First appearance: The Mysterious Nine Project

Spooky spookyhouse
Spooky is the main antagonist of Spooky's House of Jump Scares. She is the ghost of a 12 year old girl who appears to have a huge sum of power and impact over the events that have happened and will happen in the manor. She first appears in The Mysterious Nine Project as a unlockable character and was revealed on 7/16/15. She was added by Exotoro.


Spooky is a floating, light-skinned ghost with long, dark blue hair, attiring a tattered blue dress. She has a rather cartoonish appearance (e.g. oval-shaped eyes, chibi-esque form, etc).

Spooky can also be seen in several mini games as sprites, but she mainly follows the same basic appearance. Sometimes, though, she appears to brandish an over-sized Bowie knife.


  • Standard Special: Specimen 1 - Specimen 1 pops out from anywhere on the stage provided that a character is there. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but it knocks the character towards Spooky.
  • Side Special: Nail - A giant nail flies diagonally across where Spooky is. Does quite a bit of damage but is hard to pull off.
  • Up Special: Disappear - Spooky flies upward and disappears onto the closest platform. This move takes a long time to do but when she disappears she is immune to damage.
  • Down Special: Bowie Knife Strike - Spins in a circle with a giant bowie knife, taking any opponents close to her down.


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