Spectrum Chaos is a four-way umbrella under construction by Drak (Talk), Athena (Talk), Lurky (Talk), and Sroo (Talk), set to be released for The V² at some point in...I dunno, 20XX. It is a somewhat small umbrella set to have sixty characters, each user using fifteen, all divided into colored factions that fight each other over...something.


We don't have a lot down yet, but it's confirmed that Spectrum Chaos will have Street Fighter like gameplay, but with Smash Bros. inspired stages.  The game's sixty characters are divided equally into four factions, and if you pair up members of a faction together, they'll become stronger and have a stronger advantage in battle. Each character would have two helpers of sort, that they could summon if they had a level one super bar.


Guild of Garnet 

Character Description
Chiaki Nanami
Danganronpa logo
A computer program developed by the Future Foundation, Chiaki has been brought back to life in a cybernetic body. She can attack by using sprites from various retro video games, such as Pac-Man, Galaga, and Space Invader. She has a lot of speed and stamina but not much physical strength. 
Shantae logo
Shantae is the half-genie hero and the star of the well known game series of the same name. She can attack by creating fireballs with her dancing, whipping her hair, and using her pirate's blade. She also can transform into various animals. 

Cobalt Champions

Character Description
SSB4 Wario Overalls
Wario Logo
Are you even surprised? Created by some disgruntled developers, Wario is a greedy anti-hero who is in it for the money, which seems to be the only thing he really enjoys. He's rather light on his feet for a heavy fighter, but he lacks range. He can attack using various wrestling techniques, some stomach trouble, and the trusty Wario Bike.
Remember this game? Shh, don't sue us Disney! Flippy Doggenbottom is a rather friendly cartoon dog who is the president of the Toon Council that governs Toontown. He's pretty powerful but also rather slow and light, being easy to launch. His jumps are floaty. Flippy can throw pies, lure opponents, use squirt flowers, and employ all other sorts of wacky gags.

Jade Jinxes

Character Description

Fire Emblem series logo

Ike is the Radiant Hero of legend, hailing from the Fire Emblem franchise. He is a strong man, able to hold his heavy sword Ragnell with just a single hand! While a close combatant with Ragnell, he can also use his meaty arms and his hot, hot legs.

Yellow Submarine

Character Description
Official honey the cat by elesis knight-d8ro5zt

Honey the Cat is a fashionista and member of the Chaotix Team in the Sonic Blur series. She mostly specializes in melee combos, with precise and fast moves, although she also has the Golden Eyes, two pistols with non-lethal ammo which serves to incapacitate the target. She lacks defensive capabilities, making her an easy target if she is attacked.

John Felix Cena is the babyface champion of WWE, supporter of the American marines, 3x World Heavyweight Champion, 2x World Tag Team Champion, 12x WWE World Heavyweight Champion, 5x WWE United States Champion, 2x Tag Team Champion. He has several wrestling moves and is an all-around melee fighters. John Cena also has a gameplay ability in the form of Attitude Finishers, which means if he manages to score a good amount of hits without getting hit himself, he will be able to perform one of three attitude finishers: Attitude Adjustment, Killswitch or the STFU.


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