Stu Beach is an area in Super Mario Sunshine 2: Islands of Darkness. A beach populated by Stus, the area features a gigantic sandcastle and 7 smoothie huts. It is accessed by using the Turbo Nozzle to break into the Lighthouse in Isle Claw.


  • Dim Days on Stu Beach: A gigantic Stu named Sunny Sam has migrated to the top of the Sandcastle in Stu Beach, covering the sun and killing many of the area's plants. Mario must spray 4 mirrors across the land to blind Sam, causing him to crash down. He then must defeat Sunny Sam.
  • Sandcastle Secrets: Mario must use the Turbo Nozzle to enter the Sandcastle. He then must complete the secret level.
  • Smoothies and Sunshine: Mario must collect 7 different fruits from across the beach and give them to the assorted smoothies across the area for the Smoothie Fest, and get the Shine Orb.

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