Sonic is a 2014 animated series created by Unversed Entertainment airing on Lapis Cartoon Network. The game takes a serious look at the Sonic series and could be described as a sci-fi reimagining. The series focuses on apprentice knight Sonic Zemnas, a hedgehog born with the ability to run at incredibly high speeds part of the ancient order known as Freedom, who protect the Zones alongside the Zone Republic and it's militia, G.U.N. However, Freedom's ancient enemy, Supreme is returning and plotting to take over the Zones and turn it into a monarchy.




Season 1

  • Pilot: Sonic Zemnas, a warrior apprentice part of Freedom is sent on a mission with his new mentor to investigate a mysterious plot in Green Hill Zone, and soon unearth something more disturbing then they thought.
  • First Zone: Sonic remembers his past, as does Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow, and Doctor Robotnik as they all embark on missions that remind them of their past.
  • Sparring: A friendly competition between the students of Freedom begins as Sonic meets his match, a powerful Echidna named Kemna "Knuckles" Fistar.
  • Speed: Tails develops a serum that gives anyone super-sonic speed, causing Sonic to struggle with his identidy.





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