Super Smash Bros. Waffle is the "fifth" game in the Super Smash Bros. series. It has no veterans, and all of the playable characters are characters with little to no chance of actually appearing in a real Super Smash Bros. game (with some exceptions) The same goes for the items, stages, and assists.


It has similar gameplay to most of the real Super Smash Bros. games, with very little differences. Instead of the Smash Ball, there are coins which occasionally fall onto the stage, and when a character collects five of them, then they can use their Final Smash.

Playable Characters


Image Name Description Special Moves
Nsmbulwaluigi Waluigi Waluigi is the brother? cousin? friend? idk of Wario. Thanks to his long legs, Waluigi is a fairly fast character. He has a wide array of close-range and long-range attacks. Neutral: Tennis Racket

Side: Bob-Omb

Up: Glider

Down: Stomp

Final Smash: Bullet Bill

Koopa Koopa The Koopa is one of the main enemies in the Mario series. In this game, the Koopa is a somewhat-balanced character; he is faster but lighter than normal, and his attack power is fairly average. Koopa uses attacks based off of its many sub-species. Neutral: Hammer Toss

Side: Shell Spin

Up: Para-Wings

Down: Hide

Final Smash: Mecha-Bowser

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