"Super Smash Bros. Scuffle" is the fifth installment for one of Nintendo's most popular franchises, Super Smash Bros. The game was developed by Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Namco and Ubisoft. It is said to be released on the Nintendo Firewave, but the new Nintendo 3DS system may be the console to get it the game. The release date is unknown, but Sakurai has comfirmed it will be released in 2018.


Like in the past Super Smash Bros. games, alot of Nintendo characters get together to take part in a huge fighting game. Their damage is measured by little meters at the bottom of the screen. All fighters have a Side, Up, Down, and Special attack, along with a Final Smash of sorts.


There are many different modes. These include: Smash, Classic, Online, Trophy Gallery, Multiplayer, Stage Builder, All-Star, 8-Player Smash, and Story Mode.

Smash is where you fight different opponents, and you can change it from Time matches to Stock matches.

Classic Mode is where you fight your way to Master Hand and/or Crazy Hand. You can switch paths and get different rewards each time.

Online is where you can fight people all over the world, on stages that are either new, returning, or player-built ones.

Trophy Gallery is where you can view over 800 trophies you can collect. Some are earned from Classic and All Star.

Multiplayer is where you can play with up to 8 friends.

Stage Builder is where you can build your very own stages to fight on. You can draw the format of them, much like in Smash Bros. 4.

All-Star is where you face off against all the fighters in the game in yearly order. From Mr. Game and Watch to Inkling, it all lead up to this!

8-Player Smash is a seperate mode where up to 8 players can fight on certain stages, like Palutena's Temple.

Story Mode is where all the Smashers face off against a new villain named Tariarta, who wants revenge on all who wrongs him. It's similar to Brawl's Subspace Emissary.

Default Newcomers


Image And Name Franchise Description

95px-Doc NewLeaf Official95px-Ribbot NewLeaf Official95px-Derwin - Animal Crossing New LeafSheldonMimyiLily - Animal Crossing New Leaf150px-Cally NewLeaf OfficialMiranda NewLeaf Official

Animal Villager

SSB Animal Crossing Series The Animal Villager, much like the Villager, has 8 alternate skins, but this also reflects in their movesets. They plant flowers for others to trip over, they swing bags full of Bells at you, and can even throw Time Capsules at you!

Rundas rip


SSB Metroid Series While Ridley does come in the game, Rundus is in it too! Rundus can use his main form of attack, cyrokinesis, along with his amazing Ice Missles to get the job done! His Ice Pillars are also pretty unique to the Smash Bros. world!

L Tetris Block

Tetris Block

90px-Tetris Icon The ever-so iconic Tetris Block falls in! The block's design is changed every time it attacks, such as turning into a Sqaure Block or an O-Block. Heck, even it's Final Smash revovles around blocks!

Cookcaine Mama

Cooking Mama

50px-SSB Mama Series Cooking Mama doesn't just cook. She also babysits, gardens...cooks... Ok, that's all I got! But all of those are reflected in Cooking Mama's movesets, using cooking untenzils, flowers, and more!



SSB Splatoon The Inkling appears, and much like Bowser Jr., his/her skins are alternate versions of Inklings. She can transform into a squid and shoot ink, making her a unique fighter.

180px-9-Volt D I Y463px-18-volt

9-Volt and 18-Volt

SSB Wario Series 9-Volt and 18-Volt are Diamond City's local gamers. 9-Volt uses a rocket powered skateboard, while 18-Volt uses loud and distracting music. Together, they are UNSTOPPABLE.

Black Mage

Black Mage

SSB Final Fantasy Series The ever-so famous Black Mage of Final Fantast fame! Black Mage can use Black Magic to attack the fighters, along with the Mage's Staff and the Masamune. (For his Final Smash.)

Final Smashes (Default Newcomers)


Name and Character Description

Time Capsule The Animal Villager

The Animal Villager grabs a shovel, traps nearby opponents in a time capsule, digs a hole, then buries the time capsule in the hole. After a few seconds, the capsule will explode, sending opponents flying.

Ice Explosion Rundas

Rundas gets possessed by Dark Samus, much like in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and freezes all nearby opponents. Then, Rundas gets free, breaking the ice around opponents.

