Super Mario U is a 3D collect-a-thon platformer and successor to the previous Mario 3D games, especially SM64 and it's remake by Inora for the Wii U in 2015. The story is similar to the other games, with notable enhancements such as Co-Op multiplayer and larger worlds, ala Banjo Kazooie. Reception has been TBA.


Bowser has been defeated once more, and in an explosion, his castle is destroyed and he is launched into space. There, he finds a Giga Grand Star, which he accidentally breaks due to his clumsiness. However, he keeps three Grand Stars, which he uses to take hold of Peach's Castle, Peach, and Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. Looking for Luigi, Mario comes to Toad Town where he learns the news. After learning the basics, Mario headed towards Peach's Castle and began reclaiming the Power Stars and his friends.

Upon reclaiming two of the Grand Stars and collecting a number fo Power Stars and freeing his friends, Mario reaches the top floor, where a Cannon launches him into space. After a final battle, Bowser is defeated, and they return to the castle where they all eat cake. A post credits scene shows Bowser lost in space, and bumping into Tatanga, with them arguing about who's better.




In addition to three HUB worlds, Mario's Pad, Toad Town, and Peach's Castle, the game has 15 courses.

Mario's Pad

This world is where players start. Through a pipe, players enter Toad Town. Once 1 Power Star has been collected, players can play minigames with Toad here. Each character has two as they are unlocked, for a total of 8.

Name Description Character
Question Block Bash Three question blocks will appear, one with a star and the other with poison mushrooms. They will then shuffle, and Mario has to hit the right one. Mario
Goomba Stomp Smash Controlling Mario in 2D, players have to tilt the controller to move Mario, who must bounce on as many Goombas as he can. Mario
Super Suck Players must vacuum up Ghosts by tapping A when the bar on screen reaches the middle point. Occasionally King Boo will appear, in which it's made narrower. Luigi
Luigi on the Loose The minigame begins with a Boo scaring Luigi, causing him to run away, in this 2D infinite runner. Players must duck, jump, and super jump to avoid Boos, Sleeping Boos, and Fishing Boos. Luigi
Warioware Inc. Players must create microgames by matching together similar parts by tapping a button combination to earn money. The more games, the more money. Wario
Fist of Wario In this minigame, players must deplete the health of either Mario, Luigi, or Golden Wario in a fighting game parody. Although players can button mash, it's advised that they pull off combos. Wario
Gentleman Waluigi Here, Waluigi must fold laundry in a Tetris clone. Players can also collect Sunglasses, slowing down time. Waluigi
Dodge the Bombs In this 2D minigame, players must use Waluigi to dodge falling Bob-Ombs. Waluigi

Toad Town

A bridge between Mario's Pad and the castle, Toad Town is a grassy area where Toadsworth can be found as well as Tailzebub, who will trade Stars for Blue Coins.

Number Name Description
N/A Red Coins of Toad Town

The first mission in the game, players must complete it to open the gate to Peach's Castle. There are 8 Red Coins scattered across town.

The first is in front of the entrance.

The second is on top of Tailzebub's House.

The third is inside Tailzebub's House.

The forth is inside the waterfall.

The fifth is beside the waterfall on the largest pillar.

The sixth is in front of the gate.

The seventh is at the bottom of the lake.

The eigth is on a tall tree stump opposite of the lake near some Goombas.









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