First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Spooky Goopy

A ghoulish minion with weird metal pincer hands and a lock on his chest. He attacks, of course, mainly using these hands, but his hat can also bite as well.

He is a character from the Creepy Crawlers line of toys. Still a toy store staple, the dangerous electrical device has delighted children since the 60's with its ability to cook plastic slime into custom rubber bugs and worms. As famous as the Thing Maker oven may be, however, very few remember - or ever noticed to begin with - a short lived, unsuccessful attempt to expand the "Creepy Crawlers" brand into entirely different genres of children's entertainment, including, for some reason, a cartoon show and action figure line. The premise being that the Thing Maker oven is capable of creating real, living giant insect monsters, some malevolent, some heroic. It wasn't very good.


  • Standard Special: Chain Slash - Attacks using metal pincers.
  • Side Special: Heat Wave - Sends a out a wave of heat that briefly turns the target into a bug.
  • Up Special: Hat Attack - Hat chomps upwards.
  • Down Special: Smoke Bomb - Disappears after the use of a smoke bomb.
  • Super Move: Lock of Death - Uses a lock shaped like a tombstone to "lock" a character in place, not allowing them to move at all.

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