Super Smash Bros. Blast is a game being developed for some new console that will probably be the Wii Three or some other random name. Similar to how Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS and Wii U were co-developed by Bandai Namco, this installment of the popular Smash franchise is being co-developed by Hanabi Games.

Pre-trailer information

After the release of Hanabi Game's Yesterday vs. Tomorrow: Tales From Yonder, when asked about what their next plans were, the company answered that they were working on a collaboration game with famed Nintendo. Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, in an interview with Sakurai, it was revealed that the next installment of Super Smash Bros. was in the planning phases and that they were recieving help from Hanabi Games. When asked about whether Hanabi Games would recieve a character in the game, Sakurai said that currently there were no plans for other third parties than the ones they had planned so far, and Hanabi was not a company that had one.

A month before E3 20XX, Hanabi Games started a series of presentations about their upcoming games; while there was no sign of Super Smash Bros. anywhere, it recieved an honorable mention stating that the first trailers would be shown at the E3 convention that year, and that Hanabi Game will be among the Nintendo employees that year. Sure enough, E3 20XX came and went, and with it a playable demo and many trailers of the game, appropriately titled Super Smash Bros. Blast.


Character Information
Mario Time!!!SSB Mario Series Mario

Created as a protagonist for Donkey Kong by the name of Jumpman, over the years Mario has gotten many more games of his own and developed into a unique character that normally stands as a jack of all trades. This is true in Smash Bros, where all of his stats are normally balanced. He retains most of his abilities from Super Smash Bros. 4, asides from some new standard moves to incorporate the Galaxy Series and FLUDD being buffed.

DocMarioProjectMSSB Mario Series

Dr. Mario

The Doc is back! Doctor Mario returns from Melee as an unlockable character who is now a semi-clone rather than a full clone. His pills do different elemental damage depending on it's color, and he has a new recovery where he uses the Doctor's Sheet as a cape. His Final Smash involves jumping into the background and dropping pills as they become giant sized and fall through the stage.

LuigiSSb4SSB Mario Series Luigi

Mario's younger brother who's often dropped down into the shadows of his brother's fame, Luigi has gone on his own adventures countless times and often goes up against his greatest fears: ghosts. Luigi's moveset is mostly the same, although his Final Smash has been buffed.

Peach SSB4SSB Mario Series Peach

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and the love interest of Mario...and Bowser. A fair damsel who wants nothing more than the protection of her people and others around her, Peach seems to stop at nothing to reach her goals, though it doesn't stop her from getting kidnapped all the time. Peach's moveset is mostly the same as in SSB4, with customization specials based on the vibes from Super Princess Peach.

Bowser-NSMBUSSB Mario Series Bowser

The almighty King of the Koopas is the eternal archnemesis of Mario and the series's main antagonist. Bowser will stop at nothing to get the Princess for himself, even though nobody knows why. He is a hulking brute who holds many powerful attacks and can control fire just as Mario does, but his moves are sluggish and he moves at a slow pace. Don't let this fool you, as one hit will send you flying to the blast line.

Captain ToadSSB Mario Series Captain Toad

Captain Toad readies for adventure! Captain Toad's main gimmick is a weight changing feature - one of his moves allows him to add and drop things from his backpack. As a heavyweight fighter, his jumps are lower and his recovery is worse but his neutral attacks are stronger. As a lightweight fighter, his jumps are higher and his recovery works better but his neutral attacks are weaker.

DonkeyKongRetroSSB Donkey Kong Series Donkey Kong

A banana-loving simian dwelling in the depths of his own island, he carries the power of a raging ape and the charisma of a natural leader, always defending his friends and the island from enemies such as the Kremlings. While he is generally a nice guy, it doesn't take much to upset him, and his family instincts will send him stealing Mario's friend Pauline. DK is a heavyweight character who's strength in carrying heavy items is unrivaled, and attacks with brute strength using his arms and hands.

DiddyKongSSB Donkey Kong Series Diddy Kong

Supposedly Donkey Kong's nephew, Diddy Kong is almost always seen traveling with Donkey Kong to save their island, but Diddy is always up for fun and games. Being a chimp, he is quick and can hit far with his long limbs and tail. DIddy Kong fights using a Peanut Popgun and his Rocketbarrel Blasters.

