"Ring of Power" is the 33rd episode of the non-existent season of Steven Universe, and the 83u50^5rd overall episode of the series.

Official Synopsis

Homeworld creates the Anti-Steven.


We open on the Gem Homeworld, where Peridot submits findings. Yellow Diamond asks why they had failed to complete their mission, with Peridot stating Steven Universe was the reason they had failed. After a brief moment of introspection, Yellow Diamond then tells Peridot to head back to Earth.

Steven and the Gems are having a pool party, with Amethyst and Steven splashing each other with water guns as Pearl watching out for Steven's safety. As this happens, Garnet notices a small ship land on the beach and runs over there without notice. Peridot exits the ship and meets up with Garnet but simply puts a forcefield over her, with Garnet unable to break out or call for help. Peridot then heads into Beach City, looking for a "suitable candidate".

Coming across many unsuitable candidates (Lars, Sadie, Mayor Dewey) she finds one in Onion but Onion vanishes as she looks up from the scanner. She then finds another "suitable candidate" in Ronaldo. Ronaldo is tricked by Peridot when she claims that he can preform studies on her and the scene goes black.

Pearl notices that Garnet is missing and finds her on the beach in the forcefield net. After freeing her, Garnet informs her that Peridot has returned. The gems assemble to find Peridot and they find her rather easy; on her way to destroy the gem home with the Ronaldo, who has become a crystal gem somehow.

The gems battle Ronaldo, who in actuality has become infused with Yellow Diamond. While Yellow Diamond isn't used to this body yet, the Gems still don't stand a chance against Ronaldo/Yellow Diamond. However, Steven manages to somehow use Yellow Diamond's massive power to his advantage; when Ronaldo/Yellow Diamond hits his shield, he is flung back so far that he actually reverts to his gem form when he hits the ground. Peridot grabs the gem and escapes into her ship.

Steven and the Gems look uneasily into the sky as the Anti-Steven heads to Homeworld.


  • Steven
  • Garnet
  • Pearl
  • Amethyst
  • Ronaldo
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Peridot
  • Lars (cameo)
  • Sadie (cameo)
  • Mayor Dewey (cameo)
  • Onion (cameo)


  • Beach City
  • Gem Homeworld (seen)

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