Sonic the Hedgehog 3D(Sonic 3D) is a 3D platformer and reboot of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The game notably excludes all other Sonic character mainstays besides Sonic the Hedgehog and Doctor Ivo Robotnik, featuring gameplay similar to the Sonic and Shadow levels of Sonic Adventure 2. The game was released for the Wii U in 2014 and was developed by Unversed Entertainment rather than Sonic Team.


Sonic 3D is a 3D platformer using physics and speed together to create a unique and fun experience. Players jump around and use various abilities to make it through levels. Spin-Dashes go fast and destroy those in their way, but are uncontrollable, grinding will allow you to go on rails, Sonic can also push things to solve puzzles, and jump onto switches. Sonic will also find various items to give him new powers across the game to allow him to do different missions. Players clear 3 act zones and then fight a boss battle, as well as missions and minigames that are optional. Completing these earn Red Rings, and when enough Red Rings are collected from stages and missions, Chaos Emeralds are unlocked. When all 7 are earned, the final zone is unlocked and after collecting 50 rings, Sonic can transform in levels. Players access Zones and Missions through a network of caves in South Island in 2D.


The story is a simple one. On South Island, animals have been stolen from their home and used by Doctor Ivo Robotnik as an army of robots to take over the world. Sonic the Hedgehog, a hero always on the move hears of this and heads out to stop Robotnik.

There are 16 Zones, each with 3 acts. Two are normal levels, and one is a Boss Battle.


A lush green paradise covered in forestation and checkered soil. Green Hill Zone is the easiest of all 16 zones, mainly consisting of easy Badniks and simple platforming.

  • Act 1: Gotta Go!

Description: Players are guided through this level showing how to grind, use spin-dashing, and collect rings in this short stage.

Mission: Learn the basics.

  • Act 2: Green Hill Zoom

Description: This level is a full-blow medium length level full of springs, loops, boosters, and hills.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • BOSS: Egg Blaster


An ancient temple inspired by Greek Mythology. Consisting of ancient architecture and many aerial enemies, this Zone focuses on platforming rather than speed.

  • Act 1: Grand Gates

Description: Players must run across stairs and through cloud platforms before a pool of lava destroys the stage.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage before the lava catches you!

  • Act 2: Ruins Race

Description: Players must climb up cloud platforms and weak stands.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • BOSS: Egg Fist


A bright psychedelic casino carrying on the old tradition of a casino stage in Sonic games. This zone has a balance of platforming and speed but also has controllable flippers, bumpers, and slots which need to be used to progress.

  • Act 1: Casino Craze

Description: A stage focusing heavily on speed and platforming. Players can explore the large entire casino as they search for slot machines and more.

Mission: Get a score of 10,0000.

  • Act 2: Pinball Stair

Description: Sonic is rolled into a ball for this mission that functions like a game of pinball. However, players must knock Sonic up through 5 pinball tables to reach the end without falling to their death.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • BOSS: Egg Roulette


A sand filled pyramid of medium difficulty. This zone has no gimmicks but rather challenges the player a bit more than all the other earlier zones with medium difficulty platforming and enemies.

  • Act 1: Enter the Pyramid

Description: This stage takes you through a long desert filled with tricks, traps, and loops. Fairly basic, but has various challenges and difficult badniks.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • Act 2: Mummy's Maze

Description: A level focused on platforming. Players explore the Pharaoh's Pyramid and must find 3 keys while navigating the open-world stage ala Knuckle's stages in Sonic Adventure.

Mission: Find the 3 keys.

  • BOSS: Egg Genie


A frozen mountain. This zone features speed based gameplay with fast levels and medium difficulty.

  • Act 1: Slope Surf

Description: This level has players ride a snowboard down a frozen hill avoiding hazards and battling Badniks.

Mission: Reach the bottom of the mountain.

  • Act 2: Cave Collapse

Description: Taking place on a network of icy caves covered with hazards and connected by loops. This level focuses on speed as you race to escape the collapsing caves.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage before the caves collapse.

  • BOSS: Egg Titan


A lush jungle island surrounded by a sea of poisonous goop. This zone tests the player's timing and reflexes.

  • Act 1: Raft Rush

Description: This level takes place on a boat going down a river of poisonous goop. Sonic must swing on vines to avoid  the goop.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • Act 2: Jumping Jungle

Description: This level takes place in the heart of the jungle as Sonic must climb the forestation and rocks to reach the top of the stage.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • BOSS: Egg Saw


A beautiful silent forest filled with forest creatures and creeky old trees. This level has many pitfalls and focuses on careful and strategic platforming.

