"Super Ultra Cliche Fighting Game With A Bunch Of Weird Stuff For The Nintendo 64," or "SUCFGWABOWSFTN64" is a fighting game for the Nintendo 64. The game plays similar to Punch-Out, in which you control a character while your character attacks someone else, while you view your character fighting from the back.


As stated above, the game plays out similar to Punch Out, in which you view your fighter from the back and control them as they fight the other character. The game is for the Nintendo 64, so moves are quite limited, but characters can preform five moves, the last one being an attack only used once in battle.

Gameplay Modes

  • Single-Player: A mode which is, well, a single player mode. Can't play with anyone else.
  • Boss Battle Mode: A mode in which you face bosses in a random order. Can't play with anyone else.
  • Time Battle: A mode where have to fight someone in a certain ammount of time. Can't play with anyone else.
  • You VS You: A mode where you face off against a ghost-like clone of yourself. Can't play with anyone else.
  • Multiplayer: A mode where up to four people can play. Can play with other people.

Starting Characters

Image Name Moveset Franchise
359px-Babymarioandyoshi Yoshi and Baby Mario
  • Egg Toss
  • Baby Slap
  • Tounge Punch
  • Baby Bounce
  • Eggdozer
Alex Kidd EnchantedCastle Alex Kidd
  • Shellcore Punch
  • Big Fist
  • Dodge
  • Jump Kick
  • Peticopter
Alex Kidd
Badmrdrosty Bad Mr. Frosty
  • Snowballs
  • Icicle Throw
  • Slide Dodge
  • Slide Kick
  • Bad Frosty Snowball
Clay FIghter
Urban C Stand Urban Fighter
  • Punch
  • Slide Punch
  • Fist Fury
  • Rainin' Pots
  • Super Uppercut
Urban Champion
MsPacman2 Ms. Pac-Man
  • Chomp
  • Bow Boomerang
  • Rev Roll
  • Lipstick Dazzle
  • 8-Bit Ms. Pac-Man
Ms. Pac-Man
Ronald-mcdonald-large Ronald McDonald
  • Fry Sword
  • Lettuce Shield
  • High Jump
  • Burger Bomb
  • Big Mac Smash
LegoUniverseBob Lego Minifigure
  • LEGO Brick
  • LEGO Sword
  • LEGO Shield
  • LEGO Gun
  • LEGO Dragon
225px-BanjoBanjoTooie1 Banjo
  • Pack Whack
  • Grip Grab
  • Climb
  • Foward Roll
  • Jinjonator

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Moveset Franchise
240px-KazooieTooie1 Kazooie
  • Flying Dodge
  • Egg Shoot
  • Wing Attack
  • Peck
  • Dragon Kazooie
Jaguar Mewtwo4 Mewtwo
  • Mega Punch
  • Mega Kick
  • Take Down
  • Pay Day
  • Seismic Toss
Balloon Fighter
  • Balloon Float
  • Balloon Pop
  • Balloon Whack
  • Balloon Toss
  • Balloon Swarm
Shadow Mr. E
  • Shadow Punch
  • Shadow Kick
  • Shadow Swipe
  • Shadow Roll
  • Shadow Satan

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