Blockade Of Blocks Tetris Block

The Tetris Block flies into the air, and a cage appears around the others. Then, millions of blocks fall down on them. If 3 of the same color blocks line up, then they explode.

Chopping The Veggies Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama turns to the stage into a kitchen counter with a cutting board. Then a giant knife appears and tries to damage you. However, if it cuts the giant veggies, you can regain health by eatting the pieces.

Ink-pocalypse Inkling

Inkling shoots ink all around the stage, causing goo to be a poisonous hazard for opponents. This gives the Inklings the chance to turn into a squid and drill themselves onto the opponents!


9-Volt and 18-Volt

The boys appear in their respected bed's, playing their Nintendo consoles secretly. However, 9-Volt's mom appears and scolds them, causing all opponents to get damaged except them. (They cower under their beds.)


Black Mage

Black Mage summons White Mage and Cloud Strife to repeatadly damage the opponents, and then Black Mage brings down the Masamune, damaging them even more.

Default Veteran


Image And Name Franchise Description

Mario Time!!!


SSB Mario Series The red clad Mario obviously returns to Smash! Mario has new moves, such as the Koopa Shell, and a Mushroom, but he still has his fireballs and FLUDD from the last games!



SSB Mario Series Princess Peach's moveset has COMPLETLY changed, revolving around the infamous Vibe Scepter from Super Princess Peach! Rage, Sadness, Glee, and Joy are her main moves!

669px-Link Artwork 1 (Skyward Sword)


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Link appears in the new Smash! Link uses all of his old moves, with one exception: his masks. His Final Smash can differ from Zora, Goron, Deku, and Fierce Deity, although the last one is quite rare.



SSB The Legend of Zelda Series The Princess of Hyrule and her Sheikah alter ego. Zelda can use Din's Fire and her sword, while Sheik can use ninja-like moves, such as disappearing and Deku Nuts to paralyze the opponents.


Samus/Zero Suit Samus

SSB Metroid Series Samus Aran and her Zero Suit form! Her moves stay the same as the last game, with Zero Suit Samus's moves being completly different from the regular Samus. You can toggle between them, like Sheik and Zelda.



SSB Animal Crossing Series The famed Villager of the Animal Crossing series returns to Smash Bros. 5! He has a net, a fishing rod, a shovel, a watering can, and even a bowling ball in his moveset.



SSB Star Fox Series Fox's moveset is all the same, except he's a bit quicker than he was last time. He also has a Smart Bomb for his Final Smash, removing it's item status.



SSB Star Fox Series While Falco Lombardi used to be a clone, his moveset has COMPLETLY changed, revolving around one thing: an Arwing. Even his Final Smash revolves around it.


Donkey Kong

SSB Donkey Kong Series DK!! Donkey Kong! DK is the well-known leader of the bunch! He came back to kick some tail with his Coconut Gun! He's slightly bigger, faster, and stronger, too! His DK Punch comes back, too!



SSB LapisEarthbound Ok! Ness from the Earthbound/Mother series returns, this time as a default character! He uses his yo-yo and his bat, along with PK attacks, like his ever-so awesome "PK Starstorm!"

Pikachu SSB4


PokemonSymbolTrans Pikachu is back! Pikachu can electrocute his opponents, much like in the past games! He can also use Headbutt, Scratch and Cut for new attacks!

240px-Greninja SSB4


PokemonSymbolTrans Greninja, the Ninja Pokemon, has returned for the newest installment! He uses all his old moves, with one exception: Waterfall is now his Final Smash.

Jaguar Mewtwo4


PokemonSymbolTrans HOLY HELIX FOSSILS, BATMAN!! Mewtwo has returned at last! Replacing Lucario, Mewtwo uses Psychic and Shadowball for some of his attacks.



SSB Yoshi

Yoshi yoshi yoshi! Yoshi yoshi! Yoshi? Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi! YOOOOOOSHI!!

(Translation: Yoshi's back! You thought he wasn't? Oh well. Yoshi can spit eggs out of his butt and use them as projectiles, much like in Yoshi's Island.)

Pit R


SSB Kid Icarus Series Pit is an angel, loyal to Palutena. He can fly for a limited time, along with using his Guardian Orbitars and his Upperdash Arm for his attacks. He remains unchanged, although he's fun to use.