  • Act 1: Forest Flash

Description: This level takes place in a quiet part of the forest filled with scenery. This is a regular level focusing on speed and platforming.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • Act 2: Treetop Hop

Description: This level takes place up in the sky on top of creaky trees. Sonic has to hop from each one without falling with great precision.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • BOSS: Eggship


A floating castle in the sky surrounded by clouds. This level is where things start to get slightly harder.

  • Act 1: Cloud Climb

Description: This level begins on a cloud not too far from the ground, and follows Sonic as he must carefully bounce off each cloud until he reaches the castle.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • Act 2: Castle Craze

Description: This level takes place in the floating castle and has Sonic attempting to find 8 golden eggs in time.

Mission: Collect the Golden Eggs in 5 minutes.

  • BOSS: Egg Gargantuan


A gigantic network of caves covered with clusters of crystals. This level has medium-high difficulty.

  • Act 1: Ruby Run

Description: This level takes place in a long linear cave. Sonic must avoid spiky crystals and other hazards to reach the goal.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • Act 2: Maze of Minerals

Description: This level takes a unique top-down perspective as Sonic navigates a giant maze as he must reach the end of the stage before the caves collapse.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • BOSS: Egg Miner


A horrible mansion filled with ghouls and goblins. This zone is of slightly hard difficulty.

  • Act 1: Ghostly Gates

Description: A large area surrounded by poisoned rivers and creepy creatures. This level is all about puzzles.

Mission: Find the Mansion's secret entrance.

  • Act 2: Secrets of the Mansion

Description: The insides of the haunted mansion. The mansion is full of ghosts and goblins as Sonic must find the way to the elusive Goal Ring in the mysterious maze-like mansion.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • BOSS: Egg Demon


A dark red volcano on the edge of eruption. This zone is of slightly hard difficulty.

  • Act 1: Meteor Run

Description: This level takes place around the volcano as firey meteors rain down and lava bubbles. Sonic must avoid these meteors and reach the volcano before the entire path is destroyed.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • Act 2: Eruption Dash

Description: Now inside the volcano, Sonic must escape the volcano before it erupts. This level focuses heavily on platforming as he climbs on rusty cliffs and clouds while avoiding the rising lava.

Mission: Escape the lava before it consumes the volcano!

  • BOSS: Egg Dragon


An ugly underground sewer full of trash and branching paths. This zone is of hard difficulty.

  • Act 1: Sewery Slope

Description: In this level Sonic returns to his snowboard as he cruises down a river of sewer water. This level is similar to Slope Surf but a lot more difficult.

Mission: Reach the end of the sewer river.

  • Act 2: Creep Escape

Description: This level takes place in a dark labirynth in the sewer filled with Badniks and odd creatures.

Mission: Defeat all 10 golden Badniks.

  • BOSS: Egg Tarantula


A large industrial bustling city. This level is a call back to many city-based stages in the series. This zone is of hard difficulty.

  • Act 1: City Run

Description: This level has players running down city streets while avoiding hazards and going through loops.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • Act 2: Midnight Highway

Description: This level has players jumping from car to car and running on walls with preicision.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • BOSS: Egg Decimater


A gigantic train station created by Robotnik. This zone is of hard difficulty.

  • Act 1: Rail Run

Description: This level has the player grinding down rails suspended in the air as they must switch between rails and defeat airborn Badniks with precision.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • Act 2: Train Terror

Description: In this level Sonic must hop from train to train destroying Badniks and Robotnik's supplies.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • BOSS: Egg Express


A large base created by Robotnik where he stores rockets and launches them as a gateway to the Death Egg. This zone is very hard.

  • Act 1: Base Breach

Description: This level tests all skills learned so far in a speed-based platforming stage full of hazards and Badniks.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • Act 2: Rocketing Race

Description: In this level Sonic is chased by a large robot as he rides on a small rocket.

Mission: Reach the rocket in 5 minutes.

  • BOSS: Egg Guardian


The final zone, Robotnik's giant Death Star like space fortress. This zone is extremely difficult and tests everything the player has learned.

  • Act 1: Dark Dash

Description: This level takes place in a large elevator leading to the core of the Death Egg. Here gravity varies and Sonic must platform while avoiding hazards.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • Act 2: Final Flash

Description: This level tests all skills in a fairly long and incredibly difficult level with five sections testing all of Sonic's skills. The first is an entrance section, an underwater section, a platforming section, a chase section, and lastly an on-rails section.

Mission: Reach the end of the stage.

  • BOSS: Egg Mecha
  • Final Boss: Death Egg

After destroying the Death Egg, Super Sonic flies down onto South Island as the Death Egg explodes, releasing all the animals down to Green Hill Zone and knocking Robotnik away into the depths of space as Sonic and friends celebrate.

