Suckubus is a 2014 Hack N' Slash game developed by Unversed Entertainment for the Unversed Neon. The game revolves around Betty, a succubus in training who's very socially awkward and dorky. Deciding to forsake her destined job, Betty joins the army of male demons in order to help them fight off the morally righteous goody-two shoes Hippocrites. The game parodies religion and athiesm, as well as video games themselves.


The game is a 3D action RPG Hack N' Slash. The game revolves around two types of gameplay(although they are seamlessly connected), Puzzles and Combat. In the field, Betty can roam around and take up Side Quests or take up Quests(used to progress the game). These missions involve both travel(on foot or using the Hell Taxi that can be payed for), solving puzzles(pushing blocks or answering riddles), and defeating a group of foes or a boss(through real time Hack N' Slash combat).

Betty also has access to a Magic Bar, which depletes when she uses Special attacks. By slaying enough monsters and completing enough quests, Betty will level up, allowing her to purchase a skill from many different catagories. The game also features currency in the form of ashes, which can be sold for items to use.

The game also features a system known as Hellraisers which can be used when enemies are near death. Inputting a certain button pressing order will do a violent finisher on the foe and make them drop more XP and increasing the likeleness of the foe dropping high level items. However, Hellraisers are very hard to pull off.

Betty can also buy and sell various weapons, each being special in thier own way, as well as buying Equipment, which are stat boosters or give some effect to the player. However, to wear these, the player must have enough Flare Points.

The game features a Training mode, where the player can test their skills and practice Hellraisers and Combos. The game also features multiplayer, both online and with friends nearby. There are Brawl, Massacre, Ash Collector, and Hellraiser. Brawl is a 4-player battle royale where the goal is to be the last one standing. Massacre has up to 4 players exploring and destroying enemies. The winner is the one who killed the most. Ash Collector also has the player exploring, but the winner here is who collects the most ashes. Hellraiser features the four players and four dummies for each. The player must pull of as many Hellraisers as possible in the time limit, and doing one in-correctly temporarily stuns you. The player who pulls the most off wins.





Skills and Weapons


Bosses and Enemies




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