First appearance: The Mysterious Nine Project

The Super Big Tap-Tap is a large, golden Tap-Tap that destroys platforms and rocks as it rolls through a set path, intending to crush a Yoshi. This enemy only appears in Yoshi's Island DS. Yoshi has to take Baby Mario, the fastest of the babies in Yoshi's Island DS, with him to survive this giant enemy's rampaging. After hitting a Super Big Tap-Tap with an egg, Yoshi can see it in the Island Museum in the giant enemy exhibit whenever he wishes.

He first appears in the Mysterious Nine Project as a playable character.


  • Standard Special - Roll: Super Big Tap-Tap rolls forward at a quicker pace.
  • Side Special - Eject Spikes: Super Big Tap-Tap ejects a bunch of spikes from his body which are replaced upon ejection.
  • Up Special - Bounce Drop: Grows feet, jumps super high, and then comes down like a cannonball.
  • Side Special - Shrink: Shrinks into a normal Tap-Tap.
  • Super Move - Tap-Tap the Golden: Turns into Tap-Tap the Golden and chases after anyone caught in the radius, defeating them similar to Captain Falcon's Final Smash.


  • Though much larger, Super Big Tap-Taps are highly similar to Tap-Tap the Golden, as they are both large Tap-Taps with golden bodies and red noses, except Tap-Tap the Golden has feet.
  • The boss Sorbetti from Super Mario Galaxy 2 resembles a Super Big Tap-Tap made out of snow.

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