Lucina SSB4


SSB Fire Emblem Series

Lucina is the daughter of Chrom from the future. She may act like a clone of Marth, but she uses the tip of her blade, unlike Marth. She's a great female character.



SSB Fire Emblem Series Ike fights for his friends! Ike from Fire Emblem returns to fight! His Final Smash is obviously still "GREAT!! AETHER!!!", and his moves are all the same. He's a fun swordsman to play as.

KTD Kirby artwork


SSB Kirby Series Kirby, the Star Warrior! Of course he's back! He can use his hammer, turn into stone, and of course, his inhaling move comes back!


Wii Fit Trainer

SSB WiiFit The Wii Fit Trainer is from Wii Fit. As such, she uses fitness-based moves, such as soccer balls, yoga, deep breathing, and more! She can even turn into a male Wii Fit Trainer as an alternate skin!


Olimar and Pikmin

SSB Pikmin Olimar from Pikmin can't do the fighting alone. He has Pikmin to help him! He has one key difference, though: The Rock Pikmin. The others return too, this time leaving status effects on the opponents.



SSB Wario Series

Wario is Mario's evil greedy counterpart. He can use garlic as throwing items, his Wario Bike to ram into people, and (get this!)...his own FARTS as rocket fuel! Clearly Wario is nothing like Mario!

Final Smashes (Default Veterans)


Name and Character Description

Pipe Cannons


Mario jumps inside a pipe, and more pipes appear on parts of the stage. Mario will be shot out of a random one each time, with 79% chance of hitting opponents every time. Eventually, it'll end.

Baking A Cake


Peach grabs baking utenzils, gathers up opponents and items, and starts to bake a gigantic cake. Then, a bunch of forks will crash into it, damaging enemies and breaking down the cake.

The Masks


Link pulls out a random mask. Deku makes him use flower helicopters as blades, Zora makes him dive and attack opponents, Goron makes him roll around on the ground, and Fierce Deity gives him a giant sword to attack with.

Light Arrows/Peekaboo!


  • Zelda: Zelda pulls out the Light Arrows, and shoots off alot of Light Arrows, giving 5% of damage to each opponent.
  • Sheik: Disappears, then appears behind a random enemy and kicks them up in the air, then bringing them down.

Zero Laser/Gunship

Samus/Zero Suit Samus

  • Samus: Jumps in the air, and shoots a huge lazer at her opponents, much like Mario's old Final Smash, then turns into Zeo Suit Samus.
  • Zero Suit Samus: Jumps into the Gunship, and shoots at opponents. When she comes out, she's Samus again.

Dream Home


Villager hands a bag of Bells over to Tom Nook, who then traps an opponent or two inside a house in progress. When the house is done being built, it'll explode. You know what happens.

Unlockable Newcomers


Image And Name Franchise Description

Shantae main


SBB Shantae

The first female 3rd party character! Shantae represents DSiWare along with Dillon, and can whip her hair and use Genie Storm as her Final Smash! Not bad for a half-genie.


Unlock at least 5 Shantae series trophies.

Play 10 versus matches.

X Y Serena

Pokemon Trainer


The Pokemon Trainer returns, but with a new gimmick...switching between types!

  • Grass: Can use Ivysaur, Chespin, and Sceptile.
  • Fire: Can use Charmeleon, Fennekin, and Blaziken.
  • Water: Can use Wartortle, Froakie, and Swampert.

You can switch between types on the character select screen.


Beat Classic Mode as Greninja or Pikachu.

Play 20 versus matches.



SSB Kid Icarus Series

The insane king of the Underworld. Hades has been WAY shruken down in this game, being a bit smaller than Bowser. One of his moves is creating (smaller than usual) power tornados.


Clear the "Palutena's Divine Protection" event on Hard.

Play 30 versus matches.

SU Maxwell


SSB scribblenaunts

The main hero from Scribblenauts, and also a 3rd party character. Maxwell can use moves from his notebook, such as a sword, a gorilla to ride on, and a ray gun.


Get at least 10 Scribblenauts series trophies.

Play 40 versus matches.

215px-Shyguy MP9

Shy Guy

SSB Mario Series

Now, how can a SHY GUY fight? One word: karts. That's right. Shy Guy uses a kart as his main method of attack, and is the second fighter to have a vehicle as it's main attack method.


