Sonic Blur: Metal Madness is an upcoming spinoff in the Sonic Blur series and is developed by Cryobyte. Metal Madness takes place in an 'alternate' universe where things took a bit of a turn for the worse. The game is set to release sometime after Sonic Blur: Episode β. 


Sonic's Story

The game starts with Sonic leaning against the wall in a high-security city, Silver Sonic patrolling the streets. Everyone seemed depressed as the Silver Sonics kept an eye on every spot. Sonic was wearing a jacket, to conceal himself from the Silver Sonic, who all knew that Sonic was a 'criminal'. A buzzing in Sonic's ear began, and he answered it. It was Metal Sonic, telling him to press the button. Sonic pushes a button and a large explosion is heard, and then a large brass tower begins to collapse, crushing two Silver Sonic Patrollers. Sonic throws his jacket off to reveal that it is him, and the Silver Sonic lock onto him instantly.

Sonic begins to run as the Silver Sonic chase after him, and he abruptly stops as a few policecars block the path to escaping. Sonic looks up as Metal Sonic flies down and shoots a purple ball under Sonic, which forms a portal. Sonic leaps through and three Silver Sonic make it through the portal just before it shuts, flying out into Rift Zone Act 1.

After flying through Rift Zone Act 1 rather peacefully, the two Silver Sonic find Sonic and use laser beams to seperate the most of the land, leaving Sonic with small blocks of land floating around. Once traversing through the rough area Sonic confronts the two Silver Sonic, knocking them away with ease.

Once Act 2 of Rift Zone ends, a cutscene plays where a drone creates a rift portal into Rift Zone and goes at a extremely fast speed, looking to locate Sonic the Hedgehog. As Sonic gets to the end of Act 3 and walks up towards the portal he is stopped by a massive drone dropping down from overhead, challenging Sonic to a battle. Once it seems like the droid has been defeated, Sonic moves on. But is surprised as a shot from the droid hits beside him and throws him backwards. Once he is cornered by the droid, a cannonball slams into the droid and sends it flying off into a horizon, blowing up. Sonic smirks as a wireless cannon droid shakes his head up and down, as if nodding.

It then shows Rift Zone Act 2 as the remaining Silver Sonic patrols around, noticing a shining green light. He walks over to it and steps backward in surprise to see a green Chaos Emerald. He smirks and reports through a radio communicator about 'finding the green one'.

Metal Sonic's Story

Tail's Story




Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters








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