360px-Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical FreezeSSB Donkey Kong Series Dixie Kong

Dixie Kong twirls in! Dixie Kong is Diddy's girlfriend and aids Donkey Kong often on his adventures. Dixie Kong's hair allows her to slow her descent after a jump if the button is held, giving her great aerial coverage. Her other moves include shooting bubble gum and playing guitar to cause shockwaves.

YoshiSSBISSB Yoshi Yoshi

A member of the expansive Yoshi species, one that has a large appetite and will eat anything with their long tongue. Yoshi can use this in battle by eating foes and turning them into eggs. Yoshi can now collect these eggs and throw them at foes for damage.

Paper Mario (Sticker Star)SSB Paper Mario Series Paper Mario

Paper Mario flattens the competition! While technically he is Mario, there's a key difference: this Mario is paper thin, and hails from the RPG side of the series. Paper Mario defines lightweight, being the lightest character in the game, although he is strong in battle. He can use a variety of different moves wielding badges and partners.

LinkHyruleWarriorsRenderSSB The Legend of Zelda Series Link

Although there are many incarnations of the hero of Hyrule, this Link is from the Hyrule Warriors era, being a soldier in the Hylian Army who is promoted to a commander after showing true courage with the power of the Triforce. Link holds a sword that he uses for close combat but excels in a wide range of projectiles, from bombs to boomerangs and magic rods to ball and chains.

TOON LINKSSB The Legend of Zelda Series Toon Link

A different incarnation of Link from the Wind Waker era, Toon Link is not that much different from Links of other eras as they are all the Heroes of Hyrule and the bearer of the Triforce of Courage. While Link has gotten a new moveset from SSB4 to Blast, Toon Link keeps the old moveset that Link used before, changing a few of his neutrals as well to accomodate the Wind Waker as well.

Zelda (Hyrule Warrios)SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Zelda

Since long ago, the Princesses of Hyrule were always to be named Zelda, but this is no princess-this is a queen. Queen Zelda takes on her Hyrule Warriors appearance, but she doesn't actually have too many differences in her special attacks. Her normal attacks have been changed to use the Rapier and Baton.

Sheik (Hyrule Warriors)SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Sheik

One of the last surviving Sheikah in all of Hyrule, Sheik is quick and agile and uses many soft blow attacks to gradually build up damage on her opponent. Her Burst Grenade has been buffed, and now utilizes the harp for most neutral attacks.

GanondorfHWSSB The Legend of Zelda Series Ganondorf

Ganondorf has been decloned from past games and returns with an almost completely new moveset, asides from the Warlock Punch which is faster now as well as some of his neutral move. He can charge dark energy to make his moves even stronger for a larger period of time as well as create energy for a Dead Man's Volleyball.

Saturated GanonSSB The Legend of Zelda Series Ganon

Ganon powers up! The evil pig demon Ganon is the wielder of one piece of the Triforce and a giant beast who kidnapped Zelda to get the second piece of the Triforce. Ganon attacks using his trident, a fast and powerful weapon that can be tossed far but takes a while to come back.

Samus garridkSSB Metroid Series Samus

A galactic bounty hunter who is tasked with defeating the Space Pirates, a group of intergalactic villains. Samus has many different powers acquired from the different suits she recieves, and these include advanced technology bombs and missiles. Similar to Super Smash Bros. 4, her Zero Laser does not destroy her suit, confirming that Zero Suit Samus is seperate again and transformations do not return.


Zero Suit Samus

Samus takes this form when she loses her Power Suit, and is much more agile but not as bulky or powerful as her suited form. Although she can't regain or destroy a suit at will in this game, Zero Suit Samus uses a plasmatic whip to deal as much damage as she can. She can use these whips to grab onto ledges as well as initiating powerful kicks with jet boots!

RidleyTransparentSSB Metroid Series Ridley

Ridley makes his big debut! The leader of the Space Pirates is extremely quick and powerful in the air, but is a little clumsy at walking on land, so you're better off using aerials to demolish your foes. While Ridley actually is not the biggest character in the game, his appearance and wingspan certainly makes him look frightening.

Kirbyaasfghl;ujytrfdavb tgbtreagfvaegdadrgsdageafbsfbpoopSSB Kirby Series Kirby

A carefree pink puffball who is an inhabitant of Dream Land. Kirby's love of food is unrivaled, and will go at great lengths to retrieve some, although he is also a kind-hearted creature who protects his home planet. Kirby has the unique ability to swallow foes and steal their moves, and he also uses different weapons from his ability arsenal, such as hammers and cutters.