Unlock the Subcon 2.0 level.

Play 50 versus matches.

Tanooki Mario

Tanooki Mario

SSB Mario Series

Oh, boy. A Mario clone. Actually, no. Tanooki Mario has Mario's stats, but all his moves are completly different, such as the Tanooki Tail Whip.


Play All-Star Mode as Mario and Luigi.

Play 60 versus matches.

MrAR 2

Mr. AR


Mr. AR is a box with legs and eyes. But despite that, Mr. AR is a good fighter. He can use archery and AR Cards as boomerangs, along with an AR Dragon as his Final Smash.


Clear all events.

Play 70 versus matches.



SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Darunia is the leader of the Gorons. And he's a tough one! He ran roll around like a Goron, along with using the Magic Hammer.


Unlock the Saria Assist Trophy.

Play 80 versus matches.




Tamagon is a green small dragon with white wings. He can use books and sticks (crosses and bibles in the Japanese version) from Devil World as his main attack methods. He can also spit fire.


Unlock the Devil World stage.

Play 90 versus matches.



SSB Metroid Series

Ridley has been shrunk down to the size of Bowser, but that's OK! Ridley can scrape his tail on the stage, ram into opponents, and even grab them and throw them on the ground!


Play as Samus, Zero Suit Samus, and Rundas in Classic Mode.

Play 100 versus matches.

Rayman render 3 by hatenaman1999-d73p71d


400px-SSB Rayman Series

Rayman is quite a unique fighter. He's the first Smash character to have fists and feet as projectiles and melee weapons.


Get at least 30 Rayman series trophies.

Play 110 versus matches.

Mark and Emily


SSB Mario Series

One of the playable characters in the game, "NES Open Tournament." Mark can use moves based on his appearances in Mario Golf and Mario Tennis.


Play the "Retro Guys Forever" event on Hard.

Play 120 versus matches.




Much like Sonic, Dillon's main attack feature is rolling. He can also use gun towers and use Quick Charges to attack. Also, Nomad can be summoned by him as well.


Unlock the Grock Assist Trophy.

Play 130 versus matches.

90px-Starfy SSB4


SSB The Legendary Starfy Series

Starfy, like Dillon, has finally become a playable character. He can use Moe as a shield, can spin, and use his forms from the Legendary Starfy.


Unlock the Pufftop stage.

Play 140 versus matches.

Mashtooth (Art)


SSB The Legendary Starfy Series

Mashtooth is the ruthless villain in the Legendary Starfy. He can use his giant cutlass and the ability to suck enemies up his nose for some attacks. Also Mega Mashtooth.


Play as Starfy in Classic and All-Star.

Play 150 versus matches.

Cranky KongCranky Kong

SSB Donkey Kong Series

Oh, no! Cranky Kong! Game RUINED! Nope. Cranky Kong can bounce on his cane, use his rocking chair as a launching mechanism, and whack people with his cane.


Unlock the 75m stage.

Play 160 versus matches.



Fantasy Life

The Paladin from Fantasy Life appears! You can switch between genders, much like Robin, and uses one-handed swords to inflict damage on others. They can also use Spinning Attack.


Play 70 hours of Smash.

Play 170 versus matches.


New Stages (Default)


Image And Name Franchise Description

250px-World 1 - Super Mario 3D World

3D World

SSB Mario Series 3D World is much like the Paper Mario stage from the 3DS version of Smash 4: it switches overtime. One moment you could be in World 1-1, World 3-1, and World 5-1!

250px-Gloomy Mansion

Gloomy Manor

SSB Mario Series You fight outside Luigi Mansion: Dark Moon's Gloomy Manor. Eventually, the doors open, and you fight in the main hallway, with living knight statues attacking you.
SSB Donkey Kong Series You start out inside a giant minecart, with you minature-ized. Sometimes, the minecart will bounce, and send you flying a bit, much like the POW Block item.
TBA SSB The Legend of Zelda Series TBA


The Kitchen

50px-SSB Mama Series The Kitchen is where all dat magic happens. It'll randomly choose one of these three options: blender, cutting board, and oven. Each one of these options functions differently.

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