First appearance: The Mysterious Nine Project

Slam2Slam Man is a fanmade robot master created by Sr.Wario. Little is known about him, but he loves to play basketball and cause trouble in Mega Man's neighborhood. His weapon is the dunktastic Slam Jammer.


  • Standard Special - Slam Jammer: Slam Man shoots a basketball that bounces three times before disappearing. It's a slow but powerful projectile.
  • Side Special - Come on and Slam: Slam Man gets dunktastic and breakdances to the side.
  • 'Up Special - 'Slamtastic Air: Slam Man jumps up magnificently and a hoop appears. He then slams a basketball through the hoop that will explode on contact.
  • Down Special - Dunk Attack: Slam Man slams down, similar to one of Donkey Kong's attack in Smash. This also causes a shockwave to happen.
  • 'Super Move - 'Basketball Rain: Slam Man jumps onto a ladder and appears in front of the stage, Slam Jammer in hand, with a giant hoop in the stage. Here, players can move around and shoot giant explosive Basketballs. Once the player runs out of basketballs, or time runs out, the move ends.

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