Super Smash Rip-Off is a 3D fighting game created by Unversed Entertainment for the first Lapis Weekly Challenge. Despite it's name, it's quite different from SSB despite it's similar style. The game works similarly to SSB but 3D with a focus on platforming and simplicity. The game was released in 2014 for the Nintendo 64(I have no idea why).


The game is a 3D fighter in the style of Super Smash Bros. Players try to attack foes to make them lose rings, which can be recollected.  When all rings are depleted, the player will die. The goal is to make the foe lose their rings. Players can also execute their Final Smash Rip-Off, but it will drain rings from the Ring Meter. Players can punch and kick, and also have the ability to use a defensive, offensive, and aerial melee and projective attack. The game also includes random assists and items(which can be turned off if you're a sissy).

The main mode is Battle and Brawl(Battle is Single Player, Brawl is Multiplayer) which provides an average fighter experience. Choose a battleground, use items and assists, and battle it out to the death. There are also 3 other Single Player modes. These are Tower of Doom, Adventure, and Sandbag. Tower of Doom features various battles in a row until a final battle against Perfect Chaos. Adventure features various characters going throughout various levels and fighting bosses. Sandbag gives the player infinite weapons and power and must mutilate Sandbag to try and get a new High Score in the time limit.


World 1: Mario and Sonic at the Rip-Off Games

This world is based off of the Super Mario and Sonic franchises.

  • Level 1-1 Zone

Mission: Reach the end of the platforming stage.

  • Spring Sewers Zone

Mission: Find the lost chao.

  • Shroomy Forest Zone

Mission: Defeat Mario and Sonic together.

  • Firey Factory Zone

Mission: Find 8 red coins.

  • BOSS: Big Bob-Omb

World 2: Star Gotham

This world is based off of the Batman Beyond and Star Wars franchises.

  • Ace Chemicals Naboo Inc.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage in time.

  • Amusement Star

Mission: Race Qui-Gon to the end of the stage.

  • Tatooinne Cave

Mission: Defeat all of the enemies.

  • Jedi Manor

Mission: Find 100 coins.

BOSS: Emporer Palpatine

World 3: Pride Hulk

This world is based off of the Lion King and Hulk franchises.

  • Pride Hulk

Mission: Survive for 3 minutes.

  • Gamma Graveyard

Mission: Defeat Simba and Hulk.

  • Barren Jungle

Mission: Find the Timon and Pumba assist trophy

  • Militant Stampede

Mission: Make it to the end of the stage will being chased by a stampede of tanks.

BOSS: Scar


There are 12 characters, 8 starter and 4 unlockable.

Starter Characters

Image Name Series Description
Smwmario Mario Super Mario

Of course Mario is here. He's in every umbrella game. That makes this game even more of a rip-off! Oh well. Mario is a balanced character overall that attacks with hammers, his cape, and fireballs. Watch out!

Final Smash Rip-Off


Invincibility Star: Mario becomes temporarily invincible and will do heavy damage to anyone he touches.

SonicClassic Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic

Mario's old rival Sonic zooms in. In classic form and all, Sonic is very fast, but kind of hard to control. Sonic attacks with spin-dashing, jumping, and his friends.

Final Smash Rip-Off


Super Sonic: The fight goes into space and the foe becomes floaty. Sonic is temporarily given invincibility and the power to dash into foes to do damage. However, rings can be collected for both Sonic and the foes, so watch out.

180px-Batman (Terry McGinnis)
Batman(Beyond Universe) Batman Beyond

The Batman of the future. He's sleek and nimble, but not as powerful as some of the other characters. He attacks with various fighting styles and gadgets.

Final Smash Rip-Off


Exosuit: Batman gets in his Exosuit, increasing his strength considerably and making him lose a lot less rings temporarily.

Archie Andrews Archie

An average teenager living in Riverdale. Archie is balanced, and attacks with his cast and crew of friends and other characters from Archie Comics.

Final Smash Rip-Off


Betty and Veronica: Betty and Veronica fight over Archie, rapidly attacking anyone in their way.

Roger Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit is a cartoon rabbit always cracking jokes. Roger is kind of floaty, but he is fast and can sustain a lot of damage. Roger attacks with various cartoon gags.

Final Smash Rip-Off


Shave and a Haircut: The opponents say Shave and a Haircut. Roger Rabbit tries to not respond, but outbursts "TWO CENTS!" and jumps away doing a lot of damage fastly.

