Full Name Starwrath
Current Age  ??
Gender Nale
Current Status Alive
Class Wrestler
Family and Relations
His Fist With Your Face
Main Weapon(s) Fists
「You shall not be able to stand against the power of Starwrath.」

Starwrath is a wrestler with the so called "power of the stars". He comes off an unknown origin and seeks to fight the world's strongest fighter. He has the power to hit an opponent many times within a short time span, as well lighting-quick reflexes that makes him be able to dodge almost any opponent's attacks. He also has strong durability, as he can stand to take opponents attacks and still be standing up in the match.

Currently, Starwrath is a free-to-use character with no plans of him participating in any of Zeta Labs projects.


Starwrath is a tall bulky man with a threathing appearance. Covering his face with a star-shaped mask, he has purple shaded gloves and dark red boxing shorts.


Not much is known about Starwrath's personality. He is calm and never projects any personality against his opponents. Even in threathing situations, he never loses his pose. And he likes to pose. A lot.

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