Smash Fighters
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Producer(s) Lone Planet Productions, Icy Cold Toons|Fandroxian Enterprises|Nutik Inc.
Distributor(s) 150px
Broadcaster(s) Cartoon Network
Genre(s) Action-Comedy
First Air Date(s)
Last Air Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Main Theme
Ending Theme Super Smash Bros. Melee: Main Theme
Country of Origin Worldwide
Original Language English
Season(s) Season 1: May 2014
Episodes 30
Runtime 25 minutes
Status In production

Smash Fighters is an upcoming action-comedy cartoon based on the popular Super Smash Bros. series. It features several Nintendo characters -- along with special guests Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Solid Snake, and Pac-Man -- competing in a large tournament titled "The Supertournament" while keeping balance with one another.


Season 1

Episode Name Episode # Description Featured Character Other Characters Involved
Smash Fighters 0 The pilot episode, where Mario is sent on a quest by Rosalina, the Cosmic Queen, to put a stop to Bowser's plan to fuse all Nintendo worlds into one. Mario

Rosalina, Bowser, Luigi

TBA 1 TBA Donkey Kong Diddy Kong
TBA 2 TBA Link Princess Zelda, Ganondorf
If She Was A Boy 3 Samus thinks that rumors are flying around that she's a male fighter! So, she tells Ridley that she'll be in Zero Suit mode all day! Problem is, the fighters think she's a newcomer! Samus Aran Ridley
TBA 4 TBA Fox McCloud Falco, Wolf
TBA 5 TBA Kirby King Dedede, Meta Knight, Knuckle Joe
TBA 6 TBA Pikachu Lucario, Jigglypuff, Charizard
TBA 7 TBA Jigglypuff

Pikachu, Greninja. Kirby (first cross between worlds)

Luigi's Smash Mansion 8 It's Halloween at the Smash Mansion, and Luigi is dared to go in the "haunted mansion" by Ganondorf. Mario is with him, so at least he can share Luigi's screams and running... Luigi Mario, Ganondorf
TBA 9 TBA Captain Falcon Samurai Goroh, Sonic the Hedgehog
Yoshi's Scrambling Egg 10 During a fight in the Stage Simulator, Yoshi sprouts an egg...which grows feet and runs away! Can Yoshi get back what's his before it's too late? Yoshi Bowser, Mario
TBA 11 TBA Ness

Lucas, Porky Minch, Jeff (Mother)

Wet From The Tears 12 Greninja finds out he's accepted in Smash Bros., but Zoroark and his gang try to team up on him. Can he escape, and meet a certain Blue Bomber who can help? Greninja Stephen the Villager, Mario, R.O.B.
Overrated? 13 Mega Man feels like he was an overused choice for The Supertournament. Can the others encourage him to keep fighting? Mega Man Mario, Stephen, Mr. Game & Watch
To the Extremes 14 Greninja is pitted against Sonic, who has been arrogant since Sonic 2006, against his will. Sonic seemingly beats him, but Greninja learns a disturbing fact from his idol, Mewtwo. Sonic the Hedgehog Greninja, Stephen, Rosalina, Mewtwo
Battle of the Plumbers 15 Waluigi asks Mario, Luigi, and Wario if they can have a 4-way battle against each other to prove who the best plumber is. However, Waluigi has a trick up his sleeve, but right before he can devastate the arena and "prove" he is the best by cheating, Bowser and several of his minions come to crash the party. Can all four plumbers team up and stop Bowser? Waluigi Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Petey Piranha, Lakitu, Hammer Bro., Chain Chomp
Flying and Cyberbullying 16 When Ridley STILL isn't accepted inside the mansion, Stephen tries to fix that by saying he wants him in the game on his blog. That results in VERY bad things... Ridley Greninja, Stephen, Sonic, Mega Man

Wakka Wakka

17 Pac-Man moves into the mansion! At first, things go well, but when he discovers Dimentio's latest plan, he must join Mario, Mega Man, and Sonic to stop him. Pac-Man Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Dimentio
Open Your Heart 18 Sonic triest to convince Shadow to open up and stop being such a jerk. Meanwhile, Greninja freaks out when he realizes he ate his own kind. Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic, Greninja
Mayor's Pet 19 Bowser and Ganondorf, being the buttheads they are, decide to bully Isabelle. Isabelle runs away, but can Stephen and Ridley help her get back in the mansion? Isabelle Stephen, Tom Nook. Ridley, Bowser, Ganondorf
At the Right Time 20 Meta Knight, having been banned from the Supertournament for being overpowered, is now gloomy and selfish. Kirby, wanting to make friends with him, tries to figure out what his problem is, with Sonic's help. Meta Knight Kirby, Sonic, Little Mac, Master Hand
Just Two Clones 21

(NOTE: 1 hour special)

Dark Pit and Lucina are accepted in the Mansion, only to find out that clones are "the scum of the mansion." However, when Dark Pit secretly falls head over heals for Lucina, can he show his appreciation?

Dark Pit,


Pit, Marth, Ike, Duck Hunt Dog
Get Along, BIG Doggie? 22 Sonic finds a dog and decides to keep it as his pet. But Bowser Jr. attempts to interfere. Duck Hunt Dog, Bowser Jr. Sonic, Greninja, Bowser

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