Boss Battles

  • Egg Blaster

Description: A boss of easy difficulty. The Egg Blaster looks exactly like the original Egg Mobile boss, but replacing a wrecking ball is a large laser cannon.

Strategy: The Egg Blaster is fought on a small patch of land with various cloud platforms. The Egg Blaster will shoot a few laser and then go up into the sky. Players must then climb the cloud platforms and watch out for the lasers which evaporate the clouds.  Once they reach the highest cloud, a storm cloud, they must jump on the Blaster from below, with the descent accelerating Sonic and increasing his power. This will destroy the Egg Blaster.

  • Egg Fist

Description: A flying boss. The Egg Fist resembles a large Egg Pawn without legs but with a jetpack. He also has large boxing gloves which he uses to push you or punch you with.

Strategy: Egg Fist is fought on a number of platforms filling up with lava. Sonic must acsend these and push stones off of them to push the Egg Fist into the lava. Do this three times to destroy the Egg Fist.

  • Egg Roulette

Description: A large flying roulette table attached to a giant egg pawn wearing a top hat. He spawns various Badniks and shoots neon lasers at Sonic. The boss is of medium difficulty.

Strategy: Egg Roulette is fought in the air on neon rails. After Sonic grinds across the rails avoiding aerial Badniks, he will land on Egg Roulette's roulette which is spinning. Sonic must jump on all red spots on the roulette to summon a bomb which he can push into the Egg Roulette. This must be repeated 2 more times, but you do not have to start back on the neon rails after you first clear them. If you jump on any other spots Badniks will be summoned.

  • Egg Genie

Description: A robotic floating genie-styled robot that looks like the Genie from Aladdin. He attacks with various lasers and bombs. It's of medium difficulty and long length.

Strategy: The Egg Genie is fought in the center of a pyramid, on a floating platform above quicksand. Sonic must walk around the platform jumping on the 4 switches set across the stage. When this is done, the top of the pyramid slides off, shooting sunlight down. This will burn an opening in the robot's head where Sonic can attack the Egg Mobile inside. Repeat this 2 more times to defeat the Egg Genie.

  • Egg Titan

Description: A gigantic Egg Pawn covered in ice. He attacks by smashing the player with his giant hand or shooting ice lasers at them to freeze them. The boss is of medium difficulty and timed to add extra challenge.

Strategy: Egg Titan is fought on a mountain while Sonic is on his snowboard. Sonic must defeat Egg Titan before he reaches the bottom of the slope. Egg Titan hides himself in hills of ice and randomly pops up. At this point, on his snowboard, Sonic must hop onto the Egg Titan. Do this 5 times to win.

  • Egg Saw

Description: A gigantic Spinner with four saw arms. He attacks by shooting lasers, spawning other Spinners, and throwing out saw blades that act like boomerangs. This boss is of medium difficulty and requires precise careful movements.

Strategy: Egg Saw is fought on a small rocky platform. After dodging Egg Saw's attacks, vines will randomly drop down onto the stage. Sonic can then grab onto one as it is brought up to the top of the stage. There Sonic must jump off and bounce off of Spinners until he reaches Egg Saw's head. Do this 4 times to win.

  • Eggship

Description: A large crimson airship modeled after an Egg Pawn. The airship has various abilities such as blasting large missiles and lasers, summoning Badniks and destroying trees with a large saw. This boss is of medium difficulty and fairly long.

Strategy: The battle begins on various treetops. Sonic must jump from these until he is under the ship. The Eggship will then send down Spinners which Sonic has to climb up to if he wants to get inside the ship. Sonic must then run through a timed section and reach the deck where he must destroy all 4 shields, a wave of Badniks, and ultimately attack the fragile reactor to defeat the boss.

  • Egg Gargantuan

Description: A giantic bronze Egg Pawn wearing a golden crown. He's armed with a large club which he uses to smash the player, as well as other melee attacks. The boss is simple but incredibly strong.

Strategy: The Egg Gargantuan is fought in his throne room. His weakness is his shiny golden core on his chest. However, he is so tall it is at first unaccessible. Sonic must spin-dash into both of his feet to knock him over and then attack his core. Do this 6 times to win.

  • Egg Miner

Description: A giant Egg Pawn with the body of a giant drilling machine. He attacks with his giant drill and can drill up flying boulders. He is of medium-hard difficulty.

Strategy: The Egg Miner is fought on a small rocky platform. Sonic has to turn on the Egg Miner's on-switch by spin-dashing into the red switch on the back of the Egg Miner when Egg Miner is roaming over a mine. Do this 6 times to win.

