Smooth Guy
Current Age 30
Gender Male
Species Shy Guy
Current Status Alive
Smooth's Body Augmentation Services
First Appearance TBA

Smooth Guy is a minor character in the Fantendoverse who has yet to appear in anything. He's notable for being one of the few "Sexokinetics" in the universe besides the gods, being able to augment gender and physical features.

He's not really a good guy or a bad guy, just an average, maybe shady man. He was created by Sr.Wario. Reception has been (TBA).



Smooth Guy was a High School drop-out living in New York City who decided to open a business that couldn't easily be replicated, by using the powers he was born with to augment bodies and a person's gender for high prices, but with no complex surgery and quickly. He runs a small building where this takes place, and has one employee: himself.

The legality of his business is questionable and it's implied that he's involved in other, morally questionable criminal activities. This is why he keeps the business on the down low and spreads news of it through word of mouth, preying on the self-concious.

Physical Appearance

Smooth Guy is a blue Shy Guy who wears black sunglasses and has a large, bushy black mustache over his mouth hole.


Smooth Guy isn't a violent person, and he usually keeps to himself, offering useful services to those who can afford it. Despite these positive qualities, he's also a greedy man who will go to many lengths to get a big paycheck, including fraud. He has no cares in life but surviving and making money.

Smooth Guy is a coward, who prefers to take place in illegal activies from a distance. He builds alliances but could hardly be called loyal. Money is what it's all about.




  • The character originated from a running joke about a "sexokinetic" character.

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