"Star Fox: The Movie" is a movie made by both Nintendo and Dreamworks Animation Studios. It takes place in an alternate universe, with characters such as Falco and Pigma drastically changed. The film is said to release in theaters on June 4th, 2015, and is said to release on DVD and Blu-ray on November 10th, 2015. It stars voice actors like Mike Madeoy, Jim Walker, Angelina Jolie, Collen Villard, and even Jim Cummings.


The movie opens up with a baby Fox McCloud being carried into an Arwing by a robot named ROB 64. The Arwing takes off, and the screen zooms away, revealing a ship called the Great Fox, set on fire and damage ridden. Meanwhile, the babie's Arwing lands on a distant planet, occupied by more animals and robots.

We see the screen zoom out, saying "21 Years Later." We see little worms and butterflies crawling on a tree branch, when suddenly a silver blur speeds by. This turns out to be Fox McCloud on a wood, vine, and metal made speeder. On the other side of him is a blue falcon, wearing a black vest, filled with heavy ammo. This turns out to be a member of Star Wolf, Falco Lombardi.

The two chase eachother into the middle of Planet Forlilya's vast forest, when a giant pig-like monster appears.



Video Name Description
Hans Zimmer - 01 - Giant Blue Head04:30

Hans Zimmer - 01 - Giant Blue Head

The Origin Of Fox McCloud The theme that plays at the beginning, showing Fox's past life, as well as how he met his new caretaker, Peppy.
Corneria - Super Smash Bros30:00

Corneria - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Music Extended

Is That You, Dengar? The theme where Fox and Falco are battling a large beast, known as Pigma Dengar.
TBA Into The Great Fox The theme when Fox is taken back to Great Fox.
TBA Love At First Sight The theme of Krystal the Fox, as well as the theme of Fox falling in love.

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