Prince FluffSSB Kirby Series Prince Fluff

Prince Fluff patches it up! Prince Fluff is the ruler of the Patch Kingdom, a quaint little place known for it's landscape being made solely out of fabrics and other crafting tools. Prince Fluff focuses on using a yarn whip and transformations to fight, and his ability to wrap foes up in yarn can leave them dizzy and open.

180px-FoxSSB4SSB Star Fox Series Fox

The leader of an intergalactic space team known simply as Star Fox, Fox is an ace pilot who constantly tries to defeat the evil scientist Andross following the death of his father. Fox is a quick fighter with weak ranged attacks and more powerful fists and legs for punches and kicks.

FalcoSSB Star Fox Series Falco

The brash and cocky bird of the Star Fox team, Falco is known for his amazing flying skill which rivals that of Fox at times. Falco is a semi clone of Fox as they both use the same equipment, but while Fox excels on land, Falco prefers the air. This reflects his new Final Smash, where he boards the Arwing and gets to shoot lasers before flying onto the battlefield for a 1HKO.

Pikachu SSB4SSB Pokémon Series Pikachu

Number 025 in the National Dex, Pikachu is classified as an Electric Mouse Pokémon that stores a large amount of electricity in its cheeks. This electricity is its main weapon, shocking opponents in place. Pikachu is quick and nimble scoring lots of hits but can be launched easily.

Victini 3DSSB Pokémon Series Victini

Victini brings the heat! Categorized as Number 494 in the National Dex, Victini is a legendary Pokemon that is believed to grant victory to anyone that owns it. Victini translates this into battle by gaining more power the more victories it earns, powering up it's attacks and Final Smash.

Ness the awesomeEarthbound Symbol Ness

A young boy with the ability to use mysterious PSI powers such as PK Flash, PK Fire, and PK Magnet. Ness is a balanced attacker a bit on the floaty side. He mainly attacks directly through normal attacks and with projectiles through his specials.

MarthssbbSSB Fire Emblem Series Marth

The prince of Altea with the blood of heroes flowing through his veins, Marth fights valiantly to protect his kingdom with the help of his sword, the Falchion. Marth's sword has a tipper hitbox that makes it stronger at the end, allowing Marth to perform many sword moves with long range and spacing.

IkeSSB4SSB Fire Emblem Series


The commander of the Greil Mercenaries, Ike wields a two handed sword, Ragnell, using only one hand. He is a slow but powerful sword fighter along with the ability to control fire, hence his nickname, the "Hero of Blue Flames". In this game Ike has not changed majorly, but his fire is finally blue.

MainSSB Xenoblade Series Shulk

The wielder of the Monado with the ability to defeat the Mechon, Shulk's sword has the power to extend it's range hitting foes from afar. He can also use Monado Arts to increase one stat and decrease another. His Chain Attack Final Smash is stronger and has the added bonus of randomizing which two partners you get.

Pit RSSB Kid Icarus Series Pit

The last true angel remaining alive following Medusa's actions 25 years ago. Pit is a valiant hero and the general commander of the army belonging to Goddess Palutena. Pit specializes in use basic weapons from Uprising, such as the Upperdash Arm and Guardian Orbitars, as well as his special bow.

Dark PitSSB Kid Icarus Series Dark Pit

Dark Pit is more than a palette swap, as he is a manifestation of Pit's darker and hidden sides. Dark Pit is a character that you'll want to get up close with as all his attacks are ranged and often do more damage the farther away they travel. Of course, Pittoo keeps an Ogre Club in handy in case such a case occurs.

PalutenaMainSSB Kid Icarus Series Palutena

The goddess of light that trains Pit to become a general of the Skyworld Army and the Centurions. Palutena has a good mix between defensive attacks such as increasing her stats or performing barriers, and offensive attacks from homing shots to mega lasers. It's nothing new to expect from an omnipotent god, really.

TakumaruTakamurusym Takamaru

Takamaru slashes in! Takamaru is a samurai/ninja who fights to save dames or something. Takamaru uses scrolls as an ability in this game, where he can charge up attacks at the cost of his scroll meter. Performing successful hits with his sword is a key way to keeping your scroll meter up.

