Sonic Heroes: The Quest for Lost Love ft. DevilX90 x Omochao x Ridley x Sonic is a fiction made by...Crimson the Fandraxonian. It stars DevilX90, Omochao, Ridley and Sonic in a "sexventure" to stop the evil Dr. Cromwell.

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day and everyone was excite- oh who the fuck am I kidding. DevilX90 was sitting in a hot tub full of hot water, where he stood there, insulting Ridley. Ridley comes in and fucks him, resulting in a heated argument over why Ridley shouldn't be in Smash from Devil's angle. Suddenly, Dr. Cromwell breaks the window, shattering it into red edgy pieces (don't touch IT) on the floor. He laughs his ass off literally and announces that he is the evil Dr. Cromwell, ready to make everything edgy and sexy. He goes off to fuck a flower.


Anyway Devil got pissed off at Cromwell and went outside to smoke weed, but was interrupted by Ridley who starts arguing with him. The best part is how they were both naked and their things were dangling about. Then an omochao with a dick floats over and makes a great joke regarding Ridley.

His dick is too large.


Omochao joined the three and they were into their first level: No Sex Allowed. Devil got through it finely, but then Ridley penetrated his ass, resulting in the level having to start over. Omochao wears a party hat and Devil rages, arguing with Ridley once more about his dis inclusion in Smash. Then Sonic came out of nowhere and shouted...


And got his ass kicked out of the game. I guess that makes him the rust bucket of the game's non existing tier list. Anyway the "heroes" continue forward, meeting Dr. Cromwell that has a big dick for a machine. It fires bullets that DevilX90 eats and spits back out at the mech, destroying it. Dr. Cromwell gets a giant mad face and runs away.

Chapter 2

Sonic reappears and becomes instant boss in the second stage, AllButtSecks Zone.  Ridley fucks him with his tail and sends him off of the screen, resulting in Devil screaming in rage and falling off the stage.  Rip this game's flight character.  More like fight character.  Am I right?  Yes, I am right.

Anyway, Ridley screeches and flies over the stage, fucking every one of Eggman's robot, fucking <insert name here> as he goes.  Then he troll faces and takes Devil up into the air, bringing back his status.  Wait, Ridley can fly?  But...only characters that aren't too big can fly.  Ridley confirmed to be too big for the game.  TOO BIG.  Actually his dick is bigger than his head in this fic.  ...Is this a game or a fiction?  Whatever.

Omochao flies over the stage and fires his laser, destroying everyone in his goddamn path.  He then fucks Sonic who was unconscious, resulting in an orgy between them, Ridley and Devil (who was still raging).

HOLY SHIT then there was a boss hiding in their pool. He reveals himself to be the Fuck Master, who fucks up people if they don't like biscuits. So they eat biscuits and he dies.

Can we just get to Chapter 3 yet?

Chapter 3

No seriously

Chapter 3

You know what?  The third level is Fuck <insert name here>.  No one wanted to so they fucked boulders instead.  The boss which was...well, <insert name here>, just <insert name here>'d and ran away.

Chapter 4

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