Rocko Rocko's Modern Life

An average wallaby living in O-Town who gets caught up in adventures with friends Heffer and Filburt. Rocko attacks with average objects and his friends and his dog Spunky.

Final Smash Rip-Off


Spunky Chase: Rocko chases his wild dog Spunky across the screen, causing trouble across the screen and immobilizing his opponents, but cannot be controlled very well.

Qui-Gon Jinn Star Wars

Qui-Gon Jinn is a Jedi master who trained Obi-Wan Kenobi and discovered Anakin Skywalker. He's slow but powerful and attacks with his lightsaber and force powers.

Final Smash Rip-Off


Force Field: Qui Gon meditates while a field appears in front of the foe and heals a lot of his rings.

200px-300px-Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones

An archealogist and adventurer who has gone on adventures to stop an evil cult, Nazis, and more Nazis! Jones is balanced and attacks with his whip, sidekicks, and various firearms.

Final Smash Rip-Off


Treasure Team: Indiana opens the Lost Ark on foes, damaging anyone who comes near heavily, and uses the Holy Grail to become invincible.

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Series Description
Simonbelmont Simon Belmont Castlevania

A renowned vampire hunter and a famous hero. kind of floaty. He uses various weapons but primarily his whip. He doesn't have much air game, but he has a lot of choices when attacking so he can precisely battle. He can be unlocked by beating Tower of Doom twice.

Final Smash Rip-Off


Holy Cross: Simon takes out a holy cross that does damage to anyone coming near him and increasing his attack power.

Hulk The Incredible Hulk

HULK SMASH! A calm scientist was horribly altered by gamma radiation. Hulk has horrible air game but is very powerful. He attacks with brute strength. Hulk can be unlocked by playing as Comic Book characters 50 times.

Final Smash Rip-Off


Hulk Smash: Hulk jumps up and smashes down, creating a shockwave and doing massive damage.

Simba The Lion King

Simba is the rightful heir to the throne and son of Mufasa. Simba attacks in a unique feline way. He can attack with clawing and biting, and can switch between his stronger yet slower adult form, and his weaker yet faster young form. Play as Cartoon characters 50 times to unlock Simba.

Final Smash Rip-Off


Pride Pounce: Simba pounces on the foe, trapping them and doing massive damage. However, it is very slow and avoidable.

Chief Brody JAWS

Police chief of the Amity police department. He got himself caught up in a quest to kill two Great White Sharks. He's a balanced character who attacks with guns, harpoons, and the help of Quint and Hooper. Get a score over 1,000,000 in Sandbag to unlock Brody.

Final Smash Rip-Off


Smile!: Brody throws an explosive tank at the foe and shoots at it with a rifle, blowing up the foe.


There are 9 stages. 8 are starter, 1 is unlockable.

Starter Stages

Image Name Series Description
Make Eggs, Throw Eggs Super Mario

The first level of Yoshi's Island. Players must avoid Pirahna Plants and Yoshi Eggs flying around. Other then that, the fight is a simple calm experience.

242px-Station Square skyline
Station Square Sonic A large and booming city. It resembles New York City, but is definitely much weirder then that. The fight begins normally, and shifts then to Twinkle Park and a pinball machine in Casinopolis, and ends in a flooded part of the city where players have to battle on the wreckage and avoid Perfect Chaos.
The Batcave Batman Beyond A large cave/museum filled with gadgets. The fight here is very fast paced as various gangs attack. The fight intensifies until it goes up onto the Batwing and an Exosuit is brought out.
250px-Theed Generator Complex
Theed Generator Complex Star Wars The battle begins on a hangar with various ships and Battle Droids, and continues into the generator complex. Players must be careful as the fight finally goes to the pit where one hit kills can be scored.
Green Hill Zone Sonic A calm experience. Robotnik's robots frequently attack and hills, boosts, and springs will speed up the crazy battle. Occasionally, the Eggman himself will attack.
The Orca JAWS Quint's boat. The fight starts simply, but as the famous Shark Theme goes on, the Shark nears. Later on, the shark will rapidly attack the boat until the fight is onto the near sunken mast.
250px-Toon Town Street
Toontown Who Framed Roger Rabbit? A Californian city in the 1940s where all cartoon characters live. Cartoons created before 1999 appear causing trouble or helping.
258px-Roca del Rey
Pride Rock The Lion King Players begin on the rock to witness young Simba's birth. The fight soon goes ary when Scar rules, causing a great darkness and rain. Lastly, when Simba returns, the stage is set on fire, and like the Circle of Life, repeats.