VillagerSSB4SSB Animal Crossing Series Villager

The main character of the Animal Crossing series. This incarnation ends up being the mayor of a town in a shocking turn of events, watching over the animal residents with the help of his secretary, Isabelle. Villager uses many of the tools in his series for attacks, such as the nets, bowling balls, and timber seeds.

Isabelle SSB4SSB Animal Crossing Series Isabelle

Isabelle moves in! A secretary to the main character in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Isabelle is clumsy but hard working. This reflects her attack which are often jokey in nature but have beneficial effects. She can use sparklers and other objects she gives out to the player on holidays, as well as using fruit to recover.

Little Mac SSB4SSB4 Punch Out Series Little Mac

A young aspiring boxer who was taken in by world famous Doc Louis after he saw potential in Mac. Mac's most notable feature is his power meter, which he builds up by dealing damage. When it's full he can unleash a 1HKO punch. Notably, the last arrow on his meter has been changed into a star in this game, but this doesn't affect gameplay. In addition, Little Mac now holds codec taunts with the help of Doc Louis.

Splatoon IkaSSB Splatoon Inkling

The Inkling paints the battle red! One of the newcomers of the game, Inkling is a mediocre character with the unique ability to fire paint at foes. This paint can hit foes to stack damage or the ground to make it temporarily slippery. Inklings have limited ink, however, so they'll need to become a squid and lay down low if they want to recover.

DuckHuntDogSSB DuckHunt Duck Hunt Dog

Duck Hunt Dog hunts down the competition! Duck Hunt Dog is a high risk, high reward character, with moves that are tricky to use properly but very viable. The best example of this is his Laughing Taunt move, which has the dog shot down after laughing for some damage, but the chance to send foes flying.

SonicFOL6Sonicseries Sonic

The fastest hedgehog alive, "slow down" and "stop" are simply not in his own dictionary. Sonic is the fastest character in the game and can outrun virtually anyone, and even some stage hazards. Sonic has been buffed in this game and attacks with homing shots and dash rolling.

MegamansmashbrosMegaman Series Logo Mega Man

A human boy who was modified into a robot with the help of the genius scientist Dr. Thomas Light, he has the ability to copy the powers of any Robot Master he defeats. Mega Man only has one true contact move, and focuses more on projectiles and longer ranged attacks.

Black MageSSB Final Fantasy Series Black Mage

Black Mage casts into battle! The Black Mage is an expert magician who appears in Super Smash Bros. as the newest 3rd party representative in the series. Black Mage is a lightweight character who mainly attacks with ranged spells, though he can also fight up close with his canes and grab opponents to inflict status on them.

There are currently 48 confirmed characters; 36 veterans and 12 newcomers.


Stage Information
The Great Tower of Bowser LandSSB Mario Series Bowser Land

The last world of Super Mario 3D World, this stage focuses on the Great Tower of Bowser Land. As the majority of Bowser Land can be seen through the background, alongside the Tower, players will start on top of the Clown Wheel as it rotates, making it tough to stay on a platform and chase down opponents. Over time, a new platform appears in the center as it drops down to the base of the tower (meaning anybody not on the platform when it starts will be KO'd) where players will duel with the boss of the stage, Meowser. Defeating Meowser will grant the person who gets the last hit the power of the Sprixies, who will heal them as well as rack up damage onto others.

Super SkywheelSSB Mario Series Super Skywheel

A world located in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! that takes place in a carnival setting, with the Ferris Wheel in the background being the main attraction. This stage has a bunch of girder bolts that will sometimes connect to form new platforms. Watch out for Fires that sometime fall from the ceiling, as they will travel around and deal heavy damage.

TrainCaptainToadSSB Mario Series

Star Express

A level located in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker that features a large train with it's namesake, the giant star emblem, in the front, as the train drives through a snowy field. The level has 2 floors: the inside and the outside. The inside will appear to be unviewable until a person climbs the ladder and goes inside. Players cannot be KO'd through a blast line inside.

DrmariogameSSB Mario Series

Megavitamin Lab

The fighters are located inside a game of Dr. Mario, at the bottom of the bottle. The screen scrolls up very slowly as Megavitamins drop downwards and act as platforms to climb. Sometimes, Viruses will fall instead, where they can be stood on but cause damage at the same time.

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