body and restore her health that way, no longer having to do it on the outside of her body.  Upon Hene's death, Syi gained the ability to charge up sunlight and fire it off as a weapon in this form.



Syi and May didn't exactly get to meet until closer to the end of Lurking in the Dark, whereas she helped Syi escape the wrath of Hene.


Hene acted quite strangely towards Syi throughout Lurking in the Dark, and attempted destroying her in the end, only to become a scarecrow and be forced to befriend Syi and May.  Ever since the two have gotten along very well.

Trophy Information

Image Info

Lurking in the Dark (2015)

A live and functional scarecrow born from Hynau's awful critizens.  With her friends, she always tries to look for a better life, but never manages to find one.  She can attack with her roots or use medic abilities to heal her enemies.  Her entry to the Fantendoverse became possible when a mysterious ally sent her a letter.



  • She is quite infamous throughout the Fantendo community due to the ninth chapter of Lurking in the Dark being somewhat suggestive.
  • Some of Syi's concepts are heavily inspired by Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica.  In fact, she is the third character to have the trait of being inspired by a song of Metallica.  General Scotch is the first, following "One", and Ghasja is the second, following "Wherever I May Roam".
  • Syi's body gets polished once every three days by her girlfriend, Hene, just so she won't give anyone splinters when she makes direct contact with them.  Syi does the same back to Hene every four days.
  • She likes tits just as much as she likes butts.  She just doesn't mention it.
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