Unlockable Stage

Image Name Series Description
Tower of doom Tower of Doom Super Smash Rip-Off A looming tower of darkness ruled by Perfect Chaos. The fight goes through numerous floors each with their own hazards and trouble. Unlock this by beating Tower of Doom once.


  • Ring Container: Releases rings to collect.
  • Yoshi Egg: Allows you to ride on a Yoshi. Upon a Yoshi, the player can flutter jump and eat foes.
  • Banana Cream Pie: Smash this in peoples' faces to temporarily blind them.
  • Banana Peel: Walking into this will cause the foe to slip and become dizzy temporarily.
  • Spunky: Causes the player to do damage to anyone they collide with and go very fast, but uncontrollable.
  • Lightsaber: Use this to cut into enemies. Comes with an awesome sound effect.
  • Pistol: A gun with 10 ammo. It is fast but weak.
  • Explosive Tank: If this is attacked, it will explode doing massive damage to anyone near it.
  • Sniper Rifle: Use these to snipe your foes.
  • Flickie: Temporarily turns the player invincible.
  • Fuzzy: Throw these and they'll suck the rings out of the foe.
  • Magnet Shield: Automatically picks up nearby rings.
  • Fire Shield: Makes you invulnerable to fire attacks temporarily.
  • Assist Trophy Rip-Off: Releases an assist trophy.
  • Water Shield: Makes you invulnerable to water and ice attacks temporarily.
  • Lightning Shield: Temporarily makes you invulnerable to lightning attacks.
  • Mushroom: Allows you to take one extra hit.
  • Hammer: Smash your foes with this.
  • Golf Club: Swing at your foes with this.
  • Super Carrot: Allows you to slow your descent.


There are 4 bosses.

Image Name Series Description
120px-MP9 Big Bob-omb Bust Big Bob-Omb Super Mario King of the bad Bob-Ombs. He walks around throwing Bob-Ombs across the game and picking up the player character and throwing them. He has to be defeated by throwing his Bob-Ombs at him 5 times.
Emporerpalpatine Emporer Palpatine Star Wars The evil emporer and big bad of the Star Wars franchise. He sits in his throne chair and blasts lightning at the player. Players must survive the lightning assault and pick up and throw him at the energy generators in the stage 3 times.
300px-KH Scar Scar The Lion King Scar, the evil brother of Mufasa. The player battles with Scar on Pride Rock and must attack him until he falls off of the cliff. However, he will attack with claws and biting, so be prepared!
185px-Advperfectcclip1 Perfect Chaos Sonic The final battle of the Tower of Doom. Players fight this form of the monster Chaos in Station Square flooded with water. Players have to hop from platform to platform and avoid Chaos's attacks. Then, when near Perfect Chaos, must jump inside Perfect Chaos and attack it's brain. Repeat this 6 times to win.


There are 13 assists which can be released from Assist Trophy Rip-Offs.

  • Princess Peach: Peach brings the player three mushrooms.
  • Wario: Wario uses a magnet to steal rings from enemies.
  • Luigi: Luigi runs all around scaredly doing damage and trapping foes on the same platform as him.
  • Princess Daisy: Daisy flies the Sky Pop into the foe, doing not that much damage, but it always works and is fast.
  • Tails: Inside his Tornado, Tails shoots various rockets at the foe.
  • Batman: The original Batman attacks. He does this simply by dropping down quietly and saying "I'm Batman". This does massive damage.
  • Bugs Bunny: Bugs brings the player 3 carrots.
  • Mickey Mouse: Mickey creates various traps for the foe.
  • Darth Maul: Darth Maul attacks, cutting through the foe if he land correctly.
  • Anakin Skywalker: Young Annie attacks in his Naboo Starship, blasting torpedoes at the foe.
  • Iron Man: Iron Man blasts repulsors at the foe.
  • Wolverine: Wolverine rapidly attacks with his claws.
  • Timon and Pumba: Timon rides Pumba into the foe at slow speeds, but if it works, it does a lot of damage.


  • As Mario heavily influenced the Smash series, Sonic heavily influences this game.

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