This is the official moveset page for Super Smash Bros. Eclipse.

Default Character Movesets

Name Attacks
Standard Special
Mario shoots fireballs out of his hand.
Side Special Move
Mario swipes his cape at opponents, knocking them back.
Up Special
Mario jumps up like in his first game. Hitting enemies results in coins popping up.
Down Special
Mario pulls out F.L.U.D.D., and can shoot opponents with water.
Final Smash: Pipe Power
A pipe appears where Mario once stood, and enemies from his games shoot out and attack any nearby opponents.
Standard Special
Peach pulls out Toad as he sprays spores on them.
Side Special Move
Peach rams into you from the side, causing an explosion of hearts to appear.
Up Special Move
Peach gets out her parasol and floats upwards, descending down slowly.
Down Special Move
Peach plucks a turnip and throws it at an enemy. Their faces signal if they cause more damage or not.
Final Smash: Dear Mario...
A giant cake falls out of the sky, and you can choose where it lands. If it crashes on an opponent, you can hit the cake with them inside.
Standard Special
Bowser shoots a stream of fire out of his mouth.
Side Special Move
Bowser grabs an enemy and body slams them, making them take massive damage.
Up Special
Bowser goes into his shell and spins in the air, hitting enemies.
Down Special
Bowser jumps and crashed back down on opponents by sitting on them.
Final Smash: Giga Bowser
Bowser becomes Giga Bowser from Super Smash Bros. Melee and stomps around the stage, causing chaos and destruction. Your invincible, but you only last for a few seconds.
Donkey Kong TBA
Standard Special
Yoshi swallows an opponent and poops them out as eggs, making it hard for them to break out.
Side Special
Yoshi rolls up inside an egg and spins around in it, hitting enemies in his path.
Up Special
Yoshi tosses an egg at nearby opponents, and it shatters when it hits them.
Down Special
Yoshi jumps in the air and slams himself back down on the ground, hitting enemies.
Final Smash: Egg-Dozer
Yoshi poops out a giant egg that bounces around the stage, hurting enemies over and over.
Link TBA
Standard Special
Zelda covers herself in a magic barrier, stopping projectiles and hurting enemies.

Sheik fires a flurry of needles which she can charge for more power.

Side Special
Zelda shoots out a ball of fire. You can make it go in any direction with the analog sticks.

Sheik tosses a grenade that's tied to string at enemies. It can pull enemies closer to it.

Up Special
Zelda teleports after being surrounded by a magic shield.

Sheik vanishes in a cloud of dust and then reappears. The move can hurt enemies.

Down Special
Zelda morphs into Sheik.

Sheik transforms into Zelda.

Final Smash: Light Arrows & Deku Explosion
Zelda gets out her bow and her Light Arrows and aims that opponents, ending with a one hit KO for enemies.

Sheik tosses Deku Nuts around the battlefield, launching enemies off the stage.

Samus/Zero Suit Samus
Standard Special
Samus charges up a blast in her arm cannon and shoots it out.

Zero Suit Samus paralyzes her enemies with her paralyzer.

Side Special
Samus shoots out a missile out of her arm cannon, which hits opponents.

Zero Suit Samus fires her Plasma Whip at enemies.

Up Special
Samus jumps in the air in a ball-like shape, and electricity forms around her.

Zero Suit Samus preforms a flurry of kicks. The last kick is very powerful.

Down Special
Samus drops a bomb on the stage, and after some time passes, it'll explode.

Zero Suit Samus preforms a quick dodge that hits opponents each time.

Final Smash: Zero Lazer & Suit Up!
Samus shoots a powerful blast of energy out of her arm cannon, covering the stage. She'll then turn into Zero Suit Samus.

Zero Suit Samus gets back in the Power Suit, but the explosion around her will hit enemies.

Standard Special
Rundas shoots out a blast of ice at enemies, sometimes freezing them.
Side Special
Rundas fires out shards at enemies, and can sometimes work like the Drill Arm.
Up Special
Rundas flies up an ice path that disappears as he falls back on the stage.
Down Special
Rundas creates a pillar of ice that can be used as a shield or be used as a weapon.
Final Smash: Hyper Mode
Rundas goes into Hyper Mode and uses a flurry of ice attacks on nearby enemies.
Kirby TBA
Pikachu TBA
Mewtwo TBA
Marth TBA
Villager TBA
Olimar & Pikmin TBA
Ice Climber TBA
Sonic TBA
Mega Man TBA
Bomberman TBA

Unlockable Character Movesets

Name Attacks
Luigi TBA
Felyne TBA

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