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Subterrean Rainbow Safari (also known as Subterrean Rainbow Safari: Labile Lapis Edition) is a new umbrella game by Locky. Despite the title, the game has nothing to do with an actual subterrean rainbow safari. TThe game is a reboot of Extreme Fighters and it is said to have at least 190 characters.

Subterrean Rainbow Safari is meant to be a multiplayer game, as the multiplayer is three times bigger than the singleplayer campaign. The game is sold in two different versions, Blazing Blue Edition, published by Nintendo and Labile Lapis Edition, published by Lapis. Both games will have different rosters.



Subterrean Rainbow Safari is a different kind of game which combines fighting game elements with rhythm game elements. The game starts off as a normal 2D fighting game, with 3 versus 3 teams. The game is played with the Wii U Pro Controller, in which the ABXY buttons are used for the combat while the shoulder buttons are used for the "Music Safari" element. Every once a while the player's character will show a button on the top of their head, pressing the button will trigger a rhythm minigame that if done correctly it will result in the player recieves a different boost, if done in correctly, it will make the shields unusable for a short time.

Another gameplay mechanic is the Audience, the player can do a taunt every once an while that it will make the audience cheer for the player. If the player is losing and does a taunt, the player will be ignored. If the player is losing and starts winning the battle, the audience will get more hyped for you. The audience will help the player with the called "Morale System", in which, the higher the Morale, the more hits it will land, however with low Morale, it is somewhat easier to get higher percentage attacks but they won't land like they would normally do. This feature can be turned off.

Another new gameplay mechanic is called Stance. Each character has 6 different stances. Each stance gives the player a different gameplay style. They are:

  • Neutral Stance - No gameplay differences.
  • Power Stance - Powers up attacks, makes attacks slower and lower defense.
  • Defense Stance - Makes defense easier, increases defense, fasts up attacks, makes attacks slower.
  • Speed Stance - The attacks become faster and the player also becomes faster, no buffs in attack or speed.
  • Special Stance - Special attacks become easier to do, but they become less powerful. No buffs in attack or speed.
  • Alpha Stance - Makes the special bar increase faster, however the Super Move becomes more difficult to execute.






The game has different narrators for the game's events, an idea inspired by Fighters of Lapis.

Narrator Description
RiffTrax Crew
Originally a man and two robots in a theather in space that used to talk about really bad early 40s/50s/60s movies, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Cobert usually make fun of the things that doesn't makes sense in this game, which to say, is a lot of things.



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