Spore Cliffs is an area in Super Mario Sunshine 2: Islands of Darkness. A popular hiking locale full of dangerous heights, the level focuses on platforming and is a small village with three platform trails all in seperate directions. It is accessed by going through the pipe at the edge of town in Isle Claw.


  • Hatched Heroics: In this level, player go through the middle path, and go to the hatched egg of the Shroom Pheonix, a giant bird. There, they must jump from cloud to cloud and collect all 8 Red Coins without falling from the fragile cloud platforms.
  • Chick Catastrophe: The Shroom's Pheonix's firey chicks have hatched and invaded the village. Mario must spray all three and lure them into their pens.
  • Monkey Business: In this mission, the player must race a talking monkey named M. Key and jump from each path and hit all three checkpoints before M. Key.

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