Super Mario Sunshine ½(Super Mario Sunshine and a Half) is a 2015 sequel/remake of Super Mario Sunshine developed by Unversed Entertainment. Similarly to Super Mario 64 DS, the game is a reimagining, rather than a direct sequel or straightforward remake. It was released for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It features 402 shines.


Toadsworth is telling the young Toad children about Mario's countless adventures when he reaches for his book about their journey to Isle Delfino. However, his notes have been replaced with a blob of graffiti that has retold the adventure with several new changes. Saddened, he prepares to move on to the next story, but the Toads beg him to continue. Toadsworth opens the reborn book...


  • At the beginning of the game, players can select a Red Sun or Blue Sun. Selecting the Red Sun will allow the player to play the classic Sunshine with HD graphics. If the Blue Sun is selected, players play the reimagining.
  • Shine Sprites are much more important here, as they count rather than if the player completed all of the Shadow Mario fights.
  • Players can now take control of Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi in some missions by attaining their keys scattered around. They each have their own attributes.
  • Upon collecting every first run Shine, the entire game can be redone. However, this time players must race Piantissimo to complete the mission, and Shadow Mario is replaced by Piantissimo. Complete that run to unlock Piantissimo who can be played as by talking to him in Delfino Plaza. As Piantissimo, bosses have more HP, the Shadow Mario levels have a time limit, and enemies are upgraded. In addition to this, all the blue coins are in new locations, as are the Red Coins.
  • The Goopy Piranha Plant is only fought once at the beginning of the game.
  • The entrances to Pinna Park, Noki Bay, and Pianta Village have changed.
  • Pinna Park's cannon is plugged up by a Pianta who is stuck there. Players must use the Bubble Nozzle to lift him up and out of the cannon.
  • Noki Bay can now be entered through a small cave underneath the Shine Gate. Players must use the Turbo Nozzle to Turbo Dash into it.
  • Pianta Village's entrance is similar, but has changed to prevent sequence breaking. The pipe is corked, and players must Rocket Ground Pound to break it.
  • Shadow Mario is fought 6 times rather than 10 times.
  • Physics are greatly improved.


Delfino Airstrip

Title Episode Name Shine Count Description
A Goopy Welcome N/A 1, 2, 3
  • Unchanged.
Red Coins on the Airstrip N/A 4, 5, 6
  • Unchanged.

Delfino Plaza

Title Episode Name Shine Count Description
Blue Coin Shop N/A 7-78
  • Unchanged.
Secret of the Water Pillars N/A 79, 80, 81
  • Unchanged.
The Chuckster's Tower N/A 82, 83, 84
  • Unchanged.
Cleaning the Bell Tower N/A 85, 86, 87
  • Unchanged.
Stomp the Crates N/A 88, 89, 90
  • Unchanged.
Stomp the Crates 2 N/A 91, 92, 93
  • Unchanged.
Beachside Shine N/A 94, 95, 96
  • Unchanged.
Turbo Tower N/A 97, 98, 99
  • Unchanged.
The Shine Bird N/A 100, 101, 102
  • Unchanged.
Yoshi's Offshore Island N/A 103, 104, 105
  • Unchanged.
Cleaning the Bell Tower 2 N/A 106, 107, 108
  • Unchanged.
Spray the Shine Gate N/A 109, 110, 111
  • Unchanged.
Smash the Lighthouse N/A 112, 113, 114
  • Unchanged.
Turdo Dashing the Guards N/A 115, 116, 117
  • Unchanged.
Collect 100 Coins N/A 118, 119, 120
  • Unchanged.
Red Coins in the Pinball Machine N/A 121, 122, 123
  • Unchanged.
Secret of the Cliff N/A 124, 125, 126
  • Unchanged.

Bianco Hills

Opened after 1 Shine.

Title Episode Name Shine Count Description
Down with Petey Piranha! 1 127, 128, 129
  • Moved from Episode 2.
Hillside Cave Secret 2 130, 131, 132
  • Moved from Episode 3.
Red Coins of the Windmill Village 3 133, 134, 135
  • Moved from Episode 4.
Deep Inside the Windmill 4 136, 137, 138
  • This episode is new.
  • It's intro shows the top of the windmill, however the path to it is gone.
  • Players must collect the Rocket Nozzle, and then boost up there.
  • Then, they must Rocket Pound the cracked roof to land inside.
  • Players must defeat 4 mini polluted Piranha Plants to get the Shine.
Petey Piranha Strikes Back! 5 139, 140, 141
  • Unchanged.
The Secret of the Dirty Lake 6 142, 143, 144
  • The Dirty Lake kills in one hit, but the path to the secret cave is much easier to access.
Clouds over Windmill Village 7 145, 146, 147
  • This episode is new.
  • It's intro shows several clouds above the village, leading to a Shine Sprite.
  • Players must collect the Rocket Nozzle and boost into the clouds.
  • Players must also avoid Wind Duppies and deal with moving clouds.
Red Coins of the Lake 8 148, 149, 150
  • Unchanged.
The Secret of the Big Windmill 9 151, 152, 153
  • This episode is new.
  • It's intro shows the Big Windmill's cave near the top, this time covered with a Juice Barrier.
  • Players must attain Yoshi to spray it away.
  • Inside, the level has players jump on tightropes and clouds and eventually a moving block as they avoid Wind Duppies to reach a gigantic platform in the end that holds the Shine Sprite.
Ice Skating on the Dirty Lake 10 154
  • This episode is new.
  • This episode is a Luigi episode.
  • It's intro shows the Dirty Lake leading up to a platform with the Shine Sprite on it.
  • Players must freeze the Dirty Lake a piece at a time while avoiding it and Skeeter Bugs.
The Ice Poink Hunt 11 155
  • This episode is new.
  • This episode is a Wario episode.
  • It's intro shows the first Ice Poink, near the entrance to Bianco Hills.
  • Players must kill all 8 Ice Poinks scattered across the world with the Firey Nozzle, at which point the Shine Sprite will appear.
Powering the Big Windmill 12 156
  • This episode is new.
  • This episode is a Waluigi episode.
  • It's intro shows the backside of the Big Windmill, with it's Power Grid down. In addition to this, it shows various Electro-Koopas on the Windmill.
  • Players must kill all 8 Electro Koopas and blast electricity at the Power Grid.
  • Then, the windmill will spin around wildly, shooting out a Shine Sprite.

Ricco Harbor

Gelato Beach

Pinna Park

Sirena Beach

Noki Bay

Pianta Village

Corona Mountain


The four nozzles of the first game return alongside a new one, the Bubble Nozzle. In addition to this, they are used more often.

  • Squirt Nozzle
  • Hover Nozzle
  • Turbo Nozzle: Must be used to enter Noki Bay. Attained after TBA Shines from Shadow Mario.
  • Rocket Nozzle: Must be used to enter Pianta Village. Attained after TBA Shines from Shadow Mario.
  • Bubble Nozzle: A new nozzle, it'll blow bubbles. It must be used to enter Pinna Park. Attained after TBA Shines from Shadow Mario.

Yoshi also returns, and his physics and tounge system has been reworked. In addition to this, he is also used more often.

In addition to this, each other character has one Squirt and Hover Nozzle related to an element.

  • Icy Nozzle(Luigi)
  • Firey Nozzle(Wario)
  • Electric Nozzle(Waluigi)





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