  • Egg Demon

Description: A giant floating shadow-like ghost melted with the Egg Mobile and various weapons, chained down. He attacks by summoning ghosts, shooting dark beams, and throwing pumpkin bombs. He's also assisted by Badniks and the Egg Mobile's lasers. The boss is of hard difficulty.

Strategy: The Egg Demon is fought in the Mansion's courtyard. Sonic must avoid the Egg Demon's attacks and destroy all Badniks to reveal the Egg Demon's chains. Sonic must spin-dash into all 4 of them to release the Egg Demon who will attack the Egg Mobile. Do this 3 times to win.

  • Egg Dragon

Description: A giant crimson mechanical serpent style dragon. He attacks with fire-breath, cannonballs, and lasers. This boss is of hard difficulty.

Strategy: The Egg Dragon is fought on a small chain of rock floating on the lava flooded area. The Egg Dragon will pop-up beneath the stage he thinks Sonic is under. Sonic must trick him to make him dizzy and then hop into his mouth. From here the fight is a 2D free-falling section where Sonic must avoid hazards and fall onto his heart to attack it. He'll spit you out and then this must be repeated 4 more times.

  • Egg Tarantula

Description: This boss looks like a giant red spider with the face of an Egg Pawn piloted by the Egg Mobile. He attacks by dropping mines, shooting lasers, and jumping on you. This is of hard difficulty but not timed.

Strategy: This boss is fought on a rushing river of sewer water as the Egg Tarantula climbs both on the roof and floor. Sonic must go into the machine's 4 legs to make the machine roll down. Sonic must then guide the machine into a bomb before he recovers his legs.

  • Egg Decimater

Description: A large Egg Pawn-like monster truck. He attacks by running over Sonic and summoning hazards. The boss is of hard difficulty and timed.

Strategy: Sonic runs down a large street in this boss as the Decimater chases him. Sonic must avoid all hazards and lure the Decimater into running into a large truck in the stage. Do this 8 times before the battle reaches the end of the stage.

  • Egg Express

Description: A gigantic, long, and crimson supplies train with the face of an Egg Pawn. He attacks by summoning Spinners and dropping various hazards. This boss is of hard difficulty.

Strategy: The Egg Express is fought on an endless section of rails that Sonic and the Egg Express ride on. Sonic must switch rails and avoid hazards on the rails dropped by the train and then kick a bomb(by running into it) into the Egg Express to slow it down. Sonic will then be able to hop on and homing attack an oil rig to blow it up, damaging the train. Do this 10 times to win.

  • Egg Guardian

Description: The boss of Rocket Base Zone is a gigantic flying Egg Pawn armed with giant magnet and cannon hands. This boss is very difficult and requires precision.

Strategy: The Egg Guardian is fought in the sky on a network of rockets connected by rails. There are 4 rocket connected in a square shape with the Egg Guardian in the middle. Sonic must shoot missiles from each rocket to destroy the Egg Guardian's shield, which will cause him to try to run into Sonic. Sonic must avoid it and jump on the Egg Guardian's head. Do this 10 times to win.

  • Egg Mecha

Description: A large Transformer-like mecha that is armed with a multitude of weapons. The Egg Mecha attacks with various weapons as well as melee combat. This boss is very difficult.

Strategy: The Egg Mecha is fought on a long bridge in space. He will attack with all of his weapons various times as he dashes across the endless bridge. Sonic must follow or will fall off the end of the bridge. After reaching top speeds, Sonic must knock into the mecha. This agitates Robotnik who proceeds to shoot a flurry of missiles at you. Sonic must hop on one and ride it into the Egg Mecha. Do this 8 times to win.

  • Death Egg

Description: The giant space station itself. The Death Egg is fought as Super Sonic in space. It uses lasers as well as summoning a multitude of very difficult Badniks to attack. This boss is extremely difficult.

Strategy: This battle is similar to a stage in many ways. Super Sonic must fly around the area of space near the giant mechanism. Although he is invincible, various Badniks and meteors will slow Super Sonic down on his journey as his rings slowly drain. He must fly past the meteors and into a trench in the Death Egg and attack it's power core. After this it will shoot Super Sonic back to the start of the stage where he must repeat this. Then he will be shot back again, but this time, the Death Egg will use it's Superlasers which can in one hit, kill Super Sonic. After avoiding these he must enter the Trench again. However, Robotnik, in a new Egg Mobile attacks Super Sonic planning to slow him down until he dies. Super Sonic must knock three meteors into the Egg Mobile to defeat this nuisance and attack the Death Egg's power core one last time. This will destroy the Death Egg as Super Sonic flies out.


  • The original Death Egg was inspired by Star Wars'  Death Star, and this game takes it one step further by having the final battle being inspired by the way the Death Star was destroyed in